Review: Love and Brimstone

Love and Brimstone
Love and Brimstone by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Impulse control! That is what Robertson must teach Anastazia "Taz" Proctor. Who exactly is Robertson? He reminds me of Alfred from the Batman shows. He's a lawyer who is also a nanny for the infant Taz. Taz is a very precocious little girl who seems to possess the power of persuasion. Is the force strong in you, Taz? Strong she is; dark she is not. At least this is what my inner Yoda says. Turns out, Taz is from a line of people who have special powers and persuasion is the least of it all. Her entire life has been carefully monitored unbeknownst to her. When the truth is revealed it her, she takes it rather badly.

I've read other paranormal romance stories by the talented Ms. Dalton. This is the first one where it's about vampires. The vampires in this world are very different than the ones I'm used to and that's pretty cool for me. These vampires are more like witches and sorcerers, truth be told. It is a nice twist. The world Ms. Dalton built is slow in its reveal. It's like a striptease and at the end of the book, we haven't even seen skin yet. I want to learn more about this world. I am just as frustrated as Taz. Where is my Buffy's Vampire guide? And where are all the other women? Why is Taz only surrounded by men? Not that there is anything wrong with the center of attention from men, but it's just a little odd to me. I am very surprised a main character was killed off. It shocked me and my brain came to a halt.

The characters in this book are very lovable. Taz is a funny snarky control freak. I can totally relate. Cousins Matthias and Rafe are both super hot and I would be hard pressed to choose between the two. Matthias is an alpha dog with the attitude to follow it, at first. Rafe is a hot love them and leave them playboy. As we learn more about Taz, the hints about her comfort with Rafe have me sick to my stomach since she's with Mattias and this isn't a ménage story. I fear I know where this is going. What disappointed me a bit is how quickly both Matthias and Rafe went beta to Taz's out of control behaviour. If anyone needed a spanking, Taz is one who desperately needed it. This isn't a BDSM book so none of that happened. Instead, we find Taz trampling all over the men. I understand it is because Taz is very powerful. Still, I would have liked someone to stand up to her.

The storyline captivated me from the very first page and all the way through to the end. This is a page turner and when the book ends, the only thing you will want is to read the next book. I know I did. I recommend this book to paranormal romance readers who want a twist to the vampire mythology.

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