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Star Crossed
Star Crossed by Kele Moon

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When people think of star crossed lovers, the most popular couple is Romeo and Juliet. I read this Shakespearean play when I was 14. While my friends gushed at how romantic it was, I was disgusted. I thought Romeo was a pussy and Juliet stupid. It was melodramatic and senseless for me. I just couldn't get into it. Thankfully in this story, Romeo is not a pussy and Juliet is a smart cookie.

When Ms. Moon created this new series with characters named Romeo and Juliet, I was half dreading and half anticipating. The star crossed lover trope is generally like a bad episode of Jersey Shores. (Wait, are there any good episodes of Jersey Shores?) The fact that Romeo is related to people in the mafia made me a bit wary of the book. For people who don't know, I loathe mafia tie ins. I don't like anything about it and find it all distasteful. (Yes, the Godfather Series does nothing for me.*Gasp*) I digress.

In this second installment, Romeo is the "enemy" of Juliet's friend Clay. More like Juliet's brother Wyatt is the one with the issue with Romeo - who was the "villain" MMA fighter. Wyatt hates Romeo. On top of it, Romeo has a rap sheet while Wyatt is a sheriff. Do you see where this is going? Pretty predictable, non? Other than the fact we know this is going to be an issue for both families, we don't know all the circumstances. Once Romeo's past is revealed, my heart breaks for him. I've liked him from the beginning so to find out how he ended up where he is, it just hurts. Yes, I shed a tear for him.

Juliet's hang ups seem trivial compared to Romeo's life. Still, Juliet is a woman I can admire and get behind. And I do mean, get behind. She's a serious kick butt martial artist AND she can shoot many different guns. She's my hero. I want to be like her. She's definitely not perfect but she's darn close. The relationship she hides with Romeo is hot. I can definitely say, Ms. Moon does not skimp on the hot sex. The sex in the gym - oh boy, "more please". This erotic novel is sweet, hot, and sweaty. I loved the mixing of martial arts into this book. I do enjoy MMA so I would say I have a soft spot for anything with MMA in it. I also imagined Romeo to look like a green eyed Cain Velasquez. Their fighting styles are completely different, but the look is how I see him.

This story is a heart warming theme, focused on family. What would you do for your family? Where are your loyalties? Is blood thicker than water? The ending of this story says it all. I loved it. I am also eager to learn more about Wyatt and this Tabitha heart-breaking bitch. I'm already predisposed to loathing her. I also would love a little side story about Tino and Nova. I like Nova. He's amazing. He's not exactly amoral, he code of ethics is very clear. He's pretty sexy. I recommend this book to romance lovers who enjoy a good fight to the death for your lover.

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