Review: Re/Bound

Re/Bound by Michele Zurlo

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Darcy is just starting to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Her fiancé, Scott, is still missing and the cops haven't done a thing. They still think she had something to do with his murder. What could she possibly hope to gain from the love of her life? The one who meets her masochistic needs? This is the danger of being a pain slut in a judgmental world. Darcy's accused of killing him for being physically abusive towards her. Shoot me now.

Malcolm is a FBI agent assigned to figure out the dirty dealings of Victor Snyder. It would be a bonus if he could crack the missing person's case regarding Scott. Although, really, at this point, everyone knows Scott is dead. They just need to find the body for Darcy's closure. Malcolm needs to find a way into Snyder's company. Darcy is his way in since Snyder depends on her.

This story is a bit of a romantic suspense. It's a part of the plot yet not really the main focus. If it were the main focus, Victor's illegal dealings would have been exposed. Instead, the focus is the hawt BDSM D/s scenes between Darcy and Malcolm. The D/s sent shivers up my spine in need. While Malcolm takes Darcy dancing and gives her specific rules, I nearly melted into a puddle of goo. While not adverse to SM, Malcolm is more BD and D/s which is very alluring to me. The way they communicated, used safewords and interacted with soft/hard limits felt spot on. This was all very enjoyable! On BDSM scenes, set up and hawt Dom, this is a 4 star book.

What brought this down to a 3.5 star is the romantic suspense parts. I couldn't fathom why Victor wanted Darcy so badly for her marketing skills. It's just not believable. The cops and FBI didn't buy it either. Because it makes very little sense. There are many other people out there who would kill for this job. There needed to be other ulterior motives for Victor to want Darcy so badly for it. Another disconnect which really bugged me was Malcolm's carelessness. The reader already knows Snyder is a bad guy based on Ms. Zurlo's set up. For a FBI to miss not just once but TWICE video/audio surveillance doesn't ring true. How can a FBI be this clueless. I'm not in law enforcement and there are certain things I never say or do in a public or private function setting. The subjects I'm referring to aren't even that risque or interesting. It's basically the names of my clients. Unless I'm at home, I never feel comfortable referencing any client names. If I'm this careful, how can a FBI undercover agent be so much less? This really aggravated me.

Still, this tale is a lovely BDSM story with great dialog and scenes for BD and D/s. This is recommended for romantic readers looking for some good kinky fun involving bondage and submission.

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