November 2013 Recommendation

The Blacksmith's Daughter The Blacksmith's Daughter by Chris Bellows is a deliciously depraved story. Totally non-con and completely disturbingly good. my review

Being Their Baby Being Their Baby by Korey Mae Johnson is one of those who like a Mommy, Daddy and an Uncle! my review

Fairy Tales Retold
Dorothy Dorothy - R. Thomas is a twisted interpretation of the Wizard of Oz. I don't even know what to say except, mmmm. my review

Choose Your Shot  An Interactive Erotic Adventure (Long Shots #5) Choose Your Shot: An Interactive Erotic Adventure by Christine d'Abo is a choose your own adventure. I didn't think I would like it, but it was really good. There are so many different fun BDSM scenes. Take your pick. my review

Painting Fire on the Air (Survivor Stories #2) Painting Fire on the Air by J.P. Barnaby is a delicious m/m with fire flogging. It's more than just fire play. It is D/s in a delightful way. my review

Space Opera

Space Opera m/m
Real Boys Real Boys by Nica Berry is for those who like the m/m and tentacles! Who doesn't like alien sex? my review

Space Opera D/s DD
Breeder (Breeder #1) Breeder by Cara Bristol is a domestic discipline with aliens. It's not to be missed. my review

Challenge of Love Challenge of Love by Michael Alexander is a story not to be missed. The BDSM scenes are hawt and the creative games make many want to join in the fun. my review


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