Review: Abandoned Alice

Abandoned Alice
Abandoned Alice by Adriana Arden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally, the third book is read. This is a very difficult book find. It is no longer sold in the USA and there is no ebook option at this time. I actually had to buy it from Ireland and have it shipped to me. Ms. Arden does another fantastic job with her creativity. The body modifications in this story is mind boggling. There are fairies, pony girls, mermaids so many different body changes here. Each of them are sexual arousing.

This is obviously a fantasy BDSM story. The non-con with the girlings continue. Although there are times where it shows some devotion and love between the animal masters and their girlings. The writing is smooth, the plot is a bit thin. The second book actually was a good ending to this trilogy. This book did feel a bit forced and the conclusion while interesting, didn't really do much for me.

Still, this story receive a high grade for smoking hawt perversions and an excellent reinterpretation of the Alice in Wonderland story. Ms. Arden does a good job of incorporating existing characters and twisting them. What is also lovely to read is the character growth for a few of the characters. Alice is already sexually open and accepting of her desires. Surprisingly, she grows again and this is key to bring a believable conclusion. This book is highly recommended to kinksters who like to walk on the darkside.

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