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Kitten's Tale
Kitten's Tale by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Ever wonder what sub-frenzy looks like? Wonder no more. In kitten's tale, Sarah is new to the lifestyle and after a few false starts, she's nearly given up hope. Fortunately, she meets Ray and Oot. This Master and slave couple introduce Sarah to the ropes. Boy, does she fall hard for the lifestyle and dives into the deep end. Fortunately, Ray and Oot are the perfect teacher and lifeguard.

Ray and Oot are secondary characters from another series. It's nice to see them show up in a little story just for themselves. This story is purely on Sarah's sexual kinky journey into the fun world of BDSM. It's one delicious scene after another. There is a little plot and minor character development. The focus is on arousing and pretty accurate portrayals of BDSM scenes at play parties. Are they all perfect one after another in real life? Probably not. If one were to take the "best of", this would be darn close. This is a delicious erotic compilation which reminds me of why I enjoy BDSM so much. I can easily place myself in Sarah's shoes as far as the D/s and BD goes. Ms Dalton does a great job of showing how a play party can be as well as how a submissive or bottom reacts.

There were a few characters mentioned from other series which may bring a smile to Dalton diehard fans. I know I enjoyed finding these lovely Easter eggs. The short story is a nice paced poly love story over a reasonable amount of time. For those interested in realistic BDSM scenes, this is a story to read.

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