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Dorothy by R. Thomas

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Enjoy a twisted Oz with this re-interpretation of Wizard of Oz. The erotic BDSM non-con fantasy by R. Thomas is exactly the type I enjoy. In this tantalizing tale, Dorothy is older after her return from Oz. Due to a series of sad events in Kansas, Dorothy is not only alone, but may lose her family's farm. Just as everything is hopeless, her former teacher, Mr. Everett offers her a solution. He'll buy her farm so she can leave and start fresh. He also happens to enjoy sexually molesting her. She's mixed in her enjoyment of his domination. Before she can decide on his offer, another storm hits. She turns up in Oz again.

Oz is no longer safe under the hands of the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow. Instead, it's a new emperor who is only focused on sexual perversion. The characters in this story all take a dark turn as they cower under the evil emperor's reign. Even the munchkins deviate into a debauchery to titillate the reader. Mr. Thomas incorporates all sorts of delicious BDSM fantasy. The combinations of maledom, femdom and f/f are arousing as Dorothy suffers under several familiar hands. Dorothy is no longer the good little girl in a blue gingham dress.

The storyline is not complicated. The conflict is clear cut. It's the journey Dorothy takes to return home which is the allure. Every sexual experience helps Dorothy come into a realization about her own needs and desires. The character development is also pretty simplistic as it needs to keep a kernel of the original characters. Mr. Thomas does a good job of keeping it similar yet with his own brand of kinky creativity.

While this story is packed with different sexual fantasies, the scenes are not long enough. It's written with just enough detail to get the reader aroused, but not to push them over the edge. The erotic scenes of submissions could be a bit longer to increase the heat factor. Still, viewing through Dorothy's eyes and learning about her opposing emotional and physical feelings is pleasing. It creates a stronger submissive, ready for a carnal dominant to master her . This kinky tale retold is recommended for erotic readers who enjoy a good non-con fantasy.

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