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Silver Ties
Silver Ties by Patricia Logan

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Is streaming BDSM scenes porn or not? For some law enforcement officers, it is considered porn and the person running the on-line website is a pimp. In Silver Ties, officer Cassidy Ryan finds BDSM entrepreneur Zachery Teak completely offensive because he runs the website Zachery is a self-made man by creating a service where Dom's perform in a streaming video with members of the club.

The concept of this club is interesting. It is a variation of which is one of the more well-known BDSM on-line companies. While it is m/m, the increase in female subscriptions is on the rise which accurately reflects reality. There are many women who enjoy watching a hardcore rough taking between two men. This reader easily falls into the category of women enjoying m/m BDSM porn.

This story did come across as average yet still enjoyable. Here's why. The mystery itself was pretty easy to figure out because it contained little twists and turns. The clues were delivered rather late. For a suspense book, Ms. Logan needs to work on setting up her killer better. Using a red herring with the IP address could have also been a twist which was missed. The details seemed to be focused on the murder victims' body which almost came across as more of a shock value rather than an integral part to the story. Without giving too much of a spoiler, the FBI is involved as well as an FBI profiler. While these people would most likely be involved due to it being a serial killing, they were unnecessary window dressing. This is because they didn't really do anything. They were there to validate what another character stated rather than actually go through a profiling. This begs the question of, is this secondary character necessary?

From a BDSM perspective, the BDSM is sexy hawt when Cassidy and Zach get it on. It's also delightful when Cassidy plays voyeur to Zach's play sessions. These are short, smexy and sweet. However, this seems a bit of a distraction because of the heinous crime Cassidy is investigating. So the question is, is this a BDSM erotica or is this a murder mystery? Both were given an average air time and mediocre coverage which lessens the story strength.

The character development is also average. While both Cassidy and Zach are designed as stud muffins easy to fantasize about, there really wasn't much to them. It's not that they were shallow. It's that there was little about them to make them different or memorable. For example, Cassidy is a former special forces, Navy SEAL. Is this predictable? Yes. Is it sexy? Yes. What else is there to Cassidy? Friends, family, what was his moment in time which caused him to determine to be SEAL? Even in a novella, a deeper connection to a character will help the reader bond and enjoy the book more. Zach is a bit more developed as the reader learns about his past with Cade Littlebear. This shows Zach's flaw which is needed in order to show his maturity in this book. Overall, this book is a quick and easy read. The characters are easy to understand. The sex is good. The mystery is easily tied up. This m/m suspense is recommend to erotic readers who like two alpha males getting their kink on.

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