Review: Subterfudge

Subterfudge by Normandie Alleman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When a submissive deceives her Dom, she may get a warming on her ass. Ashley makes the mistake of pretending to cook the food she's serving her Dom, Roger. Uh oh. Not good! This is a problem because when he finds out...she's in big trouble.

This story is cute. The plot is simple and easy to see happening in real life, BDSM or no BDSM. People love to be praised and appreciated. Ashley falls into this trap too easily when she takes credit for something she didn't do. Ms. Alleman does a good job show how a person could get themselves into this situation. It's funny to witness Ashley's failed attempts. I can sympathize with Ashley because my first year of marriage was very rough. I could not cook and my poor spouse had to suffer through all my burned dishes. Or my over cooked yet under cooked dishes. How the hell does a person do this? I have no idea but I've done it. Luckily, my spouse stuck it out with me and a year later, the food I prepared was at least edible. If I could have affording buying pre-made food, I might have done what Ashley did.

All I can say is that cooking is a skill set that is underrated. It's not easy. Ms. Alleman shows it in a humours way with a dash of sexy. Recommended for contemporary romance lovers who have a good sense of humour.

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