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Getting Wet
Getting Wet by Zenina Masters

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The Romance Review

Sexy man stripper falls for the quiet teetotaler is not exactly a believable recipe for happily ever after. Ms Masters shows us the sexy side of the dependable, quiet and cute middle child, Augusta aka Gusty. In a family of shifters all bent on finding their mate, Gusty is left out unintentionally. She's the good little girl and the one everyone goes to for help. Because of this, her family sometimes takes her for granted without knowing it. Now, her itch to mate is activated when she spies upon a gorgeous man at a stripper club. Her family rushes to support her and she becomes the focus of everyone's attention.

Why is she at a stripper club? For her friend's bachelorette party, someone needs to keep the crazy gals in line. Stable Gusty is there to enjoy but really babysit. This is where she sees Randal. Randal is a substitute stripper, not expecting to find his mate. Once he lays eyes on her, it's all over for him.

This series is interesting. Readers don't need to read all of the books in order to understand what is going on. The series books are all standalones which revolve around this magical place called "Crossroads". It's a safe place, away from prying human eyes where shifters can freely engage in their mating dance. It's a love haven with a little bit of magically oomph. If only finding The One is that easy in real life.

The concept of this series is sweet and it works. It's romantic and yet not too overpoweringly sweet. In GETTING WET, Ms Masters incorporates some fun shifting with an otter and beaver enjoying the water. As a water lover myself, this part where the shifter animals can frolic in pond or lake is quite attractive. The characters are loveable and easy to understand.

This is an easy read with a feel good message. This paranormal romance is recommended to those who enjoy happily ever afters.

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