Review: Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories

Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories
Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories by Alison Tyler

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Bring out your sex toys or make sure your lover is close by. Do not read this book in public. Ms. Tyler's Sudden Sex book is a steamy hawt read. There is no beating around the bush. There are sixty-nine stories from many different authors. Many of the authors contributed with multiple stories. It is difficult to point out which ones are the best because almost all of them were exquisite.

Each of the stories is well written. They are concise, to the point and erotic. There are a couple I personally didn't enjoy because I don't like infidelity stories. These I read and instead of exciting me, it snuffed my arousal in less than a page. For those who like cheating stories, have at it.

The ones which were of most interest to me were the kinky ones. There is a good mix of light to medium kinky stories. The spanking ones are delicious and panty wetting. There is one story which seemed to be a continuation. This is the one I enjoyed the most. It's the naughty female who masturbates in a book store and gets caught. This one is a lovely build up in sexual heat. Ms. Tyler does a good job of spreading the story out. The next installment pops up unexpectedly and turns up the heat.

From a collection standpoint, Ms. Tyler does an excellent job of mixing all sorts of sexy styles. The variety of sexual combination will satisfy a reader who is pansexual. The way the stories are presented is also good. The flow is just right to bring a reader close to the edge of orgasm at each point and then backing off for a bit of breathing room. Then at the end, there is no choice but to pounce on a lover or cram a vibrator in to complete the reader's sexual frenzy state. The book of naughtiness is perfect for bedtime reading prior to kicking off sexual shenanigans. Recommended for all erotic readers to use as mental foreplay before the sexual marathon begins.

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