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Circle of Death  (Damask Circle, #2)Circle of Death by Keri Arthur

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A series strung together by a secret magical society is fun to read, even if the characters are always new.  In Circle of Death, the reader visits the land down under.  Kirby's best friend, Helen, is killed in a vicious way.  On the run from a magical killer, Kirby is befriended by Doyle.  Doyle works for the American Damask Circle contingent.  His job is to prevent more deaths as foreseen by their clairvoyant.  Even though Kirby is not on the list, she's targeted.  It's all tied to something from her past.

In this story, Ms. Arthur continues to provide only little pieces of information about Damask Circle.  The focus is on witchcraft and the powers of five types of magic.  A fan of elemental magic, this story is a pleasure to read.  It is reminiscent of Mercedes Lackey's Elemental series.  Those who enjoyed those paranormal romances will most likely enjoy this series too.  The difference is between the two is the era of the story.  This modern one is realistic with the exception of the shifter.  Magic with elemental witches is interesting because it could be plausible.  I say this with a straight face due to women I know who are Wiccans.  It seems Ms. Arthur interweaves some theory from practicing witches. 

The characters in this story are fine.  They didn't pull me in.  I didn't feel much for them.  There is nothing wrong with them.  Kirby just seemed a bit cold.  It is probably because she is an orphan with a difficulty in establishing roots as well as keeping friends.  She's constantly on the move.  Doyle is amusing and a bit charming.  He is kind of forgettable.

Overall this story is a good read.  It's smooth with the right pace.  Nothing is rushed.  There are no dead stalled movements to skip over.  The ending and the malevolent culprit is nicely set up and easy to guess.  This novel can be read as a standalone.  Recommended to paranormal lovers who enjoy a bit of suspense.

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      Circle of Death  (Damask Circle, #2)




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