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Circle of Fire  (Damask Circle, #1)Circle of Fire by Keri Arthur

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of the older stories by Ms. Arthur.  It involves the Damask Circle which I've been trying to get a hold of in the States for years.  This story is all I hoped it to be.  Ms. Arthur delivers another smooth and easy read.

Madeline Smith "Maddie" is a troubled woman with two curses.  She gets dreams and is not able to control her own power.  Living in fear, the last thing she expects is seeing a man asking her for help.  Except he isn't physically there.  Jon Barnett is pushed towards Maddie for help.  He's not sure why he can only visit her in his out of body experience, but if he can't convince her to help, he's dead.

Maddie is a stubborn character who will do whatever she can to save her nephew.  She falls into a rabbit hole of the supernatural and paranormal.  It opens up a whole new world for her.  Rather than crumble into a sniveling mess, she steps up and fights with her limited untrained skills.  She's a trooper.  Jon is almost a secondary character; he's more a supporting cast for her determination.  Still, it is a Ms. Arthur book so there must be a love interest.

This story isn't as dark and heavy as some of Ms. Arthur's later books.  It's interesting to watch Ms. Arthur's progression as a writer.  For me, these books are her teething ones.  She's testing out a storyline before she writes her Guardian series.  This book is recommended for paranormal romance lovers who liked Firestarter.

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      Circle of Fire  (Damask Circle, #1)




I've never read her books but I have some on my TBR. What's one more teensy weensy book? *eyes shelf* Hmmm...
*looks at trembling shelf*

I'll take a few steps back.

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