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Drift by Lyn Gala

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The Romance Review * Mine is the second one.

Psychotic ex-lovers, pirates, kinky sexy femdom and sexy military men mixed with a suicide rescue mission is a must read book. The second book in the Turbulence series is fabulous. The title of this book should really be "no man left behind". In the previous book, Jacqs and Zeke remain back in enemy territory. As the navigator of the ship, Allie could not accept leaving crew behind. The reason for the two's sacrifice is noble, yet it does not ease Allie's heart. She promised to come back and she will make it happen.

With the war over, the soldiers will be either sent home or to help with the refugee camps. As a navigator, Allie will definitely have the option to go home to her father. Four of her crew members will not be so lucky, as they will be stuck defending the refugee camps. Is it really a refugee camp or is it a concentration camp? The glimpses of how life works in those "camps" is horrific. It is better to be a slave in enemy Bat territory. Faced with leaving her friends to keep order in a depressing situation or taking them on a crazy mission to rescue comrades left behind, it's an easy decision.

Ms. Gala does an excellent job of adding more to this world. It's a different perspective as it is seen from the eyes of the "Families". The reader learns more about Shank's family of pirates. Are they really as bad as the government proclaims? It's eye-opener for Allie, who lived in a sheltered bubble prior to her draft into the military. The way the Families operate is wonderfully detailed in a matriarchal society. Love it! The sexual identities are still a consistent sub-theme in this story and it blends in so well.

The suicide quest our heroes embark on is fraught with mishaps. There is also a bit of military intrigue added in which really makes me happy. I love how we learn more about Command and SC. The SC are similar to the Navy SEALS but a bit crazier. A big fan of space opera, this story contains everything I like and more. The reader is even treated to delicious femdom and kinky restraints. Now if there were only a bit more graphic descriptions involving some pegging, it would be smexy hawt.

Ms. Gala does an excellent job with the character dynamics. The relationships are complex and fun to read. When Allie meets Shank's mother, it is an uphill battle. The threat of being spaced is a distinct possibility. Through it all, the message in this book is heartwarming. It's about loyalty, trust, family and friendship. It also shows how those considered outcasts may actually be living a better life than those under a government rule. This is something which appeals to me greatly.

This is a fast-paced space opera recommended for those who enjoy sci-fi, suspense and a tiny taste of femdom. The only question after reading this book is, when does the next one come out?

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