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The Last Good Night
The Last Good Night by Tiffany Reisz

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The finale to this lovely serial is fabulous. Ms. Reisz concludes another heartbreaking chapter in Nora's life. It explains so much, specifically the next chapter of Nora's life - life with Wesley. In this final part, the secondary plot with the attacked dominatrix is resolved. It is as Kingsley expected. All should be well with the world as the ban on sex between Nora and Lance is now lifted.

Ms. Reisz once again shows her writing ability through both dialog and action. No one said life is fair and Ms. Reisz does an excellent job of showing it.

“There’s no other way?” he [Lance] asked, looking up at the judge with imploring eyes.

“Son, I wish I could tell you something different. I wish I could tell you that there weren’t two sets of rules out there for rich, important people like me and normal people like you. I wish I could tell you there wasn’t a separate set of rules for men and women. I could tell you that but it would be a lie and you know it. And lying to you won’t help you get your [redacted] back.” (loc. 129-132)

While Nora and many of the characters do come across as those lacking morals and ethics, is this really the case? Because I don't agree. They do have a standard and one could say their standards are more meaningful. Will all the men please stand up?

“My dad said that there comes a time when what you want to do is the opposite of what you need to do. And the boys do what they want to do, but the men...” Lance stood up a little straighter. “The men do what they need to do.” (loc. 209-211)

Ms. Reisz's power in her writing is combining a clear image and then following up with emotion for a powerful one-two punch.

He [Lance] held her by her hips as he moved with long hard strokes that took him almost completely out of her before plunging back into her again. One more thrust and he climaxed, his hands gripping Nora’s hips with viselike force. She hoped he’d leave bruises on her, bruises on her body to match the one on her heart. (loc. 317-319)

I rubbed my chest when I read this part and I winced. Still, not all is doom and gloom. Ms. Reisz does throw in some erotic humour. This seems to be a game I'll need to try out.

Let’s go play a game of hide the dildo.” (loc. 373-374)

I'm not a fan of serials. This one is very well done and each part is well contained and packaged just right. Each one makes me want to read the next one. The final piece is satisfying and reminds me how much I enjoy Ms. Reisz's writing. When I read her author's note at the end of this part, it moves me even more. Well done, Ms. Reisz. Recommended for erotic readers who believe a happily for now only means the author is pausing before we can receive our happily ever after.

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