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Silver Skin
Silver Skin by D.L. McDermott

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Being mind-wiped and used as a puppet is a terrible thing to experience. Helene is distraught ever since her best friend opened up a new world to her - the world of the sly and tricky Fae. In Ms. McDermott's second book in this series, Helene Whitney who is completely human, is under attack. It's an insidious violation as Helene possesses no memory of what happens for hours at a time, multiple times a week. She's terrified and doesn't know why she can't cry for help. Finally, she gives in and appeals to the one male she's wanted to avoid, Miach MacCecht. Miach bespelled her before which makes her wary.

Miach is a seductive powerful Fae sorcerer. His ability to "use the force" to his benefit makes Helene uneasy. And his racketeering/mob career in Boston doesn't help endear Helene to him. It's been centuries since Miach has wanted a female as badly as Helene. For her to be human, it's irony. Used to getting what he wants, Miach will have Helene on her knees begging for his touch.

These two characters are both headstrong and bullheaded. When they butt against each other, the fireworks begin. This does set up for hot passionate sex, if it didn't harm Miach so much. With a geas upon him to leave Helene alone, this leaves both of them vulnerable to their enemies when Miach steals a kiss.

Ms. McDermott balances the plot and the romance well in this story. As Miach and Helene uncover why she's been used, the sexual tension increases. This is nicely done because the sex interlude flow in and out instead of being forced and jarring. Plus the reader sees a villain uncovered. This book does set us up for the next one in the series. It is best to read this series in order. While this book can be read as a standalone, some of knowledge of the characters and events from the previous book would help. This is an easy beach vacation read for those who enjoy Fae romances.

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