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Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of SubmissionSlave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission by D.L. King

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Do you like willing and unwilling girls sucking cock and taking it up the ass?  Do you enjoy girls turned into sexual toys?  If so, this collection is for you.  Starting from the just the foreword, I knew this book would be enjoyable. 

It is always pleasurable to read Ms. Tyler's works.  She writes powerful imagery invoking submissive fantasies leaping off the pages.

"What he didn’t realize was that I was the type of filly who needed to be branded. (pg. 29, loc. 460-461)

You need to be greased up and have things inserted into your holes. You need to be bound down. You need things done to you. (pg. 31, loc. 486-487)

Where's the grease?  I'm ready!  In "CUBED", Ms. Tyler delivers a short and sweet spanking with a silver haired dominant.  She revs up the heat with dirty talk, spanking and ice.  It leaves a reader panting for more. 

Ms. King keeps the sexual heat blazing in "WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE". This tasty little tidbit dives straight into why this girl loves being "Dan's Slave".  It's a lovely show and tell into a happy couple's scene. In addition, it features a fetish furniture used to restraint a bottom.  Ms. Kink describes one which I'd love to try. 

You see, the shoulder harness pops up and I step up and slide right in. This piece here keeps my knees spread and resting on the padded leather blocks and my back supported by the padded leather backrest. It’s even got lumbar support. The shoulder harness comes down, holding me against the supports, and I recline backward a bit, into the neck and headrest. There are two attached leather straps, one for my chin and one for my forehead. They keep my head in position. Now my mouth and throat are at the perfect height and angle for Master’s cock. (pg. 77, loc. 1252-1256)

"PASSING THE FINAL" by Ms. Storey does make me melt a bit.  It's a little bit of a play on the professor theme which works very well for me.  When the sexy master gives his slave a command, I'm thoroughly aroused.  I'm going to study extra hard!

“Listen to me,” came a low growl in her ear. “If you pass this test, you’ll get your ass fucked good. To punish you for being such a horny slut.” (pg. 100, loc. 1644-1645)

The entire book is written in this delicious manner.  Each of the twenty-one stories are lovingly picked by Ms. King.  The stories are all variations of a very erotic melody - women surrendering at the hands of their dominant.  The stories are short, tightly written and gives a reader a good sample of the author's writing style.  Each moves quickly into the smoldering sex.  This is a sophisticate Penthouse letters for those who enjoy spanking, whips and orgasms.  It's a book to be savoured alongside a favourite sex toy.  Recommended for kinky readers who are submissively inclined.

*I received this book as a review copy from the BDSM Group's R2R in return for an honest review

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      Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission




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