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Sebastian's Wolves
Sebastian's Wolves by Valentina Heart

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Heartbreak can rip a person's sanity away from them in a blink of an eye. When the loss is through a death of a soulmate, the reaction can be unpredictable. Sebastian Vory is a man who is also wolf. In touch with his wolf, he loves to be around trees, even if it is only with wood carving. He suffers living in a city because he loves Tim, his mate. Tim needs to be reminded and forced to run as a wolf because his preference is the city life. Still, the two of them love each other deeply.

The start of this story is on an angry note which continues to build until the explosion occurs and the infection is finally lance so the wound may heal. This tale is of betrayal, lost and vengeance.  Sebastian's loss of his beloved drives him to his hands and knees. He ends up turning into wolf for way too long. Fortunately for him, he does not go feral. When he finds his way back, the reader keeps feeling as if we are in a holding pattern. What is it Sebastian has to live for? Even when he finds a new pack ready to accept his sexuality, it doesn't do much for him. His existence is a grey world without his Sunshine Tim.

The buildup of this story is slow. This world the shifters live in is harshly hierarchical. The werewolf society here is similar to the standard werewolf mythos. This makes it easy to follow and little explanation needed. The characters are typical of a shifter novel. There are uber dominant alpha men, their beta seconds and then the rest of the wolves of varying dominance. Sebastian is just a bit below the beta and he's a solid male. He is caring and creative. For the most part of this story, he is a little lost. Lost as in perhaps not completely sane because reality is not something he wants to face alone. What is amusing about Sebastian is he possesses basically two modes: rage and no-rage. When he rages, it's spectacular. It is as if he "hulks" out and goes berserk. I can totally relate and I like Sebastian better for it. The rest of the secondary characters didn't do much for me. I only have eyes for Sebastian.

When the conflict is finally revealed by a new shifter into Sebastian's life, the pieces all fall into place. Eshan Low comes to Sebastian's new pack begging for help. This help could save many lives and cost Eshan his life. As soon as Eshan explains the issue, if a reader doesn't figure out how all this ties together, I'd be surprised. This conflict comes to a violent climax and resolution when the facts come out and Sebastian goes wild. This ending is fabulous for me. The savage violence is so good if a bit too short. The thrill of retribution is exhilarating and I experienced the high of it with Sebastian. If I could howl with joyful satisfaction, I would have. For me, this last concluding scene meets my required sense of justice and overrides the first two-third of the book's slow pace. Recommended for m/m lovers who thirst for justice and want their happily ever after.

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