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Snapped by Christine d'Abo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Just as life is turning around and a big opportunity is within grasps, having the ex-husband show up is the last thing one wants. Tamara Foles is growing the business she loves, partnering with her best friend. The opportunity to win more clients and really push her company's name out as a premier interior decorator is tied up with a reality TV Show. When Tamara's pigeon holed role as the bitch judge takes a turn for the worse, her ex, Reid Jacobs is the one to help her adjust.

This is a sweet romance as expected from talented Ms. D'abo. The plot is interesting because it takes a behind the scene look at what goes on in a recording and making of a reality show. It's not really that real, is it? I enjoy how Tamara's disillusionment is expressed through her frustrations at her fellow judges as well as the contestants. I can empathize with Tamara because she's the one who I relate to most because of her values and ethics. This is a woman who abhors sleazy politics and doesn't sugar coat her opinions. She's a bit rough for mass media scrutiny, yet she's honest and eventually returns to her roots. This is what I enjoyed about the story. Her ability to pull herself back and reassess what she wants and then take action.

The chemistry between Reid and Tamara is just mediocre. The relationship between the two is riddle with past hurts and baggage. Watching how they are still a little too raw and sensitive to each other's criticism makes a reader uncomfortable yet unwilling to look away. The character growth in this story is how Tamara relates to Reid. It's good to see people change and not fall into their old patterns of destruction. For Reid to open up more about his PTSD to Tamara, it took quite a bit of courage. Tamara's handling of Reid's sharing is better than he expected.

Whilst Tamara didn't get everything she thought she wanted when she joined as part of a cast for a reality TV show, she left with more than she thought. She returns home with what she needs and that is why this is a lovely romance. Sometimes what you really want isn't what you really need. This romance is recommended for those who enjoy second chances themes.

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