Review: Wolf's Sacrifice

Wolf's Sacrifice
Wolf's Sacrifice by Draven St. James

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Finding a fated mate is one of the most precious treasures a werewolf can have in a life. Why is it that Liam will deny the bond with Sean Maddox, beta of the Northwest Pack? This is the second book in the series and full disclosure, I did not read the first book. It is recommended to read the books in order, although reading this one as a standalone did not confuse me at all. In fact, this story seems so familiar I could swear I've read it before through a book or anthology from Storm Moon Press.

Liam is a half-breed wolf suffering from a wasting illness caused by years of enslaved experimentation. The heinous acts in the search for more power committed against Liam are unmentionable. Saved by the Northwest Pack, he may finally have a safe haven to rest and die peacefully. The only thing in his way is Sean Maddox who smells so good and is definitely Liam's fated mate. Liam's best of intentions causes old wounds to reopen and hurt the man he loves, Sean.

The sex in here is sweet and erotic as Liam is new to hawt manlove. Kept sheltered and innocent in his prison, Liam's only knowledge of carnal acts is from electronic books. When Liam and Sean finally tear up the sheets and into each other, it's a relief. The sexual tension through skin teasing, cock licking and ass grinding is enough to rev both Liam and the reader's libido.

There is more to this tale than sex. The story is fast paced and fun to read. The shifter mythology is pretty consistent with many other shifter paranormal romances. There is something special about Liam's pack which isn't revealed in this book. From a character building perspective, Liam and Sean are both good ones. Liam is determined and doesn't let his physical handicap of blindness stop him. Sean is the protective guard dog no one wants to mess with, especially when it comes to Liam's well-being. This is a good set up for the conflict where the sick scientists are back to steal back the remaining members of Liam's pack. The ending is predictable and it's good. It does set up for the next book in the series.

Recommended for wolf lovers who enjoy m/m erotic romance.

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