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BlowbackBlowback by Lyn Gala

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Oh my goodness! Jane from Serenity has his own book. Well, okay, the main character Tom in this book seems to be just like Jane from the movie Serenity (aka TV show Firefly). Tom is similar to Jane in that he is a shoot first and ask questions later kind of guy. Tom is a simple man. Anything too complicated isn't his cup of tea. He is a man who will follow orders only if he agrees with the one giving orders. What he doesn't like is a half breed alien who makes no sense and he figures she's a danger to his entire crew, especially his captain. This blue skin beyotch is Da'shay. Da'shay is unable to communicate effectively. In some ways, she talks like River in Serenity. Except Da'shay is a better written character.

The characters in this book are really well done. I liked them, even anti-hero Tom. What I also enjoyed is the sexual slavery undertones and the Femdom. This is very nice as somehow, Tom ends up as Da'shay's slave. This is why the book is not rated higher--jarring transitions. There are some pieces to this story that are not well connected. Some of the scenes, specifically when Tom gets into trouble that make absolutely no sense to me. It is frustrating because this world is kept tantalizingly vague.

I understand the point is that we are as lost and clueless as Da'shay is in her mind. At one point, one would think some of the unanswered questions would finally be resolved. This is not the case. With no sequel apparently on the horizon, readers will feel frustration, similar to those who liked Firefly when the show ended prematurely. I do not like premature action. Hopefully Ms. Gala will return to this world and give us more. For example, what is a Diamond? I am dying to know.

There is so much mystery surrounding Da'shay which is hinted at but never fully confirmed. With the ending to this story rushed to a closure, I'm left hanging. It is like a strong building climax that is suddenly ruined right as I'm about to go over the edge. Hopefully Ms. Gala will provide a satisfying sequel or a tasty trilogy. This space opera is recommended to sci-fi fans who also enjoy a bit of female domination.

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