Review: Laughing at Danger

Laughing at Danger (Shifting Crossroads, #33)Laughing at Danger by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A matriarchically society does not always equate to a loving and peaceful community. For hyena shifters, it is all about the alpha female and strength. Might makes right in this world. Fortunately for Lima, she is stronger than any others, especially her conniving mother. Lima works as a hunter and now that her last little sibling is married off, she can go find her own mate.

What gets to me most about Lima is how she eats her food. She divides her food evenly into four parts. When she explains why she compulsively does this, my heart melts for her. She's a good one. She is loyal, fierce and stands for justice. For her to find a matching mate, it has to be a pretty amazing man. With the fae now mixed in the Crossroads, Lima may just find her male.

This world continues to burst forth rainbows and stardust whenever Crossroads appears. Ms. Masters balances this with the sadist world of shifters kept as pets. The inhumane treatment is a good reminder that evil knows no bounds. Lyros is the latest survivor and he is determined to conquer not only what happened to him but find others who are still bound. Lyros and Lima make a good team. It is once again insta-love and it works. This is another delightful addition to the series. I am eagerly awaiting the next book. I can't read them fast enough. Recommended for paranormal romance readers who like alpha females.

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