Review: Beauty's Kingdom

Beauty's Kingdom (Sleeping Beauty #4)Beauty's Kingdom by A.N. Roquelaure

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How did I miss this one? I just noticed this book and picked it up. I enjoyed it thoroughly from start finish. This book is more sensual than non-con sexual slavery. If the original trilogy was all "Doms Gone Wild" or "Balls Out Reckless Kink", this one is all about RACK. This gentler, kinder, more understanding of consent is a lovely nod to the BDSM lifestyle. Returning to this world where Laurent and Beauty are older, wiser and retired, it's interesting to see what they do with the challenge presented.

I'm not going to say the sex is boring here. kind of was. There was only one new element from Lexius. That came out of left field. I mean, totally blindsided and I was aroused. I'm hoping there is a side story detailing Eva and Lexius. Because Lady Eva and Lexius have me completely hooked. The rest of the cast goes through sexual scenes which are yawn worthy. I'm not even a bit moist. The problem is that I've read this book 25 years after I read the originals. A young 15 year old just exploring sex and figuring out she is deviant is vastly different than a jaded 40 year old whose done many of the things in the original trilogy and more. Okay, I haven't tried pony play or public humiliation. Back on topic, the sex in here is well described. It is medium intensity for BDSM and it is in a manner that is sweet, loving and romanticized. Absolutely nothing wrong with this, I'm just in a different stage in my life.

Why is this still a four star? Because the story is written quite well and I will most likely read it again. What I liked is how each of the beloved characters from the previous three books are showcased. Some received their own chapters to provide their point of view. Others were featured in teasing fetish scenes. Returning to the original places in the story and seeing how they have been revitalized is fabulous. It's as if new life has been breathed into this world. I love the changes and from a project management and human resource management perspective, I'm in heaven.

If I were going to compare this latter book to the earlier ones, I would say the difference is what I'd expect and Andrew Blake directed movie versus movies. Both are well done. They just appeal to different crowds and taste. This erotic novel is recommended for those who enjoyed the original trilogy and who enjoy a fairy tale with a happily ever after after.

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