Review: The Billionaire's Ink Mistress

The Billionaire's Ink Mistresshighly recommend it to femdom lovers #bookreview @joelysue
The Billionaire's Ink Mistress by Joely Sue Burkhart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Get your tissue box out. I cried reading this story. Knowing that this would be a femdom story, I went in completely prepared. Or so I thought. Yes, once again I didn't read the blurb because it's Ms. Burkhart. Why read the blurb when I know I'm going to enjoy it? I did think it was going to be the next book about Donovan and Lilly. Whilst they are in this book, they are not the main characters. It is Diana Temple and Jackson Warring who are the main characters.

I loved both Diana and Jackson. Diana is a strong woman who knows what she wants. She can still be nervous because of her occupation as a tattoo artist. As we learn more about Diana, I admire her more. Her humble childhood and how she "owned" being the Queen just killed me. I cried and couldn't stop as I learned Jackson's history too. Good lord, just slit my wrists. How do these two people function? Diana is a survivor. Jackson is barely. He doesn't have mommy issues despite what it initially seems. The lawyers Ms. Burkhart builds into these two characters is truly beautiful. They may be damaged but they are still fabulous and desirable.

The BDSM is lovely. The femdom aspect has me over the moon. The D/s part has me quivering in anticipation. I like seeing an alpha male who finally finds what he has been looking for. The BDSM scenes in here may not be many but boy are they so good. There are no fancy tools. It is intimate, sensual and arousing. I'm almost put into subspace just reading it vicariously. I would sub to Diana any day if she were bisexual. This is another lovely addition to the series. I highly recommend it to femdom lovers.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review


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