Review: Kidnapped by the Billionaire

Kidnapped by the Billionaire Kidnapped by the Billionaire by Jackie Ashenden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the 4th book in the series and needs to be read in order for it to make the most sense. Full disclosure, I read only this book in the series which is probably why the story didn't mean as much for me. Based on blurb, this comes across as a dark erotica with some possible hot smutty dub-con sex. Whilst there is a bit of dub-con sex and it is very light emphasis on the dubious, most of this book is a frustrating soap opera drama.

Elijah somehow flies under the radar and is able to become a trusted man for a violent criminal. Previously, he was a billionaire. This is the first in the stretching of one's imagination. Secondly, Violet's vigilant watch on his presumed dead brother's storage locker is bizarre. Bizarre that after years, she still isn't able to get into it, but within minutes, Elijah is able to get into it and get her what she wants. The story's plot feels as though there are several holes. It could be that one must read the first three books. Or it could be Ms. Ashenden does it on purpose so that one will read the next book in the series, to possibly learn more about Violet's mysterious brother, Theo.

The kinky parts of this story didn't work for me because this story is supposed to be a romantic suspense. This means there should be a happily ever after in addition to love. Whilst this does name, it runs counter to the BDSM presented in the book. The BDSM kink in this particular book did not take a sexy edgy position. Instead, it is a dangerous element which lead Elijah's wife to her death. In addition, it seems there is a group of elite wealthy men who have a glitterkink club unfortunately used as a human trafficking merchandise shopping. Yes, it does make the BDSM a bit illicit and exciting, yet at the same time, dirty in a bad way. Not my kind of kink.

From a writing perspective, Ms. Ashenden does a good job of keeping the story moving at a good pace. None of it dragged. The characters are interesting if a bit unrealistic. The plot seems a bit messy but it still held the story together with enough interest for me to read to the end. The conclusion ends with a bit of a hook to pull the reader into the next book. Recommended for glitterkink romance readers who enjoy a hero with a tortured soul loving a sweet sheltered virgin.

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