Review: Krampus Night

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Krampus Night by Theolyn Boese
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Being naughty when Krampus comes to discipline may not be as kinky as one thinks. Or is it? Vilhelm wakes up from centuries of sleep to a very different world. His work will never be done with all the badly behaving adults and even worse children. Trying to get the lay of the land, Vil works in a story where he meets an unusual female, Wren. Humans may find Wren unappealing, but for Vil, Wren is tantalizingly attractive.

I love this tale. Ms. Boese writes stories which sing to my soul. I feel so good reading her stories. She is a magical storyteller. The world she creates here is whimsical in some ways yet dark and slightly foreboding. The characters are lovingly created with attention to detail. The relationship developing between Wren, Aspen and Rowan is enhancing. As a family unit they are too adorable. For Wren and Rowan to become lovers is so sweet. The way they are so innocent and learn the birds and bees together just brings a smile to my face. When the mature element is introduced, the kink definitely kicks up a notch. This mmf ménage is kinky and arousing. With a little bit of restraint, spanking and orgasm denial, Ms. Boese creates steamy sexual tension.

The characters in this story are individual and stick in a reader's mind. Wren is a very unique nineteen year old who is just starting her life. Her kindness and gentle touch makes it possible for Aspen and Rowan to come to her for help. Rowan may be decades older than Wren, but he is still considered a child in his world. Ms. Boese injects delightful humour when Wren and Rowan figure out each other's ages. Not to be left out is the silent Aspen who is exiled from her home. When Vil reveals what Aspen can become, it is opens up a new world and brings more questions. Vil is the character who balances out all the sweetness from the young trio. He is the one who makes a submissive crave his attention. His stern discipline can be sexy or punishing.

What I also like about this story is the hints of a possible follow up with an expansion of fey around Wren's home. I appreciated the hint of a dark presence which may lead to more. One can only hope Ms. Boese will turn this story into at least a trilogy. If she could share more about the witch hunters or about Nick's story, that would be marvelous.


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