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To Mate a Werewolf To Mate a Werewolf by Kryssie Fortune
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How did I miss this delicious third book in the Scattered Sibling series? This can be read as a standalone or out of order.

Ellie is a half-breed elf who has been dealt a bad hand. Her life sucks with a deadbeat missing father and a drunken dead mother, what else could happen? Right, she is kidnapped into a magical land where supernaturals exist. Unfortunately for Ellie, she is forced to be a sex slave to abusive elves. When she is finally saved by a squad of werewolves, life takes a little bit of a positive upturn.

For those who have been following this world, each of the supernatural groups tend to be a bit judgmental when it comes to who gets to mate with whom. Not all, just a few have hang ups with not being "purebred". Joel is one such werewolf. He is a jerk. Seriously, I did not like Joel and want to smack him upside the head several times. And I wanted to bop him on the nose when he changes to wolf form. This guy is the proverbial clueless and careless male. The emotional pain he causes Ellie is just uncalled for and completely unacceptable. He is not worthy of a mate like Ellie.

I really liked Ellie. She is a woman who does not let her bad experiences beat her down. She is a constant survivor. She is also loyal and ethical. Plus she can throw knives! This is a big plus as I love knives. Usually I run into stories where the female is pathetic and some hunky alpha male wants the female anyway. In this one, it is flipped around with the exception that both characters are attractive. The way that Ellie rises above all of Joel's selfish and foolish decisions is incredible. I'd have already kicked Joel out on his ass.

This story is more than a soul-mating romance. It also contains a bit of suspense when there are three challengers to Joel's right to lead his pack. The quests are fun and added a nice touch to the plot. It helped show Joel as a good guy even if he is the worst soul-mate. The ending came all too swiftly. The big reveal is no secret and easily predicted about Ellie. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy an alpha wolf who needs to eat humble pie.

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