Review: Dual Porpoise

Dual Porpoise Dual Porpoise by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review
Finally Wyatt's story is revealed. In the last book, Wyatt's love interest, Marisela, is introduced. In this story, she is front and center falling in love with Wyatt. This story can be read as a standalone, however, it is better to read the series in order.

Marisela Esparaza's life has been painful for the last few years. After her parents' death, her brother took over and has been a cruel tyrant. His sadistic ways terrorized a young Marisela who is locked away from her dolphin shape. As if that isn't enough, her brother's associates want to use Marisela as a pawn in their games. When she rescues herself and meets up with Wyatt, her life dramatically changes.

This story is like a fairy tale in some ways. A sheltered princess locked away by an evil villain is freed and finds her prince charming. This prince charming happens to have his own evil villains and between the two of them, they are able to defeat the evil man and take his kingdom back. The story follows the fairy tale storyline complete with a quest. The quest for Wyatt is filled with traps and even requires magic spells to ward off evil. This is a sweet tale with betrayals, sadistic men and greedy brothers. The similarities between Marisela's and Wyatt's life brings them closer together, even if they are different shifter animals.

Ms. Dalton pens a great story with ups and downs. The sex in here is more sensual and innocent despite Marisela's past. There is a dark flavour to this story as family betrayals are revealed. There is never a time where willful ignorance ends happily. Wyatt's family learns this all too painfully. This paranormal romance is does have the happily ever after, as expected with fairy tales. Recommended for readers who enjoy water shifters, a princess who can hold her own and a prince who wants to save them all.


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