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Power of Three Power of Three by Tymber Dalton
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The Romance Review

When the three old guard resigns so that the new Triad can form, it can be a bit shaky. Especially when they are all trying to learn what they can do and things can go awry. Book 8 is not a standalone. These books do need to be read in order to enjoy the most of it. There are connection to previous books which help complete the picture. Still, Ms. Dalton does a good job of quick recaps for those who may have read the earlier books years ago or for new readers.

The burden of the triad seems to fall more on Elain's shoulders than others. She is learning and using her skills much faster than the other two. This could be because she is supposed to be Baba Yaga's successor. Does this mean that Baba Yaga will become mortal? Not exactly. This story is still building the power structure between Elain, Mai and Lina. These three ladies are hesitant to use their powers with good reason. It seems there are rules and situations they do not know about and outside forces they need to be careful with. It is kind of like the blind leading the blind. Fortunately, Elain does have a little help from sexy Ryan Ausar.

Ryan Ausar is very interesting and I understand he is from another series. As he appears more in this series, I'm now determined to hunt down his books and read them all. Ryan's connection with Baba Yaga is mysterious and Elain is trying to figure it all out. Honestly, if there were not so many secrets, this story would not exist. Most of the conflicts and the plot revolves around old hurts and specifically walking on eggshells around people who are hot heads. This is something of a trademark for Ms. Dalton. Her female characters tend to have short fuses, hot tempers and hold a mean grudge. They are passionate about protecting their people and quick to judge or deem others as bad. The almost black and white judgment of good and even for some of her characters is pretty extreme.

What is interesting is whilst this is all going on, there are at least one or two characters who see the shades of grey and they try to bend the rules. What bugs me about this is that these characters who are seemingly enlightened, they have to keep it all a secret to prevent the hot head from losing their shit. The drama lamas are exhausting but hilarious to read about. Personally I would never be around these people because many of the characters blow things out of proportion. But to read about it and how they blow up (literally and figuratively) is exciting.

This book is all about adjustments. These come in the form of new children, adopted children, new powers and seeing that bad people may not be all bad if given a chance. I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced book and it is definitely a page turner from beginning to end. Recommended to paranormal romance readers who enjoy opinionated women who can get the job done.


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