Review: Absolute Trust

Absolute Trust Action packed, dog lovers must read #bookreview @piperjdrake
Absolute Trust by Piper J. Drake
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Dog lovers, this is the book for you. Suspense, romance and loyal dogs to the rescue! This is the third in the series and can be read as a standalone. It is easy to be drawn into this world of retired military men, trying to make the world a better place, one dog at a time.

From the start of the book, it is explosive, literally. Starting from the explosion, this book moves at a fast pace. The tie in with the Brandon's company and his ability to help a friend out is well done. It sucks a reader in and keeps them locked into the storyline. Brandon is back home after being on tour for so long. This time, he's finally back to stay. He is also looking forward to renewing his friendship with Sophie Kim. Sophie is the girl he let go. He wanted her but knew that she deserved better. This is how he thought. Sophie on the other hand wants to know why she isn't good enough to keep him.

The characters in this story are fun and engaging. I loved that Sophie is Korean. I wasn't expecting this when I picked up the book because I honestly didn't read the blurb. All I saw was German Shepherd and I picked it up on a lark. This book pulled me in with the character development. The little nuances of being a single Korean female were spot on. Having an older Korean neighbor checking up on Sophie is so realistic. What is a bit funny and not so realistic were the comments on how Sophie can catch her sexy man, Brandon. Her elderly neighbor is oh so helpful.

The plot in this story is well done. There are no real surprises even if Ms. Drake tries to throw the reader off with a couple of red herrings. It is clear to me from the very beginning who the aggressor is in the book. The ending is not a surprise at all. What is nice, is the little twists and turns to arrive to this ending. I liked how Ms. Drake tied in a few threads to make this a more complicated storyline. This includes the romantic element that is frustrating yet sweet.

Brandon keeps trying to do what he thinks is best for Sophie. This is frustrating because he thinks he is reading her right and he is not. Communicate, serious, just talk to Sophie. I felt bad for Sophie at one point because I wanted to scream too and hit Brandon. Sophie's patience with Brandon is more than I could ever do. When the two finally burn up the sheets, it is sweet. The sex is a little more than vanilla which could categorize this story as erotic for some. For a jaded sex addict like me, the chemistry and sex between Brandon and Sophie is sweetly romance. This romantic suspense is recommended for readers who enjoy military men, loyal trusty dogs and happily ever afters.

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