Review: For Maggie's Sake

For Maggie's Sake For Maggie's Sake by Lora Leigh
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When I was offered the opportunity to read this book, I thought it was a totally new story. When it is Ms. Leigh and there are military men involved, I want to read it. To my chagrin, this is story from an anthology I've read previously. I did not enjoy this story the first time around and the second time was still lackluster.

I am a huge fan of Ms. Leigh. This one felt contrived and forced. Usually her characters are flawed yet admirable. Usually they are not too stupid to live. Maggie specifically is a TSTL character. She is taken for a ride by her husband. Now, dead husband. How she never connects that her husband's best friend was her former lover she never really got over, I will never understand. The set up of this story is off and not one of the best from Ms. Leigh. The pace is slow at times yet the plot feels rushed. It all felt a little off kilter for me which is unexpected from Ms. Leigh.

Whilst Joe still comes across as a tortured lover who let the "one" slip through his fingers, Maggie is still clueless. It is surprising Maggie isn't dead with how oblivious she is to her life. Since I tend to enjoy stories if I like a character, this one ended up as okay for me. I could not get into the story because I could not get over Maggie. This short erotica is recommended to romance reader who like lovers reunited themes.

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