Review: A Darkness Absolute

A Darkness Absolute A Darkness Absolute by Kelley Armstrong
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Hostiles are labeled hostiles for a reason. Everyone in this hidden town of Rockton knows to stay away from them because hostiles are savages. Or are there? This little bit of doubt is seeded throughout the book in key locations. It makes a reader wonder what the third book will feature. It is bound to be something exciting and frustrating. In the second book to the Casey Duncan series, Casey and Eric are thrown into a mystery as one of the people who was thought dead is found fifteen months after her captivity, a dark hole in a cave, in the middle of no where. As the story unfolds about Nicole's torturous time at the hands of an asshole, it only gets worse.

W.T.F? Where does Ms. Armstrong come up with these ideas? It seems most of her stories revolve around males who are dysfunctional around women. They are broken and can't seem to relate or build a healthy relationship. In this story, Eric may be a bit broken, but he is able to create a meaningful relationship with Casey. Nicole on the other hand suffers at the hands of a crazy stalker, not too different than the abuse Casey's ex-bff Diane enjoyed. Diane is still the jealous scorned woman. I loathe Diane and her channeling of Jan from Brady Bunch.

I do love Eric and how he tries to woo Casey. Puppies are a good way to a woman's heart. The puppy, named Storm, is adorable. Eric is adorable. He reminds me of Clay from Ms. Armstrong's other series. This could be why I like him so much. Another new character I like is Mathias - crazy French butcher. He reminds me a little of the guy who plays a mix between Hannibal in the tv series, Hannibal and Dexter. I like him!

The mystery is messed up. Ms. Armstrong keeps a reader guessing and places so many red herrings, my head is spinning. Finally when it all comes together, it makes sense and I'm exhausted. This mystery is a 3.5 star and recommended for those who like to figure out who is the killer with little to go on.

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