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The Fire Road @TymberDalton Heartbreaking and moving #bookreview
The Fire Road by Tymber Dalton
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The Romance Review

This series gets better and better. THE FIRE ROAD brings many hanging threads from the earlier books together and I loved it. This story broke my heart a little as the reasons behind Baba Yaga's madness finally come to fruition. It blew me away and I gasped in pain and sorrow. But I am getting ahead of myself.

In this latest edition which must be read in the order printed, Elain is still struggling with Lina and Mai to become the new triad of power. They hit a wall trying to figure out where the nuclear explosion will occur. The one which will throw the world into chaos and probably end it. Becoming more and more anxiety stricken, the three women try to unblock their visions, even resorting to rough multiple orgasm inducing sex. Sometimes, a woman just has to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. All kidding aside, when they finally find some more clues, they enlist the help of all the different supernatural beings. This is like the Justice League of supernaturals coming together to fight against the latest evil overlord.

Whilst the plot is focusing on stopping the bomb, it is the characters and their life story which captures my attention. After reading about Ryan in the Good Will Ghost Hunting series, it explains so much more about Baba Yaga. It also brings everything together with an end game that caught me off guard. My heart hurt learning about Baba's history. Learning that the pain she suffers is eternal and there is only one way out is soul crushing. It also makes me worry about what Ryan will do as he suffers the same pain.

Even as Baba Yaga is able to achieve her goal, another villain possessing Carl is plotting for more destruction. I do find this subplot hilarious. It is depraved and delicious as Carl is forced into sexual acts that are abhorrent to him. Sick pervert that I am, it only turns me on to read about his non-con suffering. Ms. Dalton tends to be a bit squeamish when it comes to the non-con assaults so the scenes fade to black too quick for me. This is to be expected based on her style of writing kink.

This story does move quite fast with jam packed action and sex scenes. Whilst it may come across as if this story is all gloom and doom, it is not. There are erotic interludes to take a break from the stress of saving the world. Each of the women get it on with their lovers and it is explosive, rough and hawt. Plenty of enjoyable spank bank fodder for those who enjoy multiple sex partners. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy being put through the emotional wringer.

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