Review: Wicked Bite

Wicked Bite Wicked Bite by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature's recipes
That brings the bare necessities of life

This is Bear's life. He wants to be left alone. He is a bear shifter for godsakes. Unfortunately for him, his father was a jerk and just about the only good thing his father did was father a half sister - Simone. Bear wants to have nothing to do with witches because they are only trouble for him. There is only one exception, his sister, Simone. When he's been pulled into the political intrigue of witches, he ends up sacrificing his life to save his sister. His body is slowly shutting down on him and he just wants to spend time in his woods as a bear and be away from the world. This is not to be because Simone doesn't want him to die and sends her friend, Nessa to find and heal him.

Nessa is a special kind of witch. She doesn't manipulate physics to throw fire. Instead, she works on a level which heals bodies. She thinks she can heal Bear but will do so only if he promises to mate her. Wait, hold up, what? Yes, Nessa who is barely mentioned in the previous books in this series suddenly takes front and center. Who is this mysterious woman and what does she really want? I adore Bear and find a business mating to be horrifying. Bear is a guy who needs a woman that can support and understand him. Is Nessa who is a number crunching accountant the right woman?

This is where Ms. Zanetti wows us with her complex characters and subplots. Nessa as a character caught me off guard. Not sure if her entire background is that believable and some of the events that take place make me scratch my head. Regardless, I love her and what she is to Bear. Bear is a simple guy with simple pleasures. He may have loads of money, but he focuses it where it should be focused. I like this kind of guy.

This story finishes off the arc of where the poison PK is coming from and how Simone was brought down from the coven through a conspiracy. I have to admit, the reveal was rather fast and felt a bit jarring. It wasn't as smooth as some of Ms. Zanetti's other books. It was a rush to wrap that I'm not sure completely satisfies me because the answer seems too pat. The conclusion came quickly and leaves a reader looking forward to perhaps a little novella with all the nations together for a little BBQ.

From a sex perspective, wow. Ms. Zanetti kicks it up a notch with a bit of rough sex in the rain no less. Bondage and primal angry sex can be powerful and explosive. I like it! The chemistry between Nessa and Bear is animalistic at times and humourous. Nessa does not need a man to take care of her which is something Bear doesn't quite understand. Their constant denial of wanting each other for more than a tumble is obvious to everyone around them. They are perfect for each other. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who adore the grumpily antisocial guy who hides a soft teddy bear heart.

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