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Review: Playtime Fantasies

Playtime Fantasies by Jennie May

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For a good consensual ageplay story, Ms. May is my go to author. Playtime Fantasies is a lovely collection of little girls with their mommy. Callie is a woman in dire need of someone to keep her in line. When she finally finds a mommy to take care of her, she's in heaven.

The stories are straightforward and just the right balance between loving and strictness. Callie is a cute playful character. She's a good little girl at heart. The conflict for her is when she's led astray by a new playmate, Becky. In true ageplay style, naughty little girls are heavily punished. It's perfect to see a little sobbing little girl with a fiery red bottom.

This is an easy read with sweet characters. It is 24/7 so it comes across better for me. It's a lifestyle choice for these characters. I enjoy this more because it feels consistent with the way rules are laid out and enforced by the Parents. The parents start out …

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