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Review: Advent: Collected Shorts

Advent: Collected Shorts by S.L. Armstrong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a huge collections of sexy sexy stories by two very talented writers. I don't know why it took me so long to read it, other than the fear that it was so bloody long and that I didn't know all the different storylines. I did feel very confused through the first 10 or so of them as I'm trying desperately to figure out if I know the storyline or not. After a while, I gave up. I recommend that readers try not to figure it out. Just go with the flow and enjoy the smexy ride.

All I can say is that I'm hornier than hell after reading this book. Each freaking story was an erotic sexfest. I feel like that one person who goes to the buffet, gorges and then feels slightly ill. I enjoyed the short stories for the most part even if I had no freaking clue what was going on for some of them.

I mean we have vampire, fae, demons, angels, shifters, goddesses, tarot card (?), Morpheus (!) and some other I …

Hobson's Choice BDSM Bedtime Stories

One of my favourite BDSM male authors, S.J. Lewis agreed to participate in the BDSM bedtime stories for the BDSM Goodreads group.  He provided a little freebie which takes place in his Prey series.  Here's Hobson's Choice.


Review: Pleasing the Colonel

Pleasing the Colonel by Renee Rose

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What happens when a destitute lady without a man in her life to support her is forced to find a job? Sometimes good things. Every time I read a historical novel, I shudder at the hopelessness of aristocratic women. They are really just show ponies who can't do a lick of anything. Without a man, bad things can happen. I'm rather relieved I'd be either a peasant or petite bourgeoisie. I digress.

In this erotic historical romance, Amanda Downy lies about her work experience so she can find a job as a governess. It's hard to just start working, isn't it? Even in today's society, without work experience, it's hard to find a job. Still, Amanda perseveres and finds a job with some "false" background. (As a side note, many people lie on their resumes about their education and work experience in current day. I see that this is no different regardless the century.) Amanda aka Mandy is th…

Review: Spider Bight

Spider Bight by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A matriarchal society where men service the women in all manners, including sexually, is the destination for their ship. The planet's, Kal'moran, biggest revenue is for rich women to vacation in the luxurious resort filled with male sexual submissives. Where is this planet? How do I visit for a relaxing two week vacation?

To keep diplomatic relations, Emi Hypatia pretends to be the one in charge of the ship Tamora Bight. Aaron, Caph, and Ford all have to defer to Emi during their emergency tow of a Kal'moran ship back to their home planet. While the men grumble about this turn of events, they go along with it.

Once the Tamara Bight crew land on the planet, it's pretty clear, they are far out of their depth. The tour of the planet's facilities is out of this world. Ms. Dalton goes into great detail to describe how this planet functions under a matriarchy. The reader is treated to some hot sexual slavery. Is it re…

Review: Headed for Trouble

Headed for Trouble by Suzanne Brockmann

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is not what I expected. Still it was a great read. It's an insightful collection into both Ms. Brockmann's mind as well as the different characters from SEAL Team 16 and their friends. There is a little bit of everything in here. From interactions between the characters and the author to poignant separation between daughter and mother.

Just about every type of relationship is covered in this book in reference to a person who is serving our country. The reader is treated to a close up of those the military personnel leave behind. The wives, husbands, brothers, lovers, sons and daughters. It's a good look at the worry and gut clenching fear they suffer when a loved one is fighting for our country. Ms. Brockmann shows it in a manner easy to relate and understand. It's not a lecture and there are no rights or wrong. What the reader sees, is realistic worries and fears.

Not all the short stories a…

Review: Snowflakes and Strangers

Snowflakes and Strangers by Annabelle Jacobs

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ethan is a nurturing lover who remembers all the little details to make his boyfriend, Alex, happy. This Christmas they will return to the lodge they went to last year and enjoyed so much. Unfortunately, Ethan's heart is ripped apart when Alex leaves him for another man. Ethan is now stuck going on a Christmas vacation by himself.

What is worse than going on vacation by oneself? Going on a Christmas vacation with other couples and showing up as only half of a couple. Ms. Jacobs creates an all-too-realistic situation and it looks to be a train wreck. No one wants to be a third wheel. To be the single person with three other couples is a nightmare. Fortunately, one of the couples brings an additional guest, Riley.

Reunited with Ethan, Riley is excited to get to know Ethan better this Christmas. Last Christmas, he couldn't compete with Alex. This was a sweet read with Riley helping Ethan heal from his heart brea…

Maintenance Night Audio Excerpt

Maintenance Night by Trent Evans

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's no surprise I'm a fan of Domestic Discipline.  Author Trent Evans wrote a hot story which he kindly gave us a little excerpt to turn into an audio clip.  Check it out here...

Review: Red

Red by Kate Kinsey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A serial killer who mutilates people in the BDSM lifestyle? How will this story end up playing out? Books using BDSM as part of the reason for a killer are iffy. Will they be BDSM hostile or not? In this case, Ms. Kinsey is quite the responsible author and this is a BDSM friendly book.

The main characters all seem to be rather screwed up. Detective Tom Hanson is a kinkster in denial. His complete dismissal and lack of support for his partner and former lover, Gina, was disappointing. This is from a kinster's perspective. What is also rather frightening is the way kinksters are persecuted in this book. This book takes place in the deep South. As someone who is not out to the community as a kinkster, I can fully appreciate discretion for fear of losing my job. Reading it in a contemporary romantic suspense and seeing the ramifications of a kinky lifestyle, I admit to being a bit freaked out and grateful I live "up North"…

Review: Rocky Mountain Christmas

Rocky Mountain Christmas by Michael Barnette

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A winter blizzard storm brings two magical men together in the snowy mountains of Colorado.

In ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS, Cooper and Alejandro's initial meeting gets off to a very rocky start. Cooper is a ranger in the Rockies and he's been burned by crazy photographers unprepared for the wintery weather. Armed with the information that Alejandro is from Florida, Cooper is irritable and condescending when he first checks up on him.

Cooper's attitude quickly turns around as it is apparent Alejandro is more than capable of taking care of himself. In addition, his photographs are awe inspiring. Alejandro finds the sexy Cooper to be too abrasive which is a shame. Cooper does his best to overcome his negative first impression since he is very attracted to a Latino man.

The sex in this story is sexy and slightly kinky. It's mentioned several times Cooper loves a Latino Dom. Other than pitching, Alejandro doe…

Review: Wildcat

Wildcat by Cheryl Brooks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Returning to the delicious joy giving Zetithian males, Jerden is the latest main character in this series. Jerden is a troubled male who worked in a brothel yet can't get his dick up anymore. A brutal murder of his "fluffer" turned him of sex work for a long time. Resting in Terra Minor, Jerden's friends hopes he will come out of his depression.

Sara Shields is a frontier woman who loves horses. Ms. Brooks does a great job detailing horses and making this quite authentic. It's clear, Ms. Brooks knows horses and she writes a Sara as a definite horse fanatic. Sara prefers horses to men due to her one bad experience.

Most people experience something bad in their life. Some are survivors who move on. It is sad that both Jerden and Sara are not survivors. Instead, they are victims paralyzed by a single event. Jerden's lost of his home planet and his family did not seem to impact him as much as the death of…

Review: The Angel's Fall

The Angel's Fall by Rebecca Leigh

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is more a 2.5 star book for me. Since I truncate, it will show up as 2 star. The review site I work will probably round up.

What happens when a son of God falls for a son of man? Michael is an angel who stands watch over the world for centuries. He's been following a soul which touched him in the past. Unable to resist anymore, Michael falls from the heavens to chase after this seductive soul. His choice between the love of one soul versus the love of his God is not a light one to make.

Darcy is the current body for the soul. Although their meeting is abrupt, the connection they feel cannot be denied. This story moved very fast and felt almost as if it was narrated to the reader. The images were clear yet the story didn't move me. It is perhaps the reinterpretation of biblical beings which did not still well with me. This has more to do with the reader than the author. This is why the story is closer to a 2 s…

Review: Cutting Cords

Cutting Cords by Mickie B. Ashling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Please just slice me now. Oh the internal turmoil Sloan experiences cut me to a quick. My good friend, Dee Wy, did NOT mention this book contained cutting. It's a touchy subject for me since I'm a recovered cutter. I don't think any book as come as close to what cutting meant for me as this book did. I cried when I read how Sloan felt about himself.

Ms. Ashling did a marvelous job at capturing the essence of why some people cut themselves. I completely sympathized with Sloan. I can understand why he cut himself and also know he is no painslut. The BDSM part to this book was interesting. Personally, I found Max to be a bit predatory yet in a seductive and okay way. I'm glad he ended up being a good guy. Still, his misunderstanding of Sloan caused me a bit of fury. Since I've tried impact play to replace the cutting when I was younger and learned quickly it didn't do it for me, I could easily …

Review: Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic by Pelaam

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Elves! I love elves and not those bloody Keebler elves. Those cookie makers are dwarfs, maybe gnomes, but definitely not elves. In Pelaam's CHRISTMAS MAGIC, Mitchell the electronics guy at a department store meets Linwood. Linwood is one of the seasonal "Christmas elves" in the toy section.

Mitchell's dreams have been crushed by his wandering no good boyfriend. Then he meets Linwood, who breathes new life into Mitchell's desires and aspirations. This is a feel good story where the elves give the "gift of believing". Believing in one self and to make a positive change in one's life is a lovely sentiment and very enjoyable. Of course the sexy scenes in here didn't hurt.

Pelaam's characters are engaging. The story voice is entrancing. The fae world where Linwood exists is interesting and I wish there were more details. Hopefully, there will be another story in this world. Pelaam is a new to me a…

Review: Intimate Intervention

Intimate Intervention by Sara York

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When two happy lovers find a possible third, it's too good to be true.

Matt and Tom love each other deeply. They enjoy an additional lover to add spice to their life. It hasn't always worked out but this time, it looks the hottie upstairs may be the one. Both of them are very attracted to James, their new neighbor, and James is turned on by both of them.

Unfortunately, James is from a family that not only doesn't condone homosexuality, they actively try to eradicate it. The conflict in this story is sad. A family member who raised and loved James becomes brutally violent. While this is a fictional story, this situation is no stranger in the real world. And this is what is sad. Ms. York does an excellent job capturing the worst of the haters against homosexuality. Add in a ménage, this is more than the narrow minded family member can take.

The question is, will this be too much baggage for Matt and Tom? This isn'…

Gay Porn BDSM Bedtime Stories

Today we have a treat from Ms. Dare.  Gay Porn by Kim Dare
is a delightful free story from this prolific and talented author. 

Sirly Eric narrates for us and it's a naughty little piece.

Review: New York to Dallas

New York to Dallas by J.D. Robb

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eve is back and the tie ins to her past are mind blowing for me. Ms. Robb does another excellent job in her romantic suspense. I'm always impressed by how thorough Ms. Robb writes her mysteries. The clues and police work are always so thorough. It is interesting to see how much Eve has changed in her hard stance with using Roarke. We now see her using him more and more, not exactly a crutch, but definitely an advantage no other cop has.

The pain and agony Eve goes through with her nightmares is sad. It moves me because I understand her nightmares completely. I can more than empathize; I can sympathize. Ms. Robb capture's Eve's dilemma very well. Why does she feel joy at the killing in the dreams? It's not wrong and Mira does a great job in explaining to Eve.

This story is more personal for Eve than several of the recent ones. This made the book better for me. For a delusional psychopath, Issac McQue…

What I'd tell my younger self when looking for a Dom/me

Recently, someone asked if there were steps on how to find a Dom/me when a person is new to BDSM and single.  What questions are there to ask?  What signs do we have to look out for when searching?  I can't say for certain here's what you have to do.  I can say, here are my recommendations, I would have told my young 18 year old self.

1. There is no shame in using a safeword. (I have a very difficult time using it, even to this day.)

2. BDSM doesn't have to equate to pain for pleasure.

3. Talk to the Dom/me and try to get someone who is more experienced to help guide you.

4. The first scene should be in a controlled environment where there are experienced people around.

5.  Meet and observe others in an interaction. This will give you an idea of what to ask. (I had no idea what to ask when I first was looking around. Clueless and before the internet = bumbling around.)

6.  It is okay to ask questions.  There is a way to ask questions - be polite and respectful.  If…

Hot little F/f Audio Excerpt

My Body-His (Marcello) by Blakely Bennett

This is the latest BDSM Bedtime Story brought to you by the BDSM Group on Goodreads.  This one I enjoyed reading.  I did a couple of takes because I couldn't get Janice's voice to sound right.  Not sure if it came across as two "different voices".  This is a F/f excerpt. 

Here's my story on Ms. Bennett and her professionalism.  In late 2012, I read the first book in this trilogy.  My friend Joellen was all messed up by this book and begged me to read it to see if she was crazy or not.  I read the blurb and told her I wasn't interested.  It was on my do not read list.  Jo persisted.  She couldn't put her finger on exactly why she was having issues.  I admit to succumbing to peer pressure.  I read My Body-His

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I want to reiterate - Ms. Bennett is a VERY good writer.  I still hated the book because I didn't like the lead male character, Luke.  I kept this review under the radar and didn'…

Review: Santa's Helpers: Christmas Elves are Ringing

Santa's Helpers: Christmas Elves are Ringing by Sean Michael

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I need to read more Sean Michael books! This was holy smoking hotness! How is there snow left in the North Pole where these elves work?

The drama queen Joey is a funny elf throwing a tantrum as he creates yet another doll for Santa's gifts. Bane is a badass Dom and boy do I like how he reams Joey for misbehaving.

This short story is tightly written with clear hot smexy images. The scene between Bane and Joey went from spark to flaming hot within a couple of sentences. Both characters were well presented and easily amicable. This story is a tasty treat for any m/m reader.

This Christmas tale is highly recommended to m/m lovers who enjoy Santa's elves with a hot kinky spice.

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Review: Battle of Hearts

Battle of Hearts by Valentina Heart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Vampires and werewolves are immortal enemies and it doesn't look like they are going to become enemies to lovers anytime soon. It is said that one event can be a catalyst that sets a series of events into motion that cannot be easily stopped. In this world created by the talented Ms. Heart, it is very true. One mistake costing the lives of two young shifters leads to a war torn world 1,000 years later. With a blurb like this, how can I resist reading what happens?

Valerian is one of three alpha shifters in his shifter community. Valerian's specialty is systematic destruction of vampire vermin. He leads an elite group of shifters to hunt down vampire dens and kill every single vampire. This war between the races is to a point where there is no reason or logic. It is not even clear if there will ever be a peace treaty because the two races hate each other so much there isn't one bit of common ground. Not even the hu…

Review: A Puppy for Christmas

A Puppy for Christmas by Karly Maddison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tossed aside like yesterday's garbage, Matt's Christmas holiday season starts out in the dumps. His sexy hot model boyfriend, Jason leaves him for an annoying twink. Matt is one kicked little puppy.

In this shifter world, cats and dogs may get along, but they don't last as lovers. Jason's catting around definitely hurt Matt. While it's all looking down for Matt, his hot alpha neighbor, Chase, is pretty happy. Because now, Chase can get to know Matt in an intimate manner.

This story is a sweet and short read. The main characters Matt and Chase are easy going guys. When the shifter shape of Chase is revealed, all sorts of dirty depraved thoughts may run through the reader's mind. Unwanted puppy Matt now has a new "owner" and he's more than enough to keep Matt happy.

This cute m/m is recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy a bit of Christmas spirit.

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Rough Edges BDSM Bedtime Stories Posted

Jane Davitt, quickly becoming a favourite author of mine provided a lovely little piece she called Rough Edges.  The details of this story and the full writing of it is below.

Rough Edges (6791 words) by JaneDavitt
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: What happens when the cop who pulls you over for speeding is also your Dom?
Originally appeared in 'Toy Box: Paddles' published by Torquere and now out of print.

We once again have Sirly Eric reading this lovely piece for us.

Review: Irresistible Impulse

Irresistible Impulse by Nona Raines

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Speed dating is meant to for people to meet the right "one". Initial impressions are important. It helps if the first contact was in a restaurant where both parties are interested, but never had the chance to catch each other's name.

Tania Talcott is now thankful for losing a bet that forces her to attend the speed dating. Tania bumps into her delicious eye candy again. She's not going to let her go this time, without at least getting her name. Tania pushes her way into partnering up with Latisha rather than allow the next guy to talk her up.

This happenstance reunion is a win for both Tania and Latisha. The reader is treated to a sweet beginning of a lovely f/f relationship. It's sexy to see two women hitting on each other, especially when one is nervous. It is even more amusing when they are both at a dating service for heterosexual singles – looking for a man.

Ms. Raines writes a light contemporary ro…

Review: A Not-So-Straight Christmas

A Not-So-Straight Christmas by TN Tarrant

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Two men snowbound in a resort could lead to secrets revealed.

Sam owns the resort lodge where Morgan works as a bartender. Both men have a history which isn't pretty. Both stories are painful and make me question what kinds of people exist in this world. As a result of their bad experiences, both are very discreet and noncommittal about their private lives. With nothing else to do, these two men finally share their story with each other.

It was sweet how they both danced around trying to figure out if either one of them are gay or not. What really made it for me was how the characters were designed. Both Sam and Morgan have been burned badly in their past life. Yet they are not victims. They are survivors. When these two come together and open up, it's like Christmas morning when children rip into their presents. There is a sense of joy and happiness that can't be contained.

TN Tarrant tells a great story wi…

Review: Hail Storm

Hail Storm by D.J. Manly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Torn between a lover and a newly discovered brother, Chance's sweet dream world turns into a bittersweet reality.

Chance Laurence is the only son of two doctors. Loved by his mother and father, he's lived the proverbial charmed life. Set on an undesired medical path by his parents, Chance rebels a little with his musical hobby.

Chance's music idol is Hail Dean from the group Hail Storm. Against his father's wishes, Chance pursues his wish to attend a Hail Storm fan concert. He's blown away when he meets Hail Dean. Hail leaves Chance his number so they can keep in contact. Chance is baffled by all this attention. He agrees to go to LA to spend a little time with Hail. While Chance loves Hail Dean, he lusts after Storm. Storm is the other half of the band. Unconfirmed rumours of Hail and Storm's relationship give Chance hope to spend some time with Storm. When Chance arrives in LA and stays in Hail's home, that'…

Review: Epiphany

Epiphany by Mychael Black

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lusted after because of what his pointy ears represent, Kael is tired of humans. To top off his sulky mood, his boss forces him to wear a scandalous skintight show-all Christmas elf uniform. Insulted, Kael makes the best of it while serving his assigned tables. Luckily, he catches the eye of a sexy cop who is more interested in Kael than the fact he is an elf.

This well written Christmas tale is smexy and so tasty. Who wouldn't enjoy a hot elf plus a handsome cop getting it on? Ms. Black does a lovely job of creating fun and sweet characters while bringing holiday joy. This is a great light read and thoroughly enjoyable.

This Christmas tale is recommended to m/m lovers who like hot men in and out of uniforms.

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Review: Stygian's Honor

Stygian's Honor by Lora Leigh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After 20 plus books in this series, how does an author infuse excitement back in? By adding new twists! In Stygian's Honor, the reader is treated to Native American lore. This was enjoyable and Ms. Leigh dropped plenty of clues for the ending.

Liza Johnson is an admirable female lead. She can kick butt and she doesn't allow people to push her around. Her interaction with her father, uncle and the Breeds is amusing. She fights for every little bit of independence.

The requisite mating bond as well as the denial of the bond is present as always. The hot smexy sex scenes still steam up the story and are arousing. With this new set of four characters, I'm expecting at least another couple of books. Hopefully Ms. Leigh will tie up a few story-lines. How will Amber be fixed? What game are the Coyotes playing? When will we finally have Cassie's story? Will this series ever conclude?

The one odd thing in…

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