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Review: The Enforcer

The Enforcer by Kele Moon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What is Valentino's story? With a name like Valentine aka Tino, he must be a lover boy. He is an enforcer which is opposite of his lover boy name. How did Tino become an enforcer? Ms. Moon takes us back to the beginning. How did these three boys tied together by the same mother get tangled in with the Sicilian Mafia? Tino's story is a two part one and this first part is a heart breaker.

Unbeknownst to his brothers, Tino suffers more than all the rest. He does it quietly. The violations he experiences at the hands of adults is heinous and unacceptable. I am furious and I want to kill them all. Preying on children is a hot button of mine. As a stepmother, I can not begin to even fathom how this all happens. It is out of a Grimm Fairy-tale. I want to coming like a vengeful angel....

The characters in this story are entrancing. Every character pulls me in. Brianna as the love interest is perfect. These two are star cross lovers an…

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Review: Spirit Bound

Spirit Bound by Tessa McFionn
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Spiritmates, tortured lovers and good versus evils are all up my alley. Full disclosure, I did not read the first book in this series. This book should probably be read after the first one. Still, it is possible to read this story and catch onto what is going on.

Galen Alexiou is an immortal warrior recruited a couple of thousand years ago to protect humanity and fight the good fight. In all these years, he has never met his spiritmate and figured it would never happen to him. Calliope Vandeen is a college student trying to complete her exams when she is kidnapped, interrogated and then tortured.

The setup of this story is good. The concept is attractive. For those who love Sherilynn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series, this book may be up your alley. There are similarities with ancient warriors given a second chance. There is also a leader of these warriors who may resemble Acheron a bit, yet speak like one of the brothers in J.R. War…

Review: Devoted

Devoted by Lexi Blake
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

What is it with the Alder boys? Flynn is Mitch's brother. Well, 1/2 brother because Mitch is a bastard - by birth and by nature. Flynn breaks the cardinal rule when entering in a D/s relationship. Okay, what I consider the cardinal rule. He went in purposely to mislead his submissive. He did not have open communication and completely broke trust. W.T.F. Yes, yes, okay, no one is perfect. Yes, yes, okay, so guys are DUMBASSES and the way it is "explained here" it rationalizes why Flynn did what he did to unsuspecting Amy.


This was a complete train wreck from chapter two. I cringed as Flynn lied to himself and proceeded to really fuck up a relationship that could be so good. Then this ending. WTF. Yes, yes, this is a romantic BDSM glitterkink where sparkles are being blown up my ass. This grand gesture? Who the HELL does this kind of shit? What was he thinking? For all you "Snow White" or "Sleeping Bea…

Review: Submitting To The Clan

Submitting To The Clan by Caitlin Ricci
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Behavioural conditioning is difficult to break and recondition. Sometimes it is a necessity because the conditioning is detrimental to one's health.

Avery is a young dragon shifter who only knows pain, degradation and abuse. As the least powerful shifter, he is at the bottom of the pecking order which means he is always the whore. Whores are abused and treated poorly. When they are no longer attractive, they are discarded like yesterday's garbage. Cast out again, Avery has nowhere to go and may die from starvation, cold and exhaustion.

I am going to be pedantic here. Avery is not a whore. Whores are paid at least a little money. Avery is a sexual slave. He isn't even a slut in my book because he doesn't want to give the sex away for free. This little pet peeve aside, the story is depressing. The first in the series, this dragon world is bleak, cruel and antagonistic. There also seems to be only male dragon…

Review: Beast Coast

Sexy and action packed #bookreview @JC_McKenzie
Beast Coast by J.C. McKenzie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Right after finishing the first book, I couldn't wait to read the second one. Beast Coast starts up right after the ending of book one. This is not a standalone. The series must be read in order to enjoy it fully. Andy thought she could be free from the Master Vampire, Lucien. Caught on a slight technicality, Andy is still stuck under Lucien's thumb. Not only does she still have Wick the werewolf sniffing after her, Tristian the wereleopard alpha wants a lick.

This tug of war between the two sexy men is good for a woman's ego but rough on her heart. With her animal spirits putting in their two cents, it can drive a woman crazy. The vampires are still deadly and sexually deviant. Lucien's human servant is disturbing but for those who enjoy dark erotica, it is hard to say no to his brand of debauchery and rough body play. Basically the relationships in this book are "…

Review: Shift Happens

for paranormal romance readers who enjoy a tough female lead @JC_McKenzie #bookreview # Shift Happens by J.C. McKenzie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New to me author Ms. McKenzie grabs my attention and keeps me riveted. This book reminds me of a few authors I really enjoy. With this first book, the readers are introduced to killer Andrea McNelly, doing her job. She is trying to complete her assignment to off a killer. Working for a government agency set up to control rogue paranormals, her job is pretty isolated. When her job goes wrong and entangles her with a Master vampire and Alpha werewolf, things cannot get any worse. And then it does. Andrea aka Andy is in a bad position. Her job is not what she thought it was. Now she is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The world building is well done. It has a bit of a Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake series feel. Then it is mix with a bit of Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series with the shifter type. Then finally a touch of Jane Yellowrock seri…

Review: Whispering Your Name

Whispering Your Name by Kierney Scott
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Alex Jamison is in the middle of selling his business when he is blindsided by allegations of insider trading. Instead of going to the authorities, the buying company wants to purchase the company for 250 million less. This is extortion in my book. Alex is stunned when the evidence is coming from an investment manager who worked for his company over eight years ago. Kate Sindt interned for Alex and for some reason she is trying to screw him over. No one messes with him and he will make sure she pays.

The blurb of this story caught my attention. I thought this would be a delicious non-con BDSM story where Kate receives her just rewards. I was mistaken as this is an erotic romance with BDSM used to spice up the story. This book did not work well for me because of my own pet peeves.

From a character perspective, Ms. Scott creates a despicable character, Kate. Kate is obviously helping to ste…

Review: Black and Gold

succulent skin on skin colour writhing in ecstasy #bookreview @AdonisDevereux # Black and Gold by Adonis Devereux
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

BLACK AND GOLD is an apt title for this book as it describes the succulent skin on skin colour writhing in ecstasy. For readers who are confused, this book appears to start in the second or third act in a play. The back history of the characters is meagerly doled out for a reader to piece together. Basically, this is a forced enemies turned lovers story.

Ilvar and Stefanos fought against each other in a senseless war. Both men of honour, they chose not to kill each other when they had the chance. Now, reunited by chance, this becomes a bromance with a little twist. Ilvar is married to Kesvar who is his happy submissive.

For those picking up this book in hopes for funishment and BDSM, it does not exist. For those who are squicked out with mmf and mm relations, stop now. For everyone else who adores strong alpha men biting, wrestling naked and taking e…

Review: Liability

Threesomes sometimes spring up organically, or is that orgasmic-ly? #bookreview @TymberDalton #
Liability by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kim and Cole are a comfortable pair. Kim is out from under a bad marriage and is not looking to marry again. With Cole, she feels cherished and safe. She also wants to explore a little more into kink. Afraid of being chastised or ridiculed, she hesitantly broaches kink with Cole. To her surprise, he is tentative and willing to learn about it. Or at least what she likes about it.

Off to a munch, the two adorable newbies find themselves amongst the kinky "Suncoast group". They are quickly taken under more experienced kinksters and introduced into the fun of kink. One person who takes a special interest in them is Mason. Mason is finally back from his long hiatus outside of Florida and now he is back to stay.

The characters in this story are so realistic. Kim and Cole represent a fair share of interested newbies trying to learn the ro…

Review: The Gazillionaire and the Virgin

Load up on batteries and make sure your vibrators are charged #bookreview @LisabetSarai 3 The Gazillionaire and the Virgin by Lisabet Sarai
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Load up on batteries and make sure your vibrators are charged - Ms. Sarai is in the house. When I first picked up this book, it was purely because of the ridiculous title and the author. A fan of Ms. Sarai, I could not help but want to see what she would do with this overly cliché subject. I expected to have steamy spank-worthy scenes leading to some "me-time". What I did not expect is to have the gazillionaire to be the female and the male to be the virgin. This is not a femdom story, it is still maledom. Caught off guard, the story hooks me in.

What I enjoyed and liked about this story is that it pokes fun at a trite theme and makes it fresh. The tongue in cheek presentation of uber rich wanting a dewy eyed ingĂ©nue is masterfully done in this story. For one thing, there is character development. Rachel Zelinsky m…

Review: Trapped in Her Nylon Web and Other Tales of Fetishism and Erotic Humiliation: More Stories of Teasing and Seduction from an Acclaimed Contributor to Leg Show Magazine

Trapped in Her Nylon Web and Other Tales of Fetishism and Erotic Humiliation: More Stories of Teasing and Seduction from an Acclaimed Contributor to Leg Show Magazine by Gray Fisher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Where is the rest of this book? For Fm femdom readers, this is a tantalizing teaser from new to me author, Mr. Fisher. After reading each story, I hoped for more. All too quickly, this book can be devoured by a hungry reader. This short book contains six tales where the women rule and the men willingly submit. The femdom in here is more realistic in the sense that the women may be cruel, but they are not bat shit crazy abusive. For the most part, the erotic humiliation is what gets each of the men off. Some of kink involves public scenes. The men may express their displeasure as when one man's tasty prized deli meat is given away others. However, each of the men are still aroused and ready to serve.

There is little character development and basically a rough sketched out plot to…

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