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Review: My Wicked Nanny

My Wicked Nanny by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A must read book! Ms. Mayburn does it again with her smoking hot erotic novels. She is a Mistress of BDSM GlitterKink. The men here are wealthy in an amazing exclusive club. If I could work as a server there or a bartender, I think I'd easily give up my day job. They make more in a week then I make in a month.

This story is positively deliciously with sweet characters. Anya works for Jesse as his son's nanny. Through a mentor of hers, she learns about Wicked and applies to work as a waitress. Who knew being a waitress required so many background checks and tests? Anya passes with flying colours and starts her night off facing Jesse. Fortunately she's hidden behind a mask.

Jesse takes Anya on a fabulous BDSM journey. If only every newbie's experience is as good as Anya's. Jesse is a hot Dom who commands the scene. He doesn't get it right every time, but the ones he does, the reader will need a c…

Review: Desire in Any Language

Desire in Any Language by Anastasia Vitsky

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Did you ever lust after a professor or teacher? In this book, Mira is an exchange student living in South Korea. She is being coached by a slightly older female who takes on the disciplinarian role. The book did a good job of showing how being in an exchange program could work. It was fascinating learning a bit about the Korean culture. I specifically enjoyed learning about the "dreaming" while the mother is pregnant. This is something I've never heard of before and I find learning about other cultures fascinating.

I am mixed about this book. I enjoyed the f/f theme as well as the discipline. That is pretty hot. What I didn't enjoy was the first person perspective of Mira. This is because I was under impressed by Mira. Her procrastination and excuses were annoying. I'm not sure why she was even mentioned to be a super star or rock star. She's more a prima donna. Never once in the …

Review: Best Bondage Erotica 2013

Best Bondage Erotica 2013 by Rachel Kramer Bussel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a must read bondage collection. Each short story in this book is a winner. They can all be hot standalones but when bound together, it’s a five star sizzling book. There are so many different varieties of how people are restrained; it’s fabulous. There are even a couple of non-consensual ones which kicked this erotic book up a notch. This book will gave a taste of several different authors’ writing style. It’s all titillating. Every single one of them helped make this the best collection for this year. It will be hard to top this bondage book.

There are some popular and well known authors as well as a few lesser known ones. It’s really difficult to pick a favourite tale in this book because they are all unique and well written. Each is tightly woven with concise storylines, hot arousing scenes and concluding with a beautiful afterglow. The one to pick for the most surprising and new to me autho…

Review: Best Erotic Romance 2013

Best Erotic Romance 2013 by Kristina Wright

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

When sex meets love, there should be some hot sexy scenes which appeals to both the mental and emotional parts to a reader. One would expect to feel really good between the warm fuzzy love and the arousing sexual scenes. In this book, BEST EROTIC ROMANCE 2013, it falls a bit short. Each of the short stories are well written. There are no grammar issue. They are smoothly edited by Ms. Wright which is expected. What is unexpected is the lack of heat and arousal. This book is a 2.5 star because it was a bit more than okay but not enough for me to like it at a 3 star. Since I truncate, it ends up with a 2 star.

There are a couple of stories in this book which deal with infidelity which doesn’t exactly arouse. While one woman did end up leaving her apathetic husband for a more exciting and passionate man, it was rather sad. Several of the stories leaves the reader wondering where the love existed. There were a…

Review: Deadly Sting

Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Why do men fear women who are strong? Owen has been a complete jerk. Yet Gin is still in love with him. Gin seems to pick only men who are not capable of handling her abilities. In Deadly Sting, Gin is still stuck with a very large target on her back as the underworld bets on who will kill her. It must be completely exhausting to constantly watch out for killers. Gin's luck continues to hold as she escapes yet another near death.

One would think two things would happen to Gin. Either she burns out from the constant fight mode she's in, or she hones her skills to a level where no one can take her down because every single way to end her life has been attempted. This story could be a rather tediously long tale of Gin fighting off death threats. Instead, a new player is introduced. Gin also proves she's still on the top of her game. This is cleverly done by Ms. Estep and will perhaps breathe new life and focu…

Breathplay (Part III)

Why would someone want to pass out repeatedly or kill their brain cells? How can it possibly be worth the risk?"

     It is questionable as to whether brain cells are killed. If I person is kept in the "blood choke" hold long after she has based out, then that will increase the possibility of brain damage.

     In breathplay, that's not the point. If the person is unconscious for a long time, the play is over. In most cases, the point it for a few seconds of "grey" or black out. According to most medical documents, this neither kills brain cells nor causes damage to the brain.

Cerebral hypoxia explains how brain cells die after 5 minutes of no oxygen. Because it's really the lack of oxygen which causes damage. Damage as in destroying brain cells or damaging the ends of neurons.

     For breathplay, as soon as the bottom starts to black out, most Top immediately release the bottom. This is literally seconds where the brain is deprive…

Review: Rogue Rider

Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book reminds me again why I adore Larissa Ione. This fourth book is a winner for me. Reseph is one of the four horsemen who became Pestilence. I fell in love with Reseph. He's a tortured soul. Jillian is the perfect woman for her. She's a woman who is still shell-shocked from her encountered with the demons.

The conflict in this story was both believable and heart breaking. To redeem a villain so evil that his entire family would turn on him is not an easy task. Larissa Ione did an amazing job of making something impossible, completely credible.

This world is amazing. It's complex and it's filled with lovely creatures, demons and angels. The twists and turns in this story kept my mind actively engaged. The little hints dropped here and there helped to guess the outcome, but it wasn't exactly the way I thought it would be.

The characters in this book are engaging for me because they are strong sur…

Review: The Daring Prey

The Daring Prey by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Return to Gordburg with another fantastic pursuit and capture tale. In this one, Alexa is back. She revisits Gordburg to beat the official time held by Elf-Girl. Alexa is more prepared this time because she went under a bit of training with Will. Will captured Alexa in The Novice Prey and treated her to some fun public humiliation.

Alexa is a woman with a slight chip on her shoulder. She’s usually second best and she’s tired of it. In Daring Prey, she is determined to be not only the winner of the challenge from her last visit, but the best girl to avoid capture. Alexa is definitely the naughty girl taunting the big bad guys and loving it. Some of her antics are pretty hilarious and only cause me to hope she gets caught and spanked hard.

Mr. Lewis does another excellent job of a sexy story filled with humour and hot kinky sex. He’s kicked up the heat in the dubious consent scenes and added in a bit of sexual variation which…

Questions and Answers with Sirly Eric and CurvyGirl

The beginning of this month, we were able to learn about Sirly Eric and his wife, CurvyGirl.  In their interview we were able to see their dynamic as a couple who switches and co-tops.  From this interview, several people provided follow up questions.  Since people were hoping for an "audio" interview and listen to sexy Sirly Eric's voice, here's the follow up questions and answer in audio format.  Enjoy! - Upload Audio - QASirlyEricCurvyGirl

Breathplay (Part II)

Things to consider

1. If the Top is smaller or equal in stature with the bottom, sitting down or being close to the ground is advisable. When the bottom passes out, there is less distance to the ground.

2. Repeated breathplay in a scene will cause the blackout to occur faster each time.

3. Sometimes, depending on how the Top and bottom's body is built, it may not be possible to blood choke a the bottom out using the dominant arm. Try to use the other arm because the body alignment may be better.

4. First time playing with someone, have them raise their hand up above their head.  As they get close to blacking out, their arm will drop.  As soon as the arm drops, release the bottom.

Common Questions

Q1. Will this cause brain damage?

A1. Brain damage is always possible when the brain is deprived of oxygen. Each person is different in how long before brain damage occurs.

Q2. If brain damage can occur, why do this?

A2. The point is not to put the person unconscious for hour…

Review: Naia and the Professor

Naia and the Professor by Natasha Knight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a delightful new series from Ms. Knight. Liam Templar, the former professor of Naia is a hot Dom. Not sure how a high school teacher could be called a professor, but it worked for this story. Liam is wrongly accused of sexual misbehaviour with Naia. Naia's false accusations were pretty bad. I'm a bit surprised Liam would even have anything to do with Naia. Naia is definitely a person who would benefit from frequent spanking disciplines. Fortunately, ten years after the destruction of Liam's career, Naia returns quite apologetic.

Naia comes across as an immature spoiled brat at times. Since she's only twenty-eight, this is understandable to an extent. The older man, Liam definitely has his work cut out for him in taming this little vixen. It does help he runs a BDSM club. Where do all these sexy dominant men who run BDSM clubs exist?

The BDSM in this story is delicious. Ms. Knight doe…

Review: Hard Fall

Hard Fall by James Buchanan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I'm always up for spankings and some lovely D/s. This book's focus was neither spankings or D/s. Instead it was a good detective book enhanced with a bit of BDSM. I LOVED IT! It's nice to have BDSM incorporated into a book as something "natural".

Deputy Joe is a complex character I really liked. He wasn't someone I could sympathize with since I'm neither gay nor a Mormon, but I could definitely empathize. His added kinkiness probably didn't help his situation, but this guy is definitely stand up. I have a couple of LDS friends and they resemble Joe quite a bit. They are great people and I really appreciated how Ms. Buchanan showed how they are human too. There are good and bad people anywhere, regardless of a person's chosen religion. This balance Ms. Buchanan provided is an accurate reality.

This is my second book by Ms. Buchanan and I have…

Review: Take It Off

Take It Off by L.A. Witt

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Take it off! Take it off! *wild whistling* In this second installment, the tables are turned with Tristan looking longingly after Jared. Jared is now highly in demand after his little menage kinky tryst for Mr. Rolodex. Tristan seems to want Jared more than just on the job sex. Exactly how do escorts enjoy their day off? No sex?

The readers learn more about this Market Garden and how the escorts find a job there. Who knew rentboys are recruited from strip clubs? Jared must have made lots of money as a stripper. One wonders why he gave it up for hooking it because strippers can make a lot of money too. Or at least, that's what I found out when I researched it.

The erotic sensual heat in this story is turned up as Jared does a lap dance for both Mr. Rolodex and Tristan. It's a scene not to be missed. It makes this short little tale deliciously hot. It also hints of perhaps a bit more kinky scenes in the next book.…

Breathplay (Part I)

What is breathplay? Why do people do this? Is it any fun?

      Breathplay is considered an edgeplay. It is not for the novice Top to try out all alone. This is one that needs to be carefully done because it could result in death in the worst case scenario. Sometimes breathplay is also called erotic asphyxiation. Breath play should NOT be tried by oneself. Auto erotic asphyxiation is extremely dangerous and can also result in death.

      There are many different ways to cause a person to "black out" or "gray out". There are also devices and equipment which can assist in this play. For the purposes of this educational post, I am only going to cover breathplay using no equipment or tools other than the human body.

      When a couple decides to try this, it is best to practice at a location where there is little distraction. It is always best to have a mentor standing by to help assist. If a person possesses experience with wrestling, this…

Review: Stirrings

Stirrings by D.J. Manly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can a vampire and human be lovers when there is so much ill blood between the two races?

Pascal the vampire is love with London, a human cop. Both work together in a joint race investigative law enforcement department. While working on a case together, their relationship is strained to the point of breaking. If they thought the test of their love was over, they are dreadfully wrong. A war is coming and they are unfortunately on opposing sides. Opting to be neutral territory is not an option.

This is the second in the Spectrum Skies series. Reading the first book is recommended because it took me a bit to get caught up to speed with the world building. Mr. Manly still does an excellent job of providing information to the reader if they haven't read the first book. In this world, humans have entered into an alternate world where "monsters" live. For some unknown reason, these humans feel entitled to the right to dominate and …

Review: Don't...

Don't... by Jack L. Pyke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Looking for BDSM, dangerous men and suspense? [b:Don't...|16406114|Don't...|Jack L. Pyke||22593472] is the book to read. This new author mixes some hard edgeplay with romance and then adds a dash of suspense. This book almost goes in two different directions yet Ms. Pyle still keeps it together – speeding down a risky path.

This sexy suspense story generates mixed feelings for me. I’m both confused and aroused. The subject material is definitely something I adore – BDSM. This is harder BDSM scenes loosely using old guard leather protocols as well as a bit of edgeplay. The concept is a wet dream fantasy for kinky people who want to live it 24/7.

Jack Harrison is the submissive who runs an auto body shop. Jan Richards is an upper middle class accountant whose Jag breaks down so he brings it into Jack’s shop. Gray Raoul is somehow connected to Jack as an ex-lover. I…

Review: Just a Casual Thing

Just a Casual Thing by Scarlet Blackwell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Finding the one person who gets you feels so good. Nate and Roman are friends with benefits for the past few years. Ronan is Nate's Monday night sex date that has lasted through every other man Nate's dated. With someone like this as a steady loving companion, what more could Nate want? Apparently Ronan is nothing but a hole to plug for Nate. Nate is always looking for that "one" to complete him. He thinks he finds it in another man, Shane.

This story is a messed up and painful one to read. The saddest passage would have to be: When he spoke, Ronan's voice trembled. "Tell me this, Nate. In two years, people have come and gone. You always seem to be searching for the right one and how come, not once, have you ever looked closer to home and thought it might be me?" This part just killed me. I could feel the hurt radiating off the pages of the book from Ronan. Ms. Blackwell does an exception…

Rough Body Play (Part III)

Pressure points versus Trigger points 

     What is the difference between the two of these? Anyone want to answer?

The answer is, the pressure point will cause sensation in the place directly touched. For a trigger point, it will radiate out and the sensation will occur in a place not where it's directly touched.

     For trigger points, as long as a Top learns about a dozen places on a body, it should work on many bottoms. Not all bottoms have the same responses to pressure points. Good places to press are where two major muscles separate. A easy thing to remember when applying pressure for either one, if the Top's hands or fingers hurt when they press down, then it's not the right place.

Common places for pressure point
1. Under the nose - push straight in the dimple, into the bone.
2. Under the jaw
3. Feet at the base of the toe
4. Achilles tendon
5. Between the biceps and triceps

      Now why would someone use a trigger point? It's basically to mind…

Review: Bared to Him

Bared to Him by Sierra Cartwright

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Do you enjoy GlitterKink? Then you will enjoy this book by Ms. Cartwright. BARED TO HIM is a delightful fantasy book about a white collar working woman being swept off her feet by a rich handsome executive. Who doesn't enjoy a little fantasy like this? I've classified this as GlitterKink because it involves a very rich man who can stock his own fully loaded dungeon as well as owning a membership to an exclusive BDSM club.

Myka Monroe is caught reading that book everyone one is talking about—in an elevator no less by a handsome man. Embarrassed and trying to turn it back on him, she asks if he's read it. The suave sexy Phillip Dettmer responds quite elegantly:

"I haven't read it, no. There's no need."

A bell dinged, signaling that she'd reached her floor. "No need?" she asked.

"I live the lifestyle," he said.

The doors slid open.

He moved forward, crowding her space. She'd hav…

Review: Of Yesterday

Of Yesterday by Alta Hensley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hippie pseudo Wiccan girl meets the Domestic Discipline Amish guy. This story is above all, a romance fairy tale. Taylor McKnight could be termed as an herbal entrepreneur if one were to be generous. She's more of a flighty con artist or a snake oil salesman is what they called it in the old days. She runs a foul with Jason Winters. Jason is protective of his childlike adult sister and feels Taylor is taking advantage of her.

With a lawsuit and hot headed accusations, somehow the two agree upon experimenting with domestic discipline and moving to an "alternative" community. At this point, I'm both skeptical and incredulous. I have to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the interaction between Taylor and Jason plus the Domestic Discipline. It's the fun spanking and anal which keeps this at a 3 star for me.

Here are some things that bothered me, and it could just be me and my analytical mind. This conce…

Review: Corporate Slave

Corporate Slave by Fulani

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enter dystopia filled with sexual slavery and where sadistic BDSM is the norm. Cassie is just one of millions trying to make it through life. Is it even worth it? She’s a shop assistant at a grocery type store. She doesn’t bag the groceries or ring them at check out. She does show customers the products by attracting them with her naked body while dancing in a glass cage. In this world Fulani creates, sex sells and it’s the dirty currency everyone uses. Even 100 dollars is renamed to a blow job.

Fulani creates quite the interesting world post government. In this new age, the Corporations take over the failing country and corruption runs rampant. People are kidnapped off the street accused of being dissents against the Corporation. This could be considered speculative genre. Although, to be honest, it amuses because it almost feels as if it is based on a few existing countries in this world. These existing countries which are…

Rough Body Play Techniques (Part II)


      There are many types of RBP. I'm only going to cover the ones I learned in class.

Hair Pulling

      This is a basic one which is pretty easy to understand. Even so, there are a couple of simple techniques to remember. If the hair is grabbed closer at the scalp, there is more control. For someone with long hair, if we were to grab it at the end of the hair, there is less control and easier to accidentally jerk the neck the wrong way.

      Another thing to think about when pulling the hair, if you pull backwards, there is a higher chance to damage the neck or hurt the neck. However, if you were to push the head forward, you will have more control and be able to easily force the bottom down onto her knees or flat onto the ground.

      Try this: grasp the back of the bottom's neck with your dominant hand. Then slide the hand up with the fingers fanning out up the scalp. Fist a handful of hair then push the head firming down …

Review: Love at the Edge

Love at the Edge by Kara Leigh Miller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It is said that women run hot then cold. In Love at the Edge, playboy Vince easily takes the title for running hot then cold. He repeats this process several times at poor Krysta's expense. Krysta is stuck reporting to Vince which makes this another complication. How is this fair to Krysta?

In the previous two books in this series, Vince is the good guy, helping Ash out. Now instead of the shoulder to cry on, he's a cad causing the woman to cry. Ms. Miller shows us a not too flattering side of Vince. Vince's idiocy aside, the sex in this book it turned up. The naughty role playing as well as the hint of kinkiness spices this story up. A brush with menage leaves the reader panting and the railing at the denial. Yet again, Ms. Miller does a great job of describing every location so it's easy to visualize and feel as if one is there. The office, balcony, nightclub and cottage are all easily brought t…

Review: Bad Boys and Bondage

Bad Boys and Bondage by Powerone

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Who doesn’t like a bad boy with bondage? Holy hot bondage bonfire! BAD BOYS AND BONDAGE starts out a very small simmer and escalates into a flaming book of hawtness. Sandy is a twenty five year old going on fifty. She’s the good girl stuck in a rut with her predictable boyfriend, Ben. Ben is not exactly the one to blame despite the way the book implies. Ben is a nice guy who is a bit boring and enjoys his routine. Too bad he’s treating his girlfriend like a sure thing. Whenever a lover is treated as a “sure thing” the relationship can go awry.

Essentially, the sex between Ben and Sandy is terrible. Neither one pleases the other yet both think they are giving the other decent sex. The lack of communication between the two is all too realistic and rather depressing. The beginning of book is rather dull as the reader learns about these two lackluster characters and their unsatisfying sex.

When Sandy finally takes the pro…

Review: Wanting Wilder

Wanting Wilder by Michele Zurlo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mine is the 2nd review
Oasis is a small family-owned company where people's jobs are to bring sexual fantasies to life. They even hire project managers to run the teams working on the details of the client's fantasy. Where do I send my resume? I'm a project manager who is also a switch in every sense of the word. To actually have a Dom or Domme boss and take me to task when I've been "bad" is a naughty dirty fantasy of mine.

In this story, Lydia from Michigan interviews for a position at the Vermont-based Oasis. Oasis is not only my dream company, it is her dream company. What she isn't prepared for is coming face to face with the one Dom she could never forget—Wilder.

Lydia and Wilder met on a spring break where they enjoyed a kinky whirlwind romance. Thinking they met their soul mate, they parted unexpectedly through unexplained circumstances. The reason behind the misunderstanding can be easily gue…

Review: Cheating Chance

Cheating Chance by James Buchanan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When does a geeky goth boy meet up with a hot Harley riding tattoo cop? When they hook up at a goth convention. I felt the same as one of the Detectives in the book. "There are goth conventions?" While that detective may have been incredulous. I'm more envious and wondering where the hell I was when I was a young goth kid. I would have loved to go to one of these places. Of course, This would have been 20 years ago and I'd probably be known as a "baby-bat". I think I'm okay with that term. From henceforth, I shall be known as "baby-bat" through all the lands. *snort*

This story is a 3.5 star for me. The plot worked really well for me. I liked Nick and couldn't understand Brandon. Well, okay, I can understand why Brandon wanted to keep it quiet and stay in the closet, but really, how could he have ragged on Nick at one point? Even I thought Brandon broke up with Nick. …

Review: My Wicked Valetine

My Wicked Valentine by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Combine a hot Latina lover with a suave sexual deviant and it will spark into sweet kinky sex.  Ms. Mayburn kicks off another erotic trilogy with fun characters and a stroll through a BDSM playground.  Lucia Roa is a determined entrepreneur starting out her party planning business.  In the Washington DC area, this means she needs to meet the mover and shakers.  Through a referral, she’s applying to be the party planner for an exclusive club’s Valentine Day party.

Issac O’Keefe is one of the elite.  He is determined to be on the board of Wicked.  Wicked is an exclusive BDSM members by invite only club.  He wants to impress the powers that be with a memorable kinky fest no one will soon forget and this party will make the difference in his favour.  He doesn’t think Lucia can handle it because the only parties in her portfolio are for children’s birthdays.

This set up is just right with a delish blend of realistic and fantasy element…

Review: Masters at Arms

Masters at Arms by Kallypso Masters

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

What is all the hoopla about this author and this series? I keep hearing about this author and about her great her Doms. Will it live up to the hype? Actually, yes. This is a 3.5 star for me.

Not sure exactly what to expect, I read this first book. I really enjoy the introduction to the three main Doms - Marc, Adam and Orlando. Yes, I sticking to Orlando because I too immediately think of Orlando Bloom. This isn't exactly an anthology; it's more a set up background on each of these Doms and their possible submissives. What I've read, I really like. The reader is treated to different phases of these men's life. We are able to see them grow. To show a span of nine years across three different main characters in this manner is rather impressive. I enjoyed it.

What really impresses me about Ms. Masters is her character development. It's tough writing from a male's POV. I'm not a guy, b…

Review: Taking His Hand

Taking His Hand by Sadey Quinn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A sequel to Under his Hand, Rachel and David return in this smexy spanking story. In this new installment, a couple of conflicts arise between personal and professional for David. How does Rachel and David work these issues out?

Ms. Quinn continues with a great job of showing how a domestic discipline relationship can work. The reader is treated to marked improvements in Rachel's behaviour. In addition, the reader sees it's not all about David with his iron fist, doling out brutal spankings. There is true give and take in this relationship and it's beautiful to witness.

The spanking scenes doled out are hot even when they are not erotic ones. It's clear Ms. Quinn is showcasing all sorts of reason why a spanking would be meted out. It's nice to see the variety of reason as well as implements. What stays consistent is David's calm reassuring demeanor. He is definitely a devoted disciplinary with &quo…

Review: Under His Roof

Under His Roof by Sadey Quinn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There are disciplinarians for hire who aren't exactly professional Doms? Where do I find this man or woman? Ms. Quinn is a new author to me and I love her brand of domestic discipline and spanking. Rachel is a modern day woman. She's in her late twenties, single with a taxing job. Her career is going well but her personal is a mess. Is it the power of the job going to her head? Why is she losing her friends and being told she's a downright bitch?

I can completely understand and have walked in Rachel's shoes. It would have been nice if in my late twenties, I could have had the services of someone like David to right me back to the path of consideration and kindness. Rachel is fortunate with someone who can provide maintenance spankings.

Ms. Quinn creates a lovely scenario which is very plausible and desirable for those into domestic discipline. Her characters are easily relate-able. Rachel needs the releas…

Review: A Conspiracy of Alchemists

A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwarz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fans of Karen Chance's Cassie Palmer Series and Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series will enjoy this book. Ms. Schwarz blends the mythical Greek Oracles of Delphi into a world of Steampunk. In most Steampunk stories, the reader is treated to a Victorian age filled with incredible steam powered devices. In this series, Ms. Schwarz adds in paranormal and magical elements to give the story an extra oomph.

Elle Chance is bucking societal norms by being a pilot. Women in this society seem to be relegated to strict Victorian rules. At least, women of the upper class are to be kept in their restrictive demeaning boxes. Elle flies against convention and will not be controlled by any man, no matter how sexy and exciting. Marsh is the mysterious man who also happens to be her current client to fly a package back to London. Marsh is more than meets the eye and once Elle falls down the rabbit hole and le…

Interview with the Dom behind the Bedtime Stories

Please Welcome Sirly Eric and CurvyGirl. Sirly Eric saved the day when he contacted me to help out with the BDSM bedtime stories. He's narrated many of the stories in Season One. It's time to learn a bit more about him.
Sirly Eric and CurvyGirl sit down on the red velvet loveseat.  Sirly Eric drops a grey rolling carryon by the side of the loveseat.
Sirly Eric: Hello [name redacted]…oops, sorry, BookAddict.
La Crimson Femme: Eric, BookAddict isn't here.  I'm interviewing you today.  And yes, we'd like to keep our "third" persona quiet.  No one else knows about her.
Sirly Eric:*Leans forward* I don't think so.  I believe we agreed BookAddict would be doing the interview.  She's the submissive, isn't she?
La Crimson Femme: *Swallows slowly and backs away*  Right, um.
BookAddict: I'm here!  Hi Sirly Eric!  Hellloooo, CurvyGirl! *Shoves La Crimson Femme off the chair and out the room.*  What did you bring?  *Eyes the carryon*
Sirly Eric: Never mi…