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Book Review Blogs

I've always thought it would be fun to be paid in books to read for book review sites.  I started out early this year with Deviant Divas.  I enjoyed working with them and one day they disappear.  I haven't heard a word from them in two months.  Fortunately, I worked for more than one website.

The main one I work for is The Romance Reviews. 

I've enjoyed working for The Romance Reviews.  Carole is on top of everything and she runs the website very well.  She also receives a huge list of books.  I can barely keep up.

The latest place I'm working for is the BDSM reviewers.  They have a kick ass website I'm totally impressed with and I like the genre.  They do not have as many rules and books, but it still is pretty sweet.

Check out my reviews on both websites.

How BDSM works in my life - or not

Here is an interview of me by a friend of mine.  She's an author who writes erotic.  She's delving into the world of BDSM and created a Playroom Blog.  Here's how I entered into BDSM and how it's impacted my life.  This is my short story.  Cari also has some other great contributors to read from.  Browse around and enjoy.


I LOVE FIREPLAY Since the first time I read about fireplay in a BDSM story, I've been curious.  Are you curious about fireplay?  I experience  fireplay at a party once and I was hooked.  It was a great as I imagined.  I had to learn more about it and I attended a class.  For those who haven't heard of fireplay or want to learn more, here's my notes from class.  I will also relay my personal experience.  I hope you will relay your experience too!

Safety Let's get this out of the way before we get to the good stuff.

Fireplay is considered edgeplay.  It is best to have your safety gear all laid out and in easy reach. 
Always have a fire extinguisher handy.  Know where they are located.Always have water within reach.  Water in a spray bottle is recommended.If the players have long hair, make sure it's out of the way.Blanket on the face to protect and for the hair too.  Fire fumes can burn the lungs.  The blanket or towel on the fa…

The Family Pet Review

The Family Pet by H. Dean

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Full disclosure - this was a gift from an author.  Anyone who knows me, also knows I don't pull punches regardless of free gifts.  So here goes.

This story is a sadistic dehumanizing of an Amazonian woman.  Seriously, this was a pretty intense body modification although that doesn't happen until the epilogue.  Please note, this is not a realistic BDSM story.  This is a fantasy one.  (Don't try this at home.)  It isn't too graphic with each procedure, just more a summary of the end results.  With this warning, I'm going to plow forward.

I enjoyed this story and I will read it over and over again which is why I'm rating it a 4.  It contains themes that are generally shied away from because it's too taboo.  Do I find it too taboo?  No, not in a fantasy story which I will gleefully store in my spank bank.  For reality, eh, a bit disturbing and depraved. 

Jasmine, Bill's wife, basically tricks their good fri…

MM Gang Bang Challenge Q3 Updated

Click here to see the m/m books I have on my tiny shelf.
Update - my shelf should have enough selections! Woohoo! Thank you Dee and Katie! You guys are the best.

Read 42/43

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MM Gang Bang Challenge Q4

Read 20/36

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BDSM Second Gang Bang Challenge 2011 tracking

Please pick from here. Please PM me your selections for me. Click here to send me the selections.

Read 13/15

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A-Z Erotic Enchants Challenge 2

I'm Done!  YAY!  I had to change a couple of the books, but now it's all done.  Feels good to be completed.

Title author rating date read Alice In Chains Arden, Adriana ★★★★ Oct 07, 2011 Beyond Eden Moon, Kele * ★★★★ Jun 19, 2011 Cinderella Unmasked Dee, Bonnie ★★★★ Jun 13, 2011 Daddy's Little Girl Argus, J.J. ★★★★ Jun 28, 2011 Edwina and the SSS Clark, Rachel ★★★ Jun 18, 2011 Fallon's Flame Harte, Marie * ★★★★ Jun 09, 2011 Guilty Pleasures Thomas, Kitty *★★★★★ Jun 13, 2011 Hayashi's Hero Harte, Marie * ★★★★ Jun 10, 2011 I, Omega Gregg, Kari ★★★ Sep 16, 2011 Julian's Jeopardy Harte, Marie ★★★ Jul 07, 2011 Keeping House Brazil, Lee * ★★★★ Jun 18, 2011 Lover Unleashed Ward, J.R. ★★ Jul 02, 2011 Marked Skye, Joely ★★★★ Jul 02, 2011 Name Game Keith, Dilo ★★★ Jul 23, 2011 One Night Loan Archer, Aislynn ★★★★★Aug 24, 2011 Punished Paulin, Brynn ★★ Jun 18, 2011 Queen Brat Green, Sharon ★★★★ Oct 19,…

Finding Eden

Finding Eden by Kele Moon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pauvre Paul!  Danny est tres desole!  This story is FABULOUS!  I felt so badly for Paul.  Learning the back story about Paul's terrible childhood causes me to be furious.  I want to pistol whip his father and kick both his older brothers' ass.  ARGH I'm so angry.  Those mo-fo should be shot, in the ass.  Paul is such a sweet sweet boy. 

Danny ~ what is up with his father?  Why are there terrible fathers in this story?  Does Ms. Moon have issues with fathers?  I want to beat the crap out of these guys.  To treat children in this way is totally unacceptable!

Danny and Paul's relationship is so unhealthy.  I'm with Jason.  Danny needs training.  Paul ~ good lord I had no idea he was such a pain slut.  It's like watching a train wreck.  I cried for him.  Danny becoming a Dom is so hot for me.  He's what I would consider a natural Dom too.  The ending of this book would have killed me had I not known there is a …



This is an often forgotten topic. Those in the lifestyle for a while don't bother with negotiation if they have been with their dom/me for a while. Those who are new, may not always have a mentor to guide them through the initial steps into the lifestyle. When reading through many of the fiction books, negotiation is mentioned but not in detail. Is it really the author's responsibility to teach newbies the intricacies of negotiation? My answer is no. I also say that too much spent on negotiation scenes are a drag in a book I want to read for fun and arousal. So how does a newbie learn about negotiation other than in a class or non fiction books?

Here are some tips from a class I attended. This is not a be all end all. This is for those who are interested in the lifestyle and want to start out. This is for those who aren't sure how to discuss with the Top. Or if you are a new Top, what do you discuss with a bottom?

Key Points

Sounding from a SME part II ~ including women

Suz continues to help educate with the following information.

The medical term for the devices are called dialators. The reason the "scene" calls them sounds is a rip off of an old nautical term in which they send down a line to measure the depth of the water, or "sound the depths." Using a dialator for this sort of play is a bit akin to sounding the depths to the bladder. You can use the same sounds for men and women, but the set with the significant curve on the ends is not really suited to women. The straight ones, and the gently curved ones, are fine.

Don't let go of a sound when you are playing with someone. The last thing you want to do is go fishing for it (doesn't often happen that the urethra is that long but why risk it?) Stretching should be done very gently.

I can not emphasize enough that urethral damage today can be a massive, blocking bit of scar tissue years down the road. Tearing, scratching, and other things that can…