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Brent Aden said…
I'm the author of "Summer Hire". I posted a dozen or so chapters last year on Literotica. One of the chapters is on the all-time "highest Rated" list in the BDSM category. I'm getting ready to put the book on Amazon, but I'm trying to decide whether or not to cut out the first two chapters. I've been impressed by the thoughtfulness of your reviews and would like to hear your ideas, if you have time to read the story. My concern is that the first two chapters show our heroine Melissa flailing around a bit. My intention was to show why she wants to try something different, even if she doesn't know what it is.
How can I upload the MOBI to you? Thanks, Brent
Brent Aden said…
It's not clear if my e-mail address came through:


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