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Review: Dirty Magic

Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Magic, mystery and sexual tension, sign me up to read the book! Ms. Wells is an author I adore ever since I found her Sabina Kane series. Her new series, Dirty Magic is very promising. Kate Prospero is a cop who is held back from promotions because of her family connections. It's hard when one's uncle is one of the most dangerous crime lords from a powerful coven. It doesn't matter that he's in jail; his reach is still quite far.

From a plot, world building and character development, Ms. Wells nailed it. It is a total 5 star rating from me. The world is very well constructed and Ms. Wells' research is extremely thorough. Without reading her author's note about police protocol and how she learned it, a reader can tell she's done more than just a wikipedia look up. What is really impressive is how she interweaves magic, alchemy and drugs. There is a logic to her books which is so appealing. I'…

Review: The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle

The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle by Renee Rose

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A fan of fairy tales retold, this story is great! Definitely a 3.5 star book. What amazes me about this collection is that I can't tell who wrote which part of the story. The three authors Ms. Rose , Ms. McKay, and Ms. Deane blended their stories beautifully. Each of these beloved fairy tales blended into a cohesive world surrounding a kinky resort. Betram, the wolf, runs the Spa NK lodge. It's a special one which not only caters to kinky folks, but houses paranormal creatures.

The readers is treated to Jack & Jill, Cinderella, Big Bad Wolf, a fairy and Ariel. Each character is given their own story. Some of them come to a lovely completion, others are left hanging. This gives me hope because it means another collection will be available in the future! I can't wait to read the next one in this series. It is on my must read list.

What I liked is how the trio of authors brought a…

Review: Vixen's Run

Vixen's Run by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A foxy vixen and a limp feather peacock are not exactly the expected match.

Tiff is a fox whose family is run by a matriarchy. Her grandmother is pressing for her to find a mate so that the rest of her siblings can find their mate. Tiff's painful secret history makes her reluctant to find a man, but through her grandmother's blackmail, she ends up at Crossroads.

Davus is a peacock shifter who has lost his beautiful plumage. In his world, without a stunning tail feather to entice the peahens, he will never find a woman to accept him. With no other choice, his family sends him to Crossroads.

The Crossroad series is highly addictive as I've mentioned before. I love this series for its simplicity and sweetness. The atypical shifters is fun because Ms. Masters does a good job of incorporating their animal instincts and behavior. This one is a bit darker just like the previous because both characters have been brutally ph…

Review: White Fire

White Fire by Eva LeNoir

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Where is my MMA? In the latest installment, there is no underground mixed martial arts fighting but there is an almost death match between two former best friends. Kyle is pissed off his sister is involved with his former best friend. Trying to keep them apart didn't work and now his job is on the line. As an alpha werewolf, he was tasked by someone else to broker a deal with Nash Stanford, the owner of the underground arena. Everything goes sideways and now Kyle is a prisoner. A mysterious hawt witch breaks Kyle out of prison.

This story introduces new characters rapidly and it can be a bit confusing in a short story. The plot of this story seems to have stalled with more questions than answers for the reader. Also, the introduction of new characters is a bit too light for me. For example, Aishlyn is new and the counterpart to Kyle. These two characters spin through a whirlwind lust affair. Aishlyn's betrothed is th…

Review: Blood Mate

Blood Mate by Kitty Thomas

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Ripping apart soul mates is so wrong I don't even know where to being. Ms. Thomas does another mind-fuckery on me in this story. I come to expect a little bit of twisting things the wrong way yet making it kind of right. Ms. Thomas doesn't disappoint in this one.

Nicole and Dominic have a marriage most would kill to have. Even after ten years, they are still frolicking in a honeymoon phase. When Nicole catches the eye of August, it's all over. She's the one who can break his curse of killing every night. In order to get Nicole, August does some horrible things.

This begs the question of does the means justify the ends? I'm all twisted up inside as I feel for August yet I'm also sad for Nicole. Dominic is just caught in the middle. If this could be ménage it would make a happily ever after for me. However, Ms. Thomas doesn't do happily ever afters and this story is yet another evidence of her …

Review: If It Drives

If It Drives by L.A. Witt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sexy bosses abusing their authority with their subordinate is alluring. In If it Drives, there is no power struggle or abuse. Instead it's a seduction by the subordinate. James's life is in turmoil. He's stressed. His wife divorced him. The rent boy he enjoys on occasion no longer works at Market Garden, the speciality m/m brothel. A bit lost, he doesn't notice Cal, his driver's crush. Cal's been working for James for a while now. Cal develops feelings for James and isn't sure how to act upon it. When he finally gives in to his urge, it doesn't turn out as he expected.

Duos Witt and Voinov do it again. In this novel, they bring a fresh perspective to why someone would go to a brothel. They also show it from the perspective of someone who is in love with the person frequenting the brothel yet not able to act upon his desires. The character development for this series is becoming better and bet…

Review: Caroline's Little Friends

Caroline's Little Friends by Emily Tilton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From monogamy to an open relationship definitely cranks up the erotic heat in Caroline's Little Friends. Caroline explores her sexuality when she expands it to spanking her previous students. She also continues to enjoy little girl time with her new friend, Caitlin.

This story hits several ageplay fantasies. There is time to play dolls with another little girl which morphs into delicious "big girl" time. As a switch, when Caroline flexes her Mommy persona, it's quite arousing. Ms. Tilton does a good job of setting up each scene and providing hot imagery. The spanking, f/f action and swinging couple is panty wetting goodness.

This story does feel a little rushed. I would have preferred either more focus on playdates with Caitlin or exploration into Caroline's dominant side. While both are enjoyable, it's only a taste. Will there be another novella devoted to Caroline as a mommy? …

Review: Dangerous Science: A Steampunk Romance

Dangerous Science: A Steampunk Romance by Sidney Swann

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When the proud fall, they land hard. Gladys DeWalt is a shining star who is rapidly falling out of the sky. She's a scientist whose mission failed and her punishment is to not only be demoted but re-assigned to a new mentor: Sebastian Cromwell. Sebastian taught Gladys at one point and his strict requirements and high expectations frightened Gladys. To be completely under his thumb again is more than she can bear.

Ms. Swann is a new to me author and she shows great potential. She creates an interesting steampunk world. She captures the Victorian society and mixes it just right with guilds and steam driven machinery. Hopefully there will be more in this world so she can expand upon the world she's built so far.

Her characters are well done. Gladys is easily understandable. She is flawed just right for this story to work. Sebastian is a perfect balance for her headstrong impulsive behaviour…

Pleasure of Spring Giveaway

Today we have a TWO special guests!  As a bonus for today's publication of Pleasures of Spring, Andy and Roz are here for an interview.  After the interview, just post a comment below and fill out the form.  Those who follow me on twitter will receive an additional 5 points for the drawing. Contest runs from April 24 through April 27th 11:59 PM.

Our prize today is a paperback copy of Pleasures of Spring.  You will want to read this book.  My review is here.

La Crimson Femme:  Thank you Andy and Roz for joining me today.Shall we get our kink on?

Andy: We’ve looked at some of your other interviews.I’m a bit possessive and prefer not to get kinky with others.*Glares at Roz who’s eying the rope, crop, nipple clamps and evil stick*
La Crimson Femme:  *pouts* So, I guess no demo on how Roz gets to Top you, huh?
Andy: No.
Roz: *grins*
La Crimson Femme:  Let us begin.Andy, Roz worked as a professional dominatrix.She outspoken and exudes her own sexual power.How does this impact your D/s dynami…

Review: The Pleasures of Spring

The Pleasures of Spring by Evie Hunter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The final chapter in the Pleasures series ends with Spring. This is the perfect name for this 3.5 star book.  Spring is for new beginnings. The hardships of winter is over and a clean slate is ready for life to begin anew. For Roz Spring, this is her time. She's starting fresh after a horrific witnessing of a brutal murder. She is going legit and avoids cons. She's also leaving her lucrative professional dominatrix job aside. She tries to stay off the radar because not only is a killer searching for her, but her mother's side of the family too. They hired a security firm to find her. Hot on her tail is Andy McTavish, one of the security firm's top agents.

This story is wonderfully rich in character. Roz is a female lead who's a fighter. Despite the disadvantages she's suffered, she's still loyal and takes care of her own. She's not without flaw which makes her a more interesting…


ACQUIRED by Solar Harris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New to me author, Ms. Harris is definitely up my alley. This is a cyberpunk/forced feminization story and I really enjoyed it. There were some odd terminology used at first but I caught up pretty quick because I like the techno speak and I happen to be in the computer industry.

This concept of this story is very hawt for me. I almost added it into my spank bank but it wasn't quite graphic enough. Dale is a business man who wants to "play" and not be caught. He purchases a device which will help him switch to another male. Except, that doesn't exactly happen. He keeps changing to female and starts really getting into being fucked as a woman. The ending is a little twist which is not unexpected. I just wish it was more.

The sex in here is delightfully deviant. The combinations including f/f, m/f and menage are all delightful. The roleplaying is smoking hawt.

So which captured "sex bot" became the…

Review: A Clockwork Butterfly

A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Clockwork Butterfly is a unique blend of steampunk and femdom in a dystopian world.  New to me author, Ms. Rayne hooks me into her lovely world of dominant females, bondage, whipping and steampunk. I expect great things from the talented Ms. Rayne. Her world crafting shows much potential as does her character building.

Lena is a very innocent girl plucked from obscurity to help collect the sperm from a fertile male. These prized males are kept in manors to protect them and extract their seed. Lena undergoes a schooling which leaves her ill prepared to "milk" her male. Angelo is a boy trapped in a golden cage. Like his clockwork butterflies, he's expected to perform on command. When Lena and Angelo break the rules, more questions arise and Lena is sent off for punishment.

I'm picky when it comes to steampunk. This is light steampunk yet enough to make me find it quite enjoyable. Specifically t…

Review: Break Me In

Break Me In by Sara Brookes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dommes tend to be portrayed as cruel male hating sadists. Ms. Brookes shows a different side of a female dominant. The kind where many a submissive would delight in submitting to, for a long time. Elena is a dominatrix who loves to take care of all her friends. For the longest time, she's admired Alex from a far. Since they were in school together, she's found him attractive. Unfortunately Alex chose another woman who brought out the worst in him and made him miserable. Finally waking up to his mistake, Alex divorces his wife and tries to find meaning in his life. Alex's search leads him to a never ending bottle of alcohol and a new look into sexuality.

This story is painful for me because I've had a boyfriend who was an alcoholic. Within the first few chapters, I was pretty sure this would be a 2 star book and I might even be dropping it to a 1 star because of my own personal experience with an alcoholic. I …

Review: Resists Me

Resists Me by Megan Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Simone continues to be a spitfire. She's a female I can definitely admire. If a man doesn't want her and tells her to go, she listens and doesn't waste her time, no matter how much she crushes on him. Elliot is an idiot. He is an asshole and I hope he loses Simone to someone really good for her and can meet her needs.

Ms. Hart is a bloody cock-tease. She leaves the first part of the story with a hint of potential kinky club goodness. Instead, the reader is in a dance club. Just a bloody dance club! Simone wants to dance with Elliot and he blows her off until another guy shows interest. Really? Elliot, just piss on her to mark her your territory and then run away like the coward you are! I don't like Elliot. Still, I really enjoy the chemistry between these two characters. The dialogue is witty and amusing. Simone can deliver quite a few zingers.

This is yet another well written and tightly compacted story w…

Review: Observation (Doctor Dom Volume 2)

Observation (Doctor Dom Volume 2) by Tara Crescent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Part two in this series keeps the sexy medical play alive and well. The reader is also given some more insight into Lisa's past and why she knows about BDSM. She also shares her fears with the reader. It always makes me wonder when a much older man dates a very young girl. Why does he do it? It isn't the sex exactly since we know men of that age can't compete in sex drive with a younger man. This possessing, manipulating and destroying of a young woman's identity must be too attractive for selfish arrogant men. I've met too many of these men which is probably why I connected to this story more and wanted to lob off Nick's balls with a dull rusty spoon.

It seems Patrick also has some issues with his past. He's been a dominant before and he fears something, which is yet to be revealed. The two are slowly building trust for each other. They still aren't quite there as t…

Review: Touch of A Dom

Touch of A Dom by Madeleine Oh

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Adele is in search of not only a father but a fresh start to her life. Adele Royer is starting a new chapter in her life after her mother passes away. She's done with the isolation as an only child with only her mother for a family. Her father's family is kept away from her. Now that she is all alone, she yearns to find her father and a new job. Finding a job close to where she thinks she might find her father is a dream come true.

TOUCH OF A DOM is a smoothly written story, as expected from Ms. Oh. I've been having a love affair with Ms. Oh since I first found her several years ago. If I see a book with her name, I'm definitely interested. She once again delivers with her kinky romance. TOUCH OF A DOM is a coming of age story as Adele explores her kinky side. Ironically, she's been surrounded by kink as her mother was a well-known kinky toy maker.

The characters in here are easy to understand and are likeable.…

Review: Hidden Passions

Hidden Passions by Emma Holly

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Tigers, wolves and dragons, oh my! This paranormal smorgasbord is not to be missed. HIDDEN PASSIONS is a 3.5 star, fast-paced story.

The timeline in this story occurs in parallel to Hidden Dragon. The main character is sexy Tony, Rick's brother and fellow cop. Tony is an omega werewolf shifter. He's a cop in Resurrection. He's totally sexy with just one drawback--he is gay. In this paranormal world, gay men are frowned upon. So when Tony falls for a sexy tiger shifter, Chris Savoy, it's a problem. Chris is deep in the closet and has no desire to be outed. He is a fireman who saves lives. As a gay shifter, it could mean his job.

Ms. Holly does a great job of showing how difficult it can be when one person is out to the world and the other lover is not. The conflict Chris and Tony experience is heartbreaking. Chris wants more, but he can't give it. Tony wants more, but he is afraid to ask for it. The sexual tens…

Review: Backwater Bondage

Backwater Bondage by Reese Gabriel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Looking for depraved degradation with cruel men and sadistic women? Search no more. Mr. Gabriel is an author who creates some of the loveliest dark themed stories. In this book there are two stories: Bondage Town & Tormented Twins.

In Bondage Town, a mother and daughter share a dirty secret which they don't want the other to know. Cynthia "Sin" made one mistake in high school and it has defined her ever since. She left her town in shame and never returned until now. She's a bondage slut without a master. She's so desperate to submit she will take it from anyone. She is easy pickings. One of the worst men for her to fall prey to is Cal Traces. She can't resist his predatory sexual pull. Worse, Cynthia's daughter, Reyna, is corrupted by Cal's son, Jason.

The plot is uncomplicated. The characters are a bit crazy and extreme. The sex in this story is fantastic. Most of it is non-co…

February, March, April 2014 Recommendations

Upcoming Femdom serial

The Games Destiny Plays (The Last Good Knight, #3) and
The Last Good Night (The Last Good Knight, #5) by beloved author, Tiffany Reisz pens this new serial comes which comes in five parts. I enjoyed all five parts of Last Good Knight and found to be my favourite ones to be 3 and 5. Soren does make an appearance in this serial. My Review for The Games Destiny Plays and My Review for The Last Good Night - genre-bdsm

Non-con Maledom M/f sexual slavery

Slave Girls of Watchnest Hall (Amelia, #2) by Lindsey Brooks is the second in this set. It's a lovely spank bank of humiliation. The maledom and femdom in here is BDSM fantasy. My Review

Backwater Bondage is by Reese Gabriel is another good one for the spank bank. Mr. Gabriel is always good for some degradation and sexual slavery. My Review

M/m Contemporary

The Contract by Claire Thompson is a delicious GlitterKink book. The BDSM in this is definitely hawt. The resort is one that is pretty …