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Review: Winter Halo

Tiger is pulled back in, even if she doesn't want to be. Things just got worse  #bookreview @kezarthur
Winter Halo by Keri Arthur
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Winter Halo starts up right where the last book, City of Light, ended.Tiger is on her own again and she wants to be left alone. Her conscience fights her to do the right thing - save the captured children.Even though Tiger slayed the other last remaining déchet she is aware of, it doesn't seem to be enough for the shifters and witches.Even if they do not approve of her and hold an unwarranted hatred towards her, they still want to use her as a pawn.
This second story took a bit longer for me to get into.The first quarter of the book was difficult to read because much of it was basically people dumping on Tiger for what she is instead of who she is.This blatant racism hits me hard and I do not like it.I really want Tig to just tell them to take a flying leap. Oh wait, she does and what do they do instead?They keep pulling her…

Review: Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice by A.J. Marcus
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A bat shifter knocks a badger off his feet and it is love. Well, maybe not love yet, but at least hope and thankfulness. This book can be read as a standalone but is most likely better if read in order. The third book in the Hardwood Shifter series, the shifters finally catch a break.

Ben Miner is a badger shifter who wants to live in the human world. There are so many things to do and see. Going home to his parents in the magically protected town where only shifters live is not his idea of living. He wants adventure. He wants to see the world. Shifters are being hunted by crazy humans, but he doesn't believe it can happen to him. When Felix and his sister plow into Ben when trying to escape the hunters, Ben finally wakes up.

The pace of this story moves nicely with ebbs and flows. The setup of Ben in college provides a normal picture. Showing how Felix and his sister are trying to have a normal life hidden amongst the humans…

Review: Her Adoring SEAL

Her Adoring SEAL by Caitlyn O'Leary
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

How have I never read this author before? Ms. O'Leary first popped onto my radar when I read her story in an anthology. This book follows right after that anthology and I'm sucked in. This is a 3.5 star book and I want to read the entire series. For those who enjoy Maya Banks and her KGI series, this series will be right up your alley.

Beth Hildago is a terrified and terrorized young woman. She and her family are separated to keep them safe from the Mexican drug cartel. In this fast paced story, Beth is on the run and she is assigned to be with Navy SEAL Jack Preston. Jack is the perfect gentleman to coax Beth from her frightened shell. Jack may be built like a Viking, but he is a gentle teddy bear. Especially when he cuddles and reassures Beth through her nightmare.

I liked both characters in this story and I loved the Navy SEALs theme. I am a fan of military men as heroes or anti-heroes so this story worked …

Review: Pink Pill Blue Pill

Pink Pill Blue Pill by Keiko Alvarez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Arousing, erotic and provocative, PINK PILL-BLUE PILL will rev up a woman's sex drive. Full disclosure, I am a fan of Ms. Alvarez. Her erotic stories are unique and always make my panties wet. This story is creative and trademark Ms. Alvarez when it comes to sexual shenanigans.

Ms. Alvarez uses a sexy formula to write her stories. I cannot exactly pinpoint it or describe it accurately. All I can say is that it turns me on and I either need to rub one out or jump my lover. Her books are the pink pill for me. What is this pink pill? In this world, the pink pill is the female version of Viagra. The female lead characters in these three stories are all women in their 40s or 50s. It is nice to have female characters who are older than the usual 20s. These experienced women may need a little something to kick start their sex drive. When their libido goes into overdrive, the men and women around them may not be safe. Better yet…

Worth the Risk by C. J. Lynne

C.J. Lynne
Two men, a chance meeting, an unexpected fight for love...
Some risks are scarier than others
because they’re the most important ones we’ll ever undertake…

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Series: Infinity Series, Book One
Genre: Gay/Lesbian, M/M Erotic Romance
Publication Date: November 7, 2016
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Love doesn’t exist…
Or so Tyler Johnson thinks. He’s never had much, if any, of it thrown his way. A chance meeting with the enigmatic Jaxon Markham causes Ty to—if still not believe in love—at least know without a doubt that lust is alive and well. Ty’s not looking for forever, but what’s the harm in spending a few days—and scorching nights—with Jax; as long as Jax plays by his rules and keeps things casual and uncomplicated?
Jax knows his luck has finally changed for the better when he lays eyes on Tyler. The man is gorgeous, and stirs feelings in Jax he’d thought he’d never experience. The more time Jax spends with Ty, the more certain he is tha…

Her Hopes and Dreams by Terri Osburn blog tour

Terri Osburn
Sweet.B Heartwarming.
Book 4 of the highly popular Ardent Springs series.
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 15, 2016
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If she'd let him in,
he'd be the man of her dreams.
As a newly single mother, Carrie Farmer isn't quite ready to jump back into the dating pool in Ardent Springs especially since her last marriage was such a disaster. But if anyone could entice her to wade in a bit, it would be her hunky neighbor, Noah Winchester. Heb s the perfect man: strong, protective, and smoking hot. But her eyes have deceived her before, and she's no longer willing to hand over her heart so easily.
After completing several tours in the Middle East, Noah returns to his hometown a very different man. The former soldier's plan to rest and relax is soon waylaid by the intriguing woman next door and her heart-stealing little girl. …