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Review: An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt

An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt by Kari Gregg

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mistress of dubious consensual and gritty sex is back. Ms. Gregg kicks off this story with an intense hide and seek.

Shane West is one of the humans in a race to win immeasurable treasures. His goal is not to be victor, but to be a trusted and valued trade negotiator with the Mariket. What is a Mariket? It's a type of feline humanoid. These very horny cats pounce on humans and play with them before they fucked the humans hard in the ass.

Ms. Gregg creates a world with similar rules as The Hunger Games except these participants are all males who fight to have a spot. The lightly eluded training for the game is depraved. The rewards can be high. It seems there are no female competitors. Only males from many different species trying to get rid of the other participants in this fight to be victor. The rules of the game are confusing for those who have no baseline in this kind of hunt. It's not exactly cl…

BDSM Bedtime Stories Season Two Episode Nine ~ Belinda McBride

Silver/Steel by  Belinda McBrideis the latest in our BDSM Bedtime Stories.She graciously provides a sexy M/m treat narrated by Sirly Eric.  After you check out the hawt episode, enjoy the Character interview with Dylan and Travis.

* Bangs on the largewooden door with the brass knocker .Looks around at the spectacular Halloween set up.*
The door opens as I spy upon Travis naked with a gag, parachute on his balls.The only other items he's wearing are his collar andcuffs.  He's looking flustered and I'm startled.  Travis gestures for me to follow him.  I follow him in.  Walking down the hall, we take a left and enter an ornate room.It's everything I thought a castle would look like inside.Dylan is seated in a leather chair.
La Crimson Femme: Hello Dylan, thank you for inviting me over.I've never been in a castle where someone actually lives in it.I thought at first I took a wrong turn.* I sit down on a love seat, opposite of Dylan*Is Travis okay?I thought I mentioned I&…

Review: Winter's Dawn

Winter's Dawn by Kele Moon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A new exciting werewolf mythology is born! Ms. Moon brings a new world of alpha, beta, omega and rogue werewolves. This is the beginning with the first set of alpha couple coming of age. Max is the Winter king with his soul mate, Susan, is his Winter queen.

The world building is riveting. The way the werewolf world functions, comes across as an alpha male dominant patriarchy yet it's twist with service to the queen. Learning about the pressures placed upon Max is pretty intense. As a reader, I started to feel overburdened and stressed out by the weight on his shoulders. The brutal conditioning these werewolves instill into the males for their females is fascinatingly horrifying. The emotional blackmail at times made me sick to my stomach. I felt badly for Max.

Now, for those who don't like incest, this story may be a bit difficult. There is a lot of inbreeding in here but it's the way the mythology works. I …

Review: Cataclysmic Shift

Cataclysmic Shift by Tara Lain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shifters and witches and humans all fight together for love.

Aloysius is a cat who also happens to magnify the strength of one of the most powerful witches in the world. Unfortunately, after being attacked, he becomes a human with no memory of who or what he is except his name--Alain. Luke Elliott is a veterinarian with a secret past, who prefers animals to humans until he discovers Alain. They quickly fall in love, but must determine if they can live with each other's pasts and futures.

Aloysius/Alain is endearing as both a cat and a man. Luke is a pretty lonely person who thinks he can spend the rest of his life just taking care of the animals and avoiding his past. As soon as these two meet, they both seem to agree that they were meant for each other. It was a little awkward listening to Alain make cat noises and watching him clean himself while he was in human form. The sex wasn't really kinky, but some of their discus…

Review: Captive

Captive by David Ellis.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The perfect couple marry and go off on a beautiful honeymoon in South Africa. Hugo and Ben are a gay "power couple". They are in their mid-twenties and life is good. They love each other. They have great jobs and they are getting married! What more could they want from life?

With a set up like this, how can it go wrong? This story is just messed up for me. I'm not a big fan of cheating. It's one thing if it is an open relationship. Poly relationships are fine and actually quite arousing. In this one, it almost feels like a one-upmanship which is unappealing. Hugo and Ben come across as flirty sluts. With them being young, gorgeous and well hung, it's understandable. It also makes them rather shallow.

The characters in this story don't do it for me. I'm neither a fan of Hugo nor Ben. It's not that they make mistakes or that they aren't perfect. It's their lack of respect and consid…

Review: Overture: Going to Ground

Overture: Going to Ground by S.L. Armstrong

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is this a time out? Away from the distractions of orgies filled with booze and drugs, Dorian is going crazy. Living the life of a poor bookstore clerk is frustrating him no end. Poor Gabriel is the target of Dorian's abusive tirades and tantrums. Slap a tiara on Dorian's head so he can look like the spoilt princess he's mimicking.

In installment number five, the reader learns more about Dorian's likes and dislikes. Instead of being larger than life, he's more down-to-earth. The idyllic few months with only Gabriel as a companion is starting to satiate Dorian's needs. He's even come to enjoy it. Still, he's a kinky bastard who is now taking a sneaky look at Michael, Gabriel's dead twin. What would it be like to bang a set of twins at the same time? Dorian seems to be bent on finding out.

Duos Armstrong and Piet fill in yet another layer to Dorian. Who is the real Dorian? They keep the re…

BDSM Bedtime Stories Season Two Episode Eight: SM Johnson

Today's episode is with SM Johnson.  Popular m/m BDSM writer gives us an excerpt narrated by Sirly Eric.  After you listen to the excerpt, SM graces us with an author interview.

BookAddict:Welcome, SM!Thanks for coming.Wow that is a large bag you have.*Looks down at the big purse on the floor next to SM.*
SM Johnson: Thanks!Don't mind my bag.How are you doing?
BookAddict:I'm doing well.Let's start with the interview, I know you are busy as NaNoWriMo is less than a week away.Are you going to do it again this year?
SM Johnson: I am!I plan to write the 4th (and possibly final) installment of  my Dungeon series, at the moment titled Dare in the Dungeon. So for those readers who were frustrated that I dropped the Dare and Thomas story line in book three, the truth is I didn't have room for it in that book. It needs a book of its own, and book four will pick the story back up.
BookAddict:Awesome!So to all the people fussing about Dare, quit your bitchin'!
SM Johnson: Um,…

Review: Capture & Surrender

Capture & Surrender by L.A. Witt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Former military men playing kinky paintball where it's a capture and surrender theme? Where do I sign up? I am never going to think of paintball the same way again. I don't even have to play the game; I'd be happy to be a referee like Frank. Frank is the owner of Market Garden, a high end club which hosts exclusive rent boys. Too bad this is a club filled with studly men for men only. With Nick retiring, Frank needs another dominant to fill the desires of these needy submissive clients. New guy, Stefan from America fits the bill.

Stefan is physically fit and a young twenty something dominant. He walks the talk. Johns are tripping over each other for some time on Stefan's dance card. Frank tries to ignore it because Stefan hits all his kinks and then some. It's complicated. The reader finds out exactly how complicated about a third of the way into the story. It's heartbreakingly complica…

Review: Sexy Sailors: Gay Erotic Stories

Sexy Sailors: Gay Erotic Stories by Neil Plakcy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sexy sailors immediately conjures up images of fit navy men. Many see them in uniform on a boat. This differs a little for me. I see instead, half-dressed navy men up to all sorts of sexy shenanigans. The little ditty by Village People, "In the Navy", may also run through a reader's mind. However, the lyrics may look a bit different. Specifically, the chorus comes across a bit raunchier.

In the Navy, yes, you can sail the seven seas.
In the Navy, yes, you can service on your knees.

In this anthology, it's one erotic explosion after another. For those who love the m/m romance, this sexfest is one to read. Each of the stories takes a little popular fantasy about sailors and gives it a fresh look. All of them are enjoyable. The one which sticks out most is RED ALERT: WEAPONS OF MASS ERECTIONS by Logan Zachary. Mr. Zachary pens a smoking piece with dark haired Russian bears and a cute blonde…

Review: Overture: Shadow from the Past

Overture: Shadow from the Past by S.L. Armstrong

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What is so terrible that would make a powerful Magi like Dorian run? Apparently a blast from the past is more than he can stomach. In fear of Henry's demands after a pointed reminder of what he can do, Dorian forces everyone he holds dear to flee.

Does Dorian even have a go bag? He doesn't. He scurries away in the middle of the night with no backup plans and very little money. This is what I don't understand. Surely a man who's lived this long would have contingency plans if he needed to disappear. If I were as wealthy as he was, I'd have bolt holes all over the world and create many different aliases to use. He's in the position to do it. Then again, his lackadaisical manner with his party playboy style explains his complete lack of preparations.

Duos Armstrong and Piet reveal another piece to this enigmatic character. This tale is short yet reveals more about Dorian and how he responses …

BDSM Bedtime Stories Season Two Episode Seven: Rain Song

Today's BDSM bedtime story is written by Rain Song and narrated by Sirly Eric.  Out and In Hiding is free to read.  Tom and Andrew from the book are here today for an interview.  After listening to the excerpt, read on!

La Crimson Femme: Welcome Tom and Andrew.Thank you for taking time to sit for an interview.I wasn't sure if you both wanted chairs or if Andrew should be on the ground.It's up to you, Tom.Tom, you enjoy doling out corporal punishment to Andrew.  What is it your go-to punishment when Andrew behaves?  Would you like to demonstrate here?
Tom: Thanks for having us.We'll both sit in the chairs.Andrew's been good.As for the punishments, I’ve used many implements on Andrew since becoming his Master but the simple slap of my hand against his ass still brings the needed results of settling him back into his headspace. I don’t punish him unless he deserves it however and *laughs* unfortunately he’s been on his best behavior of late.
La Crimson Femme: Well, let…

Review: Friday Afternoon

Friday Afternoon by Sylvia Ryan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Children are the death of a sex life. Many times the baby's first wail is the death keel to a lover's bond. Many marriages dissolve as children replace the spot reserved for a lover. Can this book get any more depressing? Oh wait, this one monologue below from Mia captures how having children will destroy a person's life.

For me, their birth marks the threshold that took a deliriously happy, newly married me to
a violent end, to a cessation of everything. My career, my marriage, who I’d always been as a
person. It was like falling down while water-skiing, bone-jarring and suffocating. Despite the
sheer joy of my new baby girls, their birth created the tiniest gap in what has subsequently grown
into a rift between Levi and me. (p. 7)

Reading this passage only affirms my decision not to have children. These parasitic money pits seem to wreak havoc without a thought. Levi and Mia have been married for a long time. …

Review: Dead Sexy Dragon

Dead Sexy Dragon by Lolita Lopez

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Shifters and mating heat is an increasingly popular paranormal fantasy. In Dead Sexy Dragon, instead of wolves with knotted dicks or cats with barbed dicks, there is a fire breathing dragon. Stig Wyvern is able to feed off the dreams of humans. He's more of a guy who can slip into the dreams of others and participate. When his good friend's sister, Cora Cardenas shows up frightened and begging on his doorstep, he can't say no. He desperately wants her but she's human and he is in the middle of his sexual heat.

Ms. Lopez is starting a new series which is okay. As a dragon lover, this story is appealing. The world building is very light. Much of it borrows from other dragon mythos and requires the reader to fill in the blanks. This is a paranormal romance; the spotlight on the romantic element is expected. Ms. Lopez delivers a fast falling in love story with two sweet characters. There really isn't…

Review: A gift From James

A gift From James by Chris Bellows

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When it comes to degradation, sadistic cruel and unusual punishment as well as emasculation, look no further than Chris Bellows. For those looking for a kinky romance novel, STOP and move on. Do not read this book. This book is for the depraved kinky folks who enjoy extreme femdom stories. These aren't what happens in the lifestyle. This is instead, the stuff we read to spank our monkey. We read this with guilty pleasure as our fingers/hands/toys move furiously to get us off.

This is an enjoyable piece from Mr. Bellows. His characters tend to be extremes - submissive or aggressive. There is no in between. I've only read where the dominant is a female. Each one is devilishly cruel with absolutely no humanity towards their bottom/slave/submissive. The women get off on the power trip. They get off on suffering and they are happily destroying any possibility of sexual pleasure for the slave. If this doesn'…