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New Look!

Check out my new look!  After a few years, the blog needed a fresh look.  Luckily, Joely Sue Burkhart @joelysue referred me to her graphics artist, Rebecca (Weeks) Garcia @authorrlweeks. With Rebecca's help, I now have a new banner and logo.  Let me know your thought!  I love it!  (Notice the genre of books on my book spines.)

The Secrets that Shape Us by W.L. Brooks Blog Tour

Unveiling a new cover!
Book 2 of The McKay Series by W.L. Brooks!

W.L. Brooks
Series: The McKay Series Book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: October 22, 2018
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Returning home was just the beginning, but staying…might be her end.
After uncovering a devastating secret, Casey McKay left her beloved home town and pretended not to look back. For years, the truth her sisters hid from her has kept her away. Now, in desperate need of Casey’s help, her sisters have hired a PI to find her.
As a private investigator, Ryan Keller is used to getting into sticky situations, but nothing could have prepared him for the likes of Ms. McKay. Unable to resist her appeal for help, Ryan returns with her to Blue Creek. Little do they know they are walking right into a deadly plot to destroy the McKay sisters.
The closer they get to the truth, the harder it is for them to resist temptation. But succumbing to their desires puts R…

RUNNING BLIND, a Havoc novel by SE Jakes

About Running Blind An ATF agent who lives for danger finds what he craves from an outlaw biker. It’s impossible for a one-percenter motorcycle club member to simply walk away—and no one knows that better than undercover agent Bram, who’s almost killed for trying. His cover isn’t blown—yet—but it’s only a matter of time. The Heathens won’t be satisfied until he’s dead, so he decides to lay low and heal.

But when his younger brother’s disappearance throws a wrench into his plan, Bram ends up in Shades Run, a town ruled by the notorious Havoc MC. In less than twenty-four hours, Bram finds himself at the mercy of Sweet, Havoc’s president, as he throws himself into the undercover role of a lifetime: himself. A man who’s never belonged anywhere, and who will do anything to protect his younger brother. When finding Linc seems impossible, Bram is torn between Sweet, Linc, and revealing his true identities . . . and there appears to be no way out. Once again, he risks it all trying to save it al…

THE ACADEMY by Quinn Anderson blog tour

Hi, everyone. I’m Quinn Anderson, and I’m here to share some behind-the-scenes facts about my latest release, THE ACADEMY. Stay tuned and comment on stops along the way for a chance to win a $10 Riptide gift card.
About The Academy True love stabs you in the front. Nick Steele just wants a normal life, cliché or not. He had one once, back in Chicago. Before his father died and he took a year off from college to grieve. Now, he’s starting fresh at a prestigious—but tiny—Catholic university. Adjusting to small-town life will be a challenge, along with making friends and keeping his scholarship. All he wants to do is blend in, get his diploma, and go back home. But Sebastian Prinsen—campus heartthrob and a notorious player—has other plans. He notices Nick right away and makes a bet with his two best friends: Who can kiss the new kid first? Nick seems immune to Sebastian’s charms, and yet genuine chemistry sparks between them. Even worse, real feelings do too. Sebastian falls more and more ev…

Review: Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back by Dawn Ryder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is this the end? This series of alpha males in a covert sometimes wet work organization finally met head on with their bad guy. It is a bit anticlimactic. For readers who have not read the start of this series, it is recommended to read at least a few of the previous versions to enjoy the book better. There are many tie ins from with previously featured characters and past events. Ms. Ryder does a quick two sentence flashback reference to previous situations and relationships. These are great for readers who have read the series and needed a brief reminder. For those who have not read this series, it will only leave them feeling as if they are still missing a key element. Specifically who is Dunn Bateson and why do they care?

Dunn Bateson burst onto the scene a couple of books prior. He is a sexy Scotman with a slightly illegitimate background. Still, he is a powerful man not to be crossed. As we learn more about this sexy man,…

Review: Bright Side

Bright Side by Zenina Masters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unicorns are magical and one of the most sought after mythical creatures. So why is it that Ystella is doing her own "Hell Boy" impression by grinding off her horn. It is puzzling until the reader meets Ystella's family. This matriarchal clan follows the herd mentality and any outlier is treated and viewed with suspicion. Ystella passive aggressively fights the status quo with the support of her father. Her father understands since he isn't a horse like her mother.

Ystella's unexpected exile gives her the chance to run free. Free into the Crossroads and explore herself. Before she can get there, there is a bit of a scare when Ystella's wild magic draws the attention of a mage hunter. The merry chase leads Ystella straight to the place she's been seeking.

Once again, Ms. Master pens a lively tale with two lovers discovering each other's magic. The story moves at a fast gallop with Ystella and Magnu…

ONE-EYED ROYALS by Cordelia Kingsbridge tour and giveaway

Thanks for checking out the blog tour for One-Eyed Royals, the fourth book in the Seven of Spades series! We left Levi and Dominic broken up and broken-hearted. But there are new threats facing Las Vegas, and crossing paths on a case again is just their luck…
About One-Eyed Royals Spoiler Alert! The following blurb contains spoilers for Cash Plays, book three of Seven of Spades. Shattered by their devastating breakup, Detective Levi Abrams and PI Dominic Russo find themselves at war right when they need each other most. While Dominic is trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction, Levi despairs of ever catching the Seven of Spades. The ruthless vigilante’s body count continues to climb, and it’s all Levi can do to keep up with the carnage. When Levi’s and Dominic’s paths keep crossing in the investigation of a kidnapping ring with a taste for mutilation, it feels like history repeating itself. Thrown together by fate once again, they reluctantly join forces in their hunt for the mastermind beh…

THE HOTTER THEY COME by Roxanne D. Howard blog tour

Roxanne D. Howard

Series: Romancing the Seas Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy, Holiday Romance
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing
Publication Date: September 11, 2018
When Piper’s job sends her undercover to spy on Jack - the beyond sexy hook-up she can’t stop thinking about - she is forced to decide if her job is more important than her happiness.
Captain Jack Spencer owns and runs a whale watching company, Ahoy, Matey. When his business takes off, a jealous rival wants him and his company gone. Jack has no idea the delectable Piper Goldhirsch is tasked with scuttling everything he's worked for - he's too caught up in their magnetic attraction and her web of lies.
Piper Goldhirsch, head reporter for the tabloid TV show Business Buster, is all work and no play. When she and the all too tempting Jack Spencer have a one-night stand that turns out to be the greatest sex of her life, she is haunted by the powe…

Review: Untamed Darkness

Untamed Darkness by Kate Wendley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love this series and so thrilled to see another book in the series. Maybe Ms. Wendley will write some more in this magical world of shifters and vampires. This tale takes the reader back to the beginning as a prequel, which means it can be read as a standalone. In this world, humans know nothing of the supernatural world and it needs to stay this way. Unfortunately for Helena, the one time she lets loose, it cost her a lot. Not only was the guy a bad lay, he bit her and the next thing she knows, she is turning hairier than her razor blade can keep up. No amount of shaving is going to keep her from looking like a wolf. Because she is now a werewolf. A new werewolf with no instruction and uncontrollable hunger and rage is a nightmare for Helena. Because being out of control is anathema for her due to how her mother grew up. Helena is determined to be different than her mother and is always super controlled. One could call her a co…

Review: Dragon's Code: Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern

Dragon's Code: Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern by Gigi McCaffrey
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Lovers of the young adult trilogy, Harper Hall will enjoy this new perspective from Piemur. This book should be read after reading the original trilogy by Anne McCaffrey to fully appreciate this tale. When I read the original trilogy, I loved the first two books, Dragonsong and Dragonsinger. When it suddenly shifted to Piemur in Dragondrums, I was severely disappointed. Primarily because I didn't care for Piemur and didn't want to read about a "boy". There were so many stories already with boy leads. As a strong willed twelve year old girl three decades ago, this was a letdown. Returning as an adult to see another perspective from Piemur I am nostalgic for my younger more innocent years.

Piemur is in a tough situation where he is no longer a child yet not quite an adult. Anne McCaffrey's daughter, Gigi gives a slight different flavour than her mother. Gigi…

Review: Dagger's Edge

Dagger's Edge by Lora Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Smoldering chemistry between a secretive femme fatale and a dangerous crime boss will pull a reader into this erotic tale. Ivan Resnova who first showed up in the Collision Point as the overbearing and protective father is now focused on the girl who is now a woman. Crimsyn "Syn" has been on the run from her family. She is at the wrong place at the wrong time when she is exposed to the true colours of the men in her life - fiance, father and grandfather. When she escapes them and goes on the run, the last thing she ever thought would happen, is to see her childhood crush, Ivan.

When these two cross paths again, their reaction is explosive. Ms. Leigh creates two strong characters with brutal pasts. I felt sorry for both Syn and Ivan. They survived their dysfunctional and abusive families. This survival instinct is fun to watch as they are drawn together and believe they are bad for each other. The sexual attraction betwe…

Review: Torn

Torn by Lauren Dane
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Friends reunited into a second chance love is always sweet. This series is well named. As a fan of Whiskey, I feel as though I'm enjoy different bottles of Whiskeys. This one is a sweeter than the others. The chemistry between Cora and Beau is smooth. If I had to pick a brand of Whiskey to describe this relationship, I would pick the Glenmorangie Sherry Cask. That hint of sweetness with a smooth burn works for them. This would be in contrast to Maybe's story in Unraveled which I would consider a smokey Ardbeg. And also different than Rachel's dark story in Jagged which I liken to Macallan. I digress.

Following the theme of dysfunctional families, Cora's mother is the issue here. I honestly start to wonder if Ms. Dane has family or friends with massive dysfunctions. Because some of these things the parents do in this series are just horrendous. My heart weeps for the women. Cora's treatment may not be as bad as Maybe or …

Review: Almost Gothic

Almost Gothic by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trusty Rusty comes with a dark unexpected past. He's the sweet and quiet secondary character in this series. Finally getting his and Eliza's story is a treat. I particularly enjoy femdom and this one is so good. For those who have not read other books in this series, this book can be read as a standalone. For those who have been waiting to learn about Eliza and Rusty's story, this is an emotional one.

After learning how Eliza is an intense little ninja, it is clear why she and June are friends. Because the two of them are peas in a pod. Their vigilante style justice is definitely illegal yet it isn't wrong. And they both protect the ones they love. Eliza loves Rusty enough that she is even willing to consider marriage which is not something she ever wanted. I've jumped ahead. Let's back up.

Eliza and Rusty met in high school during a LARP (live action role play) meet up. As a large brawny male, he hesitated…

LOVE AT FIRST HATE by JL Merrow blog tour

Hi, I’m JL Merrow, and I’m delighted to be here today as part of the blog tour to celebrate the release of Love at First Hate, the second of my contemporary MM romances in Riptide’s multi-author Porthkennack series. Love at First Hate features a romance between a newcomer to Porthkennack and a character whom readers of my first two Porthkennack books,Wake Up Call  andOne Under, will have already met: Bran Roscarrock. As you might imagine, Bran, who is an antagonist in the first two books, is on something of a redemption arc. But we’ll also get to see where he’s been coming from, and why he’s acted as he has.
About Love at First Hate First impressions can doom second chances. Bran Roscarrock has been living in the closet all his life. As heir to an expansive family legacy in the town of Porthkennack, old-fashioned ideals of respectability and duty were drummed into him since childhood, and he’s never dared to live—or love—openly. Sam Ferreira, an old friend of Bran’s brother, Jory, is a dis…