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Review: Out of Options

Out of Options by Naomi Brooks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If a contract is too good to be true, then it probably contains a hidden catch. Connor learns this the hard way.

Connor is a guy who possesses little skill sets to make it in life. He doesn't have a good education and very little marketable skills. He's the below average Joe working on commission and struggling through life. It's not easy for him. When he's desperate to make ends meet, he does what many in his position do--he sells his body.

Connor's saviour is Jarrett, an occasional repeat client. The sex is good and vanilla-safe. When Connor is let go and can't find another job, his last resort is to beg Jarrett for a loan. This is where the story becomes good. This short tale turns from depressing to sadistic kinky sex. Authors Angelia Sparrows and Naomi Brooks kicks up the non-con element with some depraved sexual slavery. It happens very fast and it twists this novella into a guilty pleasure read.


Review: Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line by Kele Moon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How does Ms. Moon do it?

Tabitha is a hated be-yotch who broke Wyatt's heart. She left him without a word. Thirteen years later, he's the county sheriff and Tabitha rolls into Garnet. She is probably the most hated female not just because she hurt Wyatt. She is a famous author now who uses Wyatt and her experiences with him as material for her bestselling books. For such intimate details to be plastered in written words for everyone to read, how is this not the ultimate betrayal? Prepared with my pitchfork and fiery torch, I'm ready to burn the beyotch. To my surprise, Kele Moon changes my hard and judgmental stance.

Ms. Moon is the mistress of "there are two sides to every story". She does this so well in all her contemporary romances. It shouldn't surprise me by now, yet each time, I'm caught off guard and charmed. In CROSSING THE LINE, the reader is treated to Tabitha's point of view. We learn …

Review: Hot to Trot

Hot to Trot by C.P. Mandara

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is this the conclusion of Jenny? Does she get rescued? No, Ms. Mandara continues with a cliffhanger at the end. Jenny is still stubborn and resisting. I enjoy non-con stories where the female keeps fighting. Mark seems to love it too. He tries to break her with some anal action.

A fan of anal busting, this scene really works for me. Ms. Mandara cranks up the heat with sexy sadistic sessions forcing Jenny to submit. This book is a teasing morsel. There is even a bit of f/f - just a hint of f/f. One can only hope the next book in the series will have more detailed and graphic female on female shenanigans.

The pony play training is also increasing which is good and depraved. The dehumanizing of Jenny is getting good. Between the mud, slop and bridle, will Jenny become a good little pony? Let's hope not. Because it is much more fun to watch her be disciplined and fucked hard. The spanking she receives in this story i…

Review: Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes by C.P. Mandara

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pampered Jenny is still in denial. She still thinks Daddy will come rescue her. She doesn't believe Daddy sent her to Albrecht Stables. Mark, her trainer cares not. Mark trains her to his specifications.

Ms. Mandara includes more depraved training for Jenny. She's disciplined and gagged as she learns what it means to be a pony girl. The kinky fetishes are pretty hawt. One which caught my attention is breathplay. I have mixed feelings about this one. For Jenny, it was terrifying. For me, since I enjoy breathplay, it makes me discomforted witnessing her fear. Yet I enjoyed that scene the most.

From a character development, both Jenny and Mark are still straightforward and easy to understand. The focus is on the erotic corruption of Jenny. This humiliating journey with pleasurable pain and public exhibition is delicious. Ms. Mandara's pony play is alluring for those who enjoy being a pony and those who …

Review: Claiming Their Human

Claiming Their Human by Eva Evans

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

We are not alone. Aliens do abduct and they love to anally probe their abductees.

Caleb doesn't believe in aliens even if his entire small community is buying into it and hawking gaudy alien knickknacks. Imagine his surprise when he is confronted with two large males instead of a tiny green men.

Caleb is a guy with no motivation wandering aimlessly in life. He feels a bit lost and alone. Zane and Kross are sexy Mandorian who are searching for the third in their triad. They need this third person to reproduce; Caleb is their third.

The world building in this story is very sketchy. I love space opera so I'm expecting a little more. The backstory of why the Mandorians need to find mates outside of their planet is nothing new. It would be nice to learn more about what happened. It seems glossed over.

The plot is loosely constructed and simplistic. The story could really go two directions to make it richer. Either spend more…

Review: Regan's Folly

Regan's Folly by Mychael Black

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A forked tongue doing sexy unspeakable tricks to a body, how can anyone turn this down? One can always rely on Ms. Black to write a tight sexy erotic manlove story. In the second of this series, Regan, the centuries old dragon finds a lover falling right into his lap. The lover however, isn't someone Regan would have ever thought to bed. Even if dragons are amicable to getting it on with other supernaturals, demons are not on the list. To find Salutael alluring, this is a surprise to both Regan and his friends. The nice thing about this story is that there is no judgment. There are no forced confrontations requiring Regan to pick between his lover and his friends.

Salutael is a demon on the run. His gift makes him special. If he can't be controlled, then he must be destroyed. Fortunately for him, Regan is willing to take a chance on him. This plot is straightforward with predictable complications. It deli…

Review: Goldie and Her Bears

Goldie and Her Bears by Honor James

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

This bed is too firm. This bed is too soft. This bed is just right. In this fairy tale retold, Goldie finds her three bears and are all sexy men. The men are also shifters which is a nice twist. Typical with all shifter books as of late, the trope of finding a mate is an element to this paranormal romance.

The story starts out well with a spunky female lead. When she first meets her bears, Arkadios, Torben and Mahon, it looks to be quite erotically exciting. Then it takes an odd turn. I say this because the story tries to do a little too much. Is this an erotic story about a woman getting it on with three guys? Or is it about a woman who has issues with her past which is why she is all alone? Yet this doesn't make sense because the beginning shows her with a seemingly loving parents. This thread to the story is never explained. Or is this a suspense with a Goldie as the intended target?

Throughout the book,…

Review: Obedience Classes

Obedience Classes by Sean Michael

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Forced submission of a rebellious male werewolf by an alpha gay werewolf is always a fun read.

Trevor is a naughty beta wolf who crosses the line too many times. He pushes the boundaries, thinking he can get away with it. Unlike other wolves, he hasn't experienced a disciplining session. When the elders can no longer tolerate Trevor's behaviour, Dirk is tasked with doling out obedience training. Dirk is a special wolf because he is a loner but still part of the pack. His sexual preference is what keeps him in the outer circle.

This is a quick and fun read. It is lightly kinky as a bad little boy is spanked hard by a stronger male authority. The humiliation in this story is mild. It would be more exciting if Trevor is treated like a dog with a collar. To be forced through a dub-con training as a bad puppy would have increased the heat factor. As it stands, the m/m sex is good and the characters are sweet.

Dirk shows he i…

Review: True

True by Laurann Dohner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another winner by the talented Ms Dohner!

The reader is returned to the world of the New Species. This time, while there are still haters of the New Species, the focus is on someone close, undermining their security. In addition, the romance between the male New Species and female human is so good.

True knew Jeanie, who worked as one of the medical staff in the sadistic secret research location he was kept in captivity. Jeanie treated the parahumans better than the other humans, but she still was one of "them"--the enemy. When she's been captured in a raid, it's True's chance to demand answers.

This latest one in the series weaves in a bit of mystery. Why is Jeanie being framed? Why does someone want her dead? The little clues Ms Dohner drops all lead to a great reveal. While the reveal isn't a surprise, it is done very well. What really makes this book good is the emotion it invokes. One can't help but feel …

Review: Please, Sir

Please, Sir by Sindra van Yssel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sometimes, the littlest thing can trigger a problem in a BDSM scene. For Julia Kelly, this is "begging" in a BDSM scene. Since this is something most Dominants require from their submissives, it is a difficult one to work around. For many Dominants, it isn't even something they think about. It's integral to a scene where a submissive needs to beg for release. Or beg to be fucked. When Kelly hides this from Tom, a Dominant she's enjoyed scenes with, it causes both tension and misunderstandings.

Ms Van Yssel does an excellent job at showing how a trigger can stop a play partnership. Also that a trigger doesn't necessarily have to be associated with an abuse. Julia's trigger is one that many wouldn't even think to consider as a possible issue. This is what makes Ms Van Yssel such a good BDSM writer. She educates without lecturing and shows BDSM in a realistic manner. The BDSM scenes in this story ar…

Review: Making Over Maris

Making Over Maris by Sabrina York

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is how femdom can be sweet and steamy hawt!

In this third book in the Wired series, another geek bites the dust! I've been waiting for this story to come out. The reason why? I wanted Jack who is such a jerk in the first two books to receive his comeuppance. I bitched about him to Ms York and repeatedly suggested that instead of being a dominant like the other two in this series, Jack the techno geek should be a submissive to a dominant female. I also wanted him to get his ass reamed out hard! Pegging, dub-con, breaking Jack down so he's a sniveling pussy were included in my request. When Ms York agreed to consider writing about Jack, she did say he would be a submissive and whimpering. Rubbing my hands with glee, I eagerly awaited the spanking Jack deserved.

Colour me completely shocked when I read the book. Instead of a dark tale of forced submission, Ms York creates a beautifully romantic tale about friends turn…

Review: Worthy

Worthy by Lia Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Worthy or unworthy? What happens when a person accepts their position in life and doesn't have a chip on their shoulder about it? In this erotic slavery story, it's delightful. Ms. Black writes a delicious romantic tale. It's quite moving because it crosses socioeconomic classes to prove a point.

The world building is just enough to give readers an understanding of this aristocratic world filled with slaves. What is interesting is the homogenous population and the behaviour of slaves. These slaves titles are "earned" and they do come across more as pampered prima donnas than slaves. They are petty and juvenile. Plus, as the Count observers, they are completely boring and "white washed".

Seven aka Sev is different. He's from a class even lower than dogs. Really, what is up with this lower than dogs? Then again, people do treat their dogs better than homeless. Sev is exotic both physically and men…

Review: Dark Covenant

Dark Covenant by Gryvon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tentacle lovers, this is a story for you.

Eli is a boy who is doing his best to keep his family together. As the oldest child, he sacrifices to ensure his younger siblings have a better chance in life. When Eli suddenly manifests magical powers, he is given an opportunity to make a huge difference. The Academy which teaches magic will give him a free scholarship, if he just signs on the dotted line. It is a deal with the devil.

This story is wonderfully well-crafted. It is rich in character development and world building. In addition, the twisted dark theme is insidiously erotic. The non-con rape of Eli is superbly done. Author Gryvon plays a trick on the reader by making the humans hideously monstrous and treating the strange alien-like monster seductively loving. Eramus is the mysterious male with an agenda of his own. Will he help or hinder Eli? Who is Eramus and why is he so sexy?

This is my first story by Gryvon and I want to read m…

Review: Internal Combustion

Internal Combustion by India Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sexy boss stories involving kinky adventures kicks this popular fantasy up an erotic notch. Rev your engines for this fast and furious sexfest.

Chelsea doesn't want any complications or strings attached to her sex. She's a woman in an auto body shop filled with men. She works harder than them to prove she earned her job. Falling for her boss, Finn, is definitely not on her to-do list. Unfortunately, no one informs her libido.

This story starts off diving straight into the hawt boss to subordinate liaison. Instead of a power grab of forcing the typical secretary to do the powerful manger's bidding, this is one of balanced power, which is sweetly sensual. There are no power struggles to see who possesses the upper hand. Instead, it's a discreet friends with benefit status which morphs into a romantic relationship before Chelsea can apply the brakes. Once Chelsea recognizes the final destination, she does her be…

Review: If Only

If Only by Cherise Sinclair

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally Sally receives her story! Sally is the bratty sub who taunts and plays practical jokes on the Dom and Dommes in Shadowlands. Sally doesn't think she will ever find a Dom to keep her. She struck out with her last Dom, Frank. She kicked his abusive ass out and is debating if she should even stay in the lifestyle. The problem with Sally is that she needs two Doms, not one. Fortunately, FBI agents Galen and Vance have their sights set on Sally. They do a good job of penning her in and taking her into their "protective" custody.

This story is so good. The BDSM scenes are sexy with the hawt ménage between alpha males and a feisty female. From a BDSM play perspective, these are all dead on and delightful. This is to be expected when Ms. Sinclair is writing the story. It shows that she researches and is a least a little bit in the lifestyle. While one shouldn't use her books a BDSM 101 guides, the scenes…

Review: Come Undone

Come Undone by Madelynne Ellis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rock & roll and fame isn't all that's it's cracked up to be. Ms. Ellis writes a gritty love gone wrong in this contemporary erotica. Xane Geist is the driving force behind Black Halo. He writes the power lyrics and croons the tormented songs. His songs are personal as they contain deep intimate meaning. With his love betrayed, he pulls out of the band. It's also his chance meeting with Daniella Fosbrook.

This story is filled with angst. It's not a young adult melodrama. It's a truly saddening story of being misunderstood. Ms. Ellis does a good job of showing how a public persona can be misperceived as the same as the private persona. The way she shows how a famous person has lost their way is well done. An underlying message of this story is that sometimes it takes a new element to give a different perspective. This new element is Dani.

The conflict in this story is both believable and hear…

January 2014 Book Recommendations

Contemporary Maledom

The Denim Dom by Tymber Dalton is an amazing BDSM contemporary story. Tony finally receives his story. This one had me completely over the moon. This is the Tymber Dalton I fell in love with. My Review

Pinch Me by Tymber Dalton is another delicious maledom. This one contains a little suspense. It's another heart twisting one. My review should be showing up as soon as it's approved. Suffice to say, it's a delicious read. My Review

Intense SM
Safeword Rainbow -- 2013 extended edition by Candace Blevins is a revision of one of her earlier works. I loved this story the first time around. The extended version is just as good as the first with more enhancements. I can see Ms. Blevins' growth as an author. The SM is a bit more than I can handle at times. My review

Femdom Sissification
The Hotel by Deborah Ford is a new to me author. She is heavy into the humiliation and body modification. For those who love sissification (and little…

Review: Real Boys

Real Boys by Nica Berry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Did you say tentacle sex? For kinky readers who love space opera and tentacle sex, this is the book for you! Buy this book now. Ms. Berry is a new-to-me author and if she continues to write deviant alien sex, I'm ready to read them all. In fact, I'll be first in line.

This twisted tale is more than just tentacle porn. Ms. Berry does a nice job of creating a world with different aliens. Hopefully she will write more in this world and provide more hawt erotica with good character development and a sweet plot. Because above all, this story is a romance.

Jordeth is a whore specializing in sex with aliens. The way he became a rent boy is disturbing and easy to believe. Jordeth's hard limit is sex with humans. Unfortunately for him, Ryal, the advertisement for a perfect modified human is sent to recruit him.

This story is built in layers with how the characters came to be. Ms Berry does a wonderful job of showing the emotions and t…

Review: Penny in Harness

Penny in Harness by Penny Birch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Devious minx Ms. Birch crafts yet another delicious tale of debauchery. I've been a fan of Ms. Birch for a long time, well over a decade. I've finally read this story which is all about pony play. The focus is on pony girls, although it does contain a pony boy or two. This book is dangerous. Do not read it in public. I made the mistake of reading this on a transatlantic plane ride. If there were not such heavy fines for joining the mile high club, I would have jumped on my spouse and ridden him.

Penny, the trouble seeking sex addict in this story spies upon a girl dressed up in pony gear, pulling a cart. Intrigued, she gallops full speed ahead into the world of pony play. This niche BDSM fetish is real. There are people in real life who do practice dressage on humans. The taboo material is slowly seeping into the vanilla world, but it isn't fully there yet. In this sensual packed story, Penny starts out a…

Review: Baby Got Back: Anal Erotica

Baby Got Back: Anal Erotica by Rachel Kramer Bussel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Backdoor enthusiasts buy this book! Ms. Bussel is always a winner for me. She picks some of the hawtest stories and brings them all together in one book. She's clear on her theme and makes sure every story delivers. What is nice is that the stories are all different. While they focus on anal sex, the characters, plot and sexual combinations are unique. This allows readers to enjoy a good variety and perhaps find new authors to follow.

It is no surprise to those who know me that I love stories with anal play in it. I love pegging stories. I love rough anal ravishing. This anthology will satiate those with an anal fixation. One could say this is just a penthouse letters porn collection. It is not. It is hotter and better written. First of all, each of the stories contain a plot. It may not be elaborate, but it is there. Second, the characters are more than just a stereotypical male finds femal…