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Review: Armored Hearts

Armored Hearts by Angela Knight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dominant vampires plus submissive blood slaves equals panty-wetting goodness. Ms. Knight writes kinky D/s so well with a vampire theme. In ARMORED HEARTS, it takes me back to her older space opera vampire tales were female humans become blood slaves to dominant male vampires. I love them.

Nick Rand is a vampire who is an alpha male. He makes the mistake of fighting on the wrong side. When he is nearly starved to death, he finds an "enemy" who is suited to be his blood slave. Zara is a freedom fighter who wants to bring down the invading forces. Going against her better judgment, she submits to Nick to help him survive. It's not all giving, because without Nick, Zara would die. She is ready to die for her cause. What she isn't ready for is the sensual tension between her and Nick.

The characters in this story are fun. Nick is an alpha male who seems to be an anti-hero. He is fighting for the oppressors which doesn…

Review: Best Sex Writing of the Year: The Year's Most Challenging and Provocative Essays on the Subject of Sex

Best Sex Writing of the Year: The Year's Most Challenging and Provocative Essays on the Subject of Sex by Jon Pressick

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is a collection of essays from sex writers. They could be porn stars, authors, journalist or bloggers. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few others. This review was hard for me to write because I didn't pay attention to the book blurb. I thought this was going to be fiction. It is not. It's more sexual experiences, editorials and musings. Some of the essays are insightful. Others are a bit too whiny for me. It feels as if they have a huge chip on their should.

There is one story which turned me off completely and is the one I remember the most. There were a few good ones I should remember, but this complaining tale taints this entire book. I'm not a shrink nor did I take more than one psychology class. What I am is a pragmatist who happens to be a female minority. Yes, I get discrimination at a personal level. And yet, I…

Review: Blue Skies on Fire

Blue Skies on Fire by Zenina Masters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Teebie is a vivacious host at Crossroads. Her hospitality is legendary. As a djinn, she is able to more with magic than most. It comes as a surprise how this side of Teebie is only a couple of decades new. Due to her gorgeous blue skin, she avoids humans. She can not be in the human world because she is unable to blend in. With the tragic past of her grandparents and what happens when djinns are bound, Teebie is not going to take that risk. Safe in Crossroads does have it's drawbacks. What male would be willing to give up live in the human world to live in a magical place where food is plentiful. A place where love abounds and there is no judgment of a person's supernatural nature.

Hold up. What exactly is Teebie's problem? It is odd how all the things which I consider to be amazing and advantages to be a disadvantage. It is all perception, isn't it? Fortuantely for Teebie, her mate thinks like I do. Andor i…

Review: Bash, Volume II

erotic, fast paced, cliff-hanger @CandaceBlevins #bookreview #mustread
Bash, Volume II by Candace Blevins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Volume II continues right after Volume I ends.  The plot thickens as the DA is a bit cray-cray over Angel.  This story moves fast and is a complete page turning.  I read it hours after receiving a copy. I kept telling myself to wait so that I can read it right before I can get my grabby hands onto volume III.  This time, my ability to defer gratification failed.  Wee into the hours of the night, I'm aroused and debating whether or not I can sneak in a little "me-time" whilst my spouse is sleeping peacefully next to me.

The sex is kicked up a notch as readers are treated to a delicious menage between Angel, Bash and Dawg.  Ms. Blevins keeps it as vanilla as she can with only a light spanking when the thrusting begins.  It is graphic and wet inducing.  With the dominance play because Bash is a wolf, it generates more heat and it is mmm-mmm good.�…

Review: Emerald Keep

Emerald Keep by A. Catherine Noon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Emerald Keep by A. Catherine Noon

3.5 Star

This is the second book in the series and it is probably best to read the first one. Full disclosure, I did not read the first book and was still fine reading the second. Based on context clues it is easy to figure out how the keeper, hunter and seekers relate.

The characters in this book are all likeable except for Teeka. For me, Teeka is annoying and childish. His lack of maturity and overall whiny personality is annoying. For the story to keep hammering home from all of Teeka's mentors and elders that Teeka is selfish, juvenile and inconsiderate, it became old fast. Quill is of more interest and I wish there is more about him. Quill's childhood is infinitely more interesting than pampered Teeka's child.

The world buildling is quite good. I loved how Ms. Noon blends a technological worlds with the Bedouin culture. This fascinated me as did the animals. My favourite in this b…

Review: Lord & Master

Lord & Master by Emma Holly

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another glimpse into the life of triad Damien, Mia and Jake, sign me up!  In Lord & Master, if readers are expecting a smoking hawt kinky contemporary threesome, it's time to reset your expectations.  This book completely threw me.  This story takes roleplay to another level.  As in, the story goes from contemporary to historical kinky romance.  Not a fan of this twist.

I avoid historical romances because for the most part, they no longer interest me.  In this one, it feels as if 80% of the book is in the historical setting.  One can't tell if Mia, Damien and Jake are actually playing a role or if they are really feeling what is going on in their roleplaying.  Ms. Holly does a nice job of setting the roleplaying up.  Mia wants to test run a week at their erotic club with a historical setting.  Members want to enjoy being servants or aristocrats.  Jake and Mia convince Damien to take a week off and beta test out the bugs …

Review: Sociopaths

Sociopaths by Keiko Alvarez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stab me in the heart or slit my wrist, it would hurt less and be less of a torture.  Sociopaths is my favourite story by talented Ms. Alvarez to date.  Tyler Mann is a complete anti-hero.  He is a womanizer used to taking women for granted.  Women are there for one purpose - satisfying his sexual needs.  There are many clichés to describe this story.  Karma is a bitch.  What goes around comes around.

This story is predictable in that Tyler's past behaviour catches up to him.  He finds the woman of his dreams and finally wants to settle down.  Due to the woman's own bad history, she refuses to stay with him.  Insert another cliché - cutting off one's noses to spite oneself.  Good lord have mercy, I feel bad for Tyler even though he's been a bad guy.  Ms. Alvarez does a lovely job of showing Tyler and his emotions.  The turmoil he feels is made worse when he experiences his own epiphany.

The sex in this book is as always, d…

Review: Duty, Honor, Love

Where is the next book?  @Angelasstone #bookreview

Duty, Honor, Love by Angela S. Stone

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ms. Stone is a new to me author who captured my attention from page one.  For those who enjoy dragons, psychics and crime fighting, this is the book for you.  If you enjoy erotic ménage, then you will be over the moon.  Cameron tries to fight his attraction to his partner, Jaden.  This is not easy to do since Jaden is a powerful telepath.  Trying to keep her out of his mind is a feat.

When the two are assigned a serial killer case where the child is both raped and then killed, it pulls the two of them closer together.  Jaden is put in a position where she needs more support and Cameron provides it to her.  This intimacy allows for dream walking and learning more about Jaden and a mysterious man named Paul.

This story has three different agendas going on and it is not exactly smoothly written together.  It feels as if to resolve the conflict in the story, a third plot device n…

Review: Geared to the Present, Jones Whitman Time Traveler Series

Steampunk lovers who enjoy time travel, this is a tale to read.  @BlakelyBennett #bookreview
Geared to the Present, Jones Whitman Time Traveler Series by Dana Bennett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New to me author Mr. Bennett beautifully incorporates the past and the present together.  Jones Whitman is a man who does not fit society's norms.  He is trying by dutifully becoming engaged to a reputable woman.  Unfortunately for him, his fiancée, Emily, is the obsession of another man.

The character development in this story is well done.  One grows to admire and like Jones humour and perseverance.  He knows his mind and he doesn't care what others think.  There are different facets to Jones which makes him lovable to readers, especially how he responds to new concepts in the future.  How Jones found Roark and then treats him is pretty amazing.  It is used as a nice contrast from the priest.  The priest or is he a father?  All I can remember about this man is that he's crazy and does…

Review: Sweetest Treat

Sweetest Treat by A.R. Von

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Melt in her mouth Having a sweet tooth may be the unraveling of Meesh.  In this fairy tale retold of Hansel and Gretel, Mitch and Meesh triumph over the evil witch.  Before they did away with the witch, she laid a curse which they cannot break.  Fortunately, Meesh and Mitch survive and find their uncle.  He takes them in and raises them as his own.

All grown up now, Meesh and her brother, Mitch are still estranged from their parents.  Meesh is independent and enjoying life when a new Sweet store opens up right by her.  Unable to resist the temptation, Meesh visits day after day for her daily samples and treats.  When she meets the owner, Dru, things become sticky. 

This story moves at a fast pace.  It's easy to follow and the characters are one-dimensional.  The world building is thin and leaves several threads hanging.  There are no plot twists.  The romance between Meesh and Dru follow a predictable path and the conflict is left at…

Review: Owned

Owned by M. Never

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In a world where criminals know money is made when it is sanitized to appear as a legitimate business, there are always a few words people should know.  Import/Export business generally denotes a criminal element especially if the people for the company don't share much about how they generate profit.  Whenever I see import/export I think of recreational pharmaceutical, weapons and human trafficking.  My how our society changes to make the impalpable sexy and mysterious.  Drugs, guns and sexual slavery are all common commodities of death dealers.  Unfortunately for naïve Ellie, she makes the mistake of catching the eye of a sexually dominant criminal, Kayne Roberts.

The characters in this story are fine if a bit forgettable.  Ellie does not make a lasting impression nor does Kayne.  Oddly, for me, the secondary character, Kayne's side kick is more memorable even if I can't remember his name.  It is perhaps because he tended to play th…

Review: Grimm's End

Forgiveness at the darkest hour - you ar not forsaken @shilohwalker #bookreview
Grimm's End by Shiloh Walker

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The ending of Grimm Series is dark, desolate, violent and fitting.  The very first Grimm's history is finally fully revealed.  This story makes more sense if all the previous books are read first.  Even reading the first four books would help.  Will is the first Grimm and readers find out why and how.  Will may be his name now, but his original name was different.  It did not take me long to figure it out.  When it is confirmed, I'm mixed because I always felt this character was painted in a particularly bad light.  There are always two sides to a story and only one side has ever been shared.  In this one, we get to see a different perspective.

Most of the Grimm stories work with fairy tale characters.  In this one, Ms. Walker changes it a bit.  Or perhaps she believes the character Will is based on to be a fairy tale.  This is a thought to …

Review: The Dragon King

The Dragon King by Marie Harte

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dragons, demons and angels, oh my!  Ménage lovers who enjoy dominant males getting it on with each other, pick up this book.  In this latest book, Jentaron may be only two years old physically, but he is much older.  With the knowledge of all previous royal dragons, Jentaron can hold his own.  Being underestimated all helps keep others from taken advantage of him.

The characters in this story are sweet.  Jentaron and Zelec are alpha males who exude confidence.  They are seductive and easily convince Ella to follow their wicked ways.  The focus is on Jentaron since he's the dragon king.  Ella and Zelec do receive a good share of the time.  There are no contrived conflicts between the three of them so that helps keep the story from being an emotional drama.  Even with all the different power houses in this story, this triad holds their own.

This book from a plot perspective is a bit of a mess.  It's not as cohesive and well done…

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