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Enslaved by Lady Midnight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have enjoyed all this author's books.  This one however, I didn't enjoy as much.  I guess it was confusing for me because the protagonist is a male and the POV is all from him.  Many times, I didn't understand what he wanted from the women.  Keep in mind, I'm reading what he is thinking and feeling.  If I couldn't understand his wants/desires, how the hell could those women have understood?  This book takes the body modification to a degree that I can definitely see happening.  What flat chested woman with self esteem issues wouldn't want huge natural breasts?  The training these "Partners" put the females through is pretty close to torture in my book.  The fact that each of the Partners is a doctor with their own specialties is a bit disturbing.  Still, it was an engaging read and kept me wanting to know what was going on.

That is one thing I can say for Lady Midnight books . . . they always make me…

Sweet Revenge II

Sweet Revenge II by David Jewell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This second installment with Lynnzy, Jason and the whole cast is a bit shorter and continues the pain theme and punishment.  The training techniques used to create a submissive wife are actually kind of reasonable.  What is not reasonable in this book which is why I gave it a 3, is that he impacted her work life which in my book is a no-no.  This is a private life, if you will and any mixing of work to private makes me uncomfortable.  Since this is merely a fantasy, it's still quite hot.

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Heidi and the Kaiser

Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This Ms. Kitt's book was a hit for me.  I enjoyed it because it went to a forbidden taboo for me - into the workplace.  Mixing business with pleasure is a hard limit for me.  This fantasy was sexy and hot.  I love how Kaiser disciplines Heidi when she makes a mistake at work.  Ms. Kitt wove a truly delicious fantasy a "The Secretary" way.  Heidi came across as a naive and adorable young woman, trying to make a name for herself in a tough industry.  Kaiser, the boss, sexy, demanding, strict, loving - everything a great Dom Sugar Daddy should be.  Pick this up for a quick fun read.

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Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge by David Jewell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think I'm really starting to like Mr. Jewell's books.  This book is heavy into TPE and submission.  There is also quite a bit of sharing.  This includes m/m/m/f, m/f/f, f/f/f and all other delightful combination.  The distracting piece to Mr. Jewell's stories is the grammatical errors.  Whomever is his editor needs to be fired.

In Sweet Revenge, this is yet another wife story who divorces her husband, only to be caught, trained and enslaved by her ex-husband.  The husband is a cop again.  Since I like cops, these reoccurring themes are okay for me.  The sex scenes in this book have progressed to more pain than the previous ones I've read.  All of them are more or less possible in real life, so I like the fact that his BDSM stays true.  Now this is non-consensual and there are no safewords, so please do not use this as a guide for a D/s relationship.  This is however a lovely little fantasy with several alpha males…

Enslaving Sylvia

Enslaving Sylvia by Cherry Lee

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a very short read.  Boring wallflower who wants something else in life gets kidnapped from work.  She is trained to be a submissive sex slave.  She quits her job.  Happily ever after with her kidnapper.  Yawn.

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Sentenced to Submission, or The Robe

Sentenced to Submission, or The Robe by David Jewell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a hot little number for me.  It involved a work environment which is always a bit "taboo", isn't it?  For fear of losing your job?  In this one, the Judge who is in a position of power submits to other Judges and a police officer.  Sigh.  Police officer which of course is hot for me.  HANDCUFF me officer!  My, is that a nightstick in your pants?  All those cheesy lines pop through my head.

This is pretty much one sex scene after another.  Don't expect a complex plot.  This is a hot erotic read with BDSM element.  I'd keep it in my spank bank.

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Kennel Time

Kennel Time by Cherry Lee

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Bitch lawyer is turned into a bitch dog.  The puppy play was okay.  The scenes were little teasers.  The story was short and unrealistic HEA.  The starting scene of bestiality was unexpected and kind of funny.  It was cut short.

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The Obedient Alice

The Obedient Alice by Adriana Arden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not your childhood's Alice in Wonderland.  I think if Lewis Carroll was allowed to, he would have written Alice in Wonderland like this, except he'd have used minors.

Alice is a bored 18 year old, pretending to be all grown up.  Her body matured, that is about it.  Alice comes across the White Rabbit who is actually a spotter for nubile horny girls.  Underland still contains the crazy odd ball cast of characters, except this time, it's with sexual slavery and deviance.  There is something strange going on in Underland, hinted here and there.  The training of Alice to become a subservient sex slave, treated no better than an animal is delightfully amusing.  Ms. Arden has quite the imagination.

This book is not for the light of heart.  The sex scenes are fun and medium in BDSM nature.  There is animal sex in here.  So if you have issues with bestiality (even though the animals wear clothes and talk), then AV…

Milady's School for Girls

MiLadys School For Girls by Lady Midnight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book by Lady Midnight aka JJ Giles was not what I expected.  I've found the few books I've read of hers to be well crafted with characters you love to hate.  The emotional turmoil in MiLady's school for girls was unexpected.  I was really quite shocked by the turn of events.  While there is a HEA, it's more bittersweet.  Secrets are revealed which made me wince.  The story of a husband and wife, dealing with empty nest syndrome and past hurts was more than I could bare at times.  Lady Midnight put a good deal of thought into her plot.  I'm usually very good at guessing the ending and what happens next.  This one took me completely by surprise.

Still, the sex scenes and service by the slaves was a huge turn on.  Lady Midnight writes in a way that it is clear she has some experience.  Every time I read one of her books, I think, oohh, I wish that I could experience this first hand.  I enjoyed the …

I will obey, my husband!


My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This wife is D.U.M.B!  I think Mr. Jewell is now recycling a bit of his previous materials.  I thought the book was okay because there were several sex scenes.  I guess I expected more punishment for the adulterous wife.  This was a quick read.  As with most of the books, the husband is a cop which I still find sexy.  Mr. Jewell is a guilty pleasure for me.  His books can be used for the spank bank.

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I Deserved to be Punished

I Deserve to be Punished [Adulteress I] by David Jewell

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Unlike the My wife, my slave trilogy, the adulteress duo is a wife, Samantha, who got caught cheating on her cop husband.  Instead of divorcing her, he turns her into a slave instead, against her will.  Obviously, this is a fantasy, not a guide for bdsm relationship.  It is an amusing concept and the short story was a fun read and good for the spank bank.  The reason why I rated it just okay, as I did the second story in this series is because I felt the punishment wasn't enough.  If the husband was really that hurt and upset, I think he should have done a bit more in punishment and marking his territory.  In addition, I think the lover boy got off a bit too easy.  I would have liked to see him punished more.  While he did get it in the arse (maybe that was book two), I would have liked to have seen him taken by two guys while he was dressed up like a sissy.  That would have been truly emasculating for…

My wife, my slave III

My Wife, My Slave -  Book 3 by David Jewell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The conclusion to Master Greg and slave Cindy is a sweet kind of romantic HEA.  I rated it higher than the 3 star only because I found the series to be an idealistic fantasy.  This last one included a bit more punishment than before.  It didn't go into details; I would have enjoyed learning more about Master Sean's punishments.  The thing I like most about this trilogy is the non stop sex scenes.  There is a plot, but it almost reads more like a diary of sex which I enjoyed greatly.  I recommend this book to any horny house wife.

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My wife, my slave

My Wife, My Slave by David Jewell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a good book detailing the beginning of a M/s 24/7 relationship.  I enjoyed the couple's journey into BDSM and found the story both erotic and touching.  It's a nice fantasy and played out quite lovely.  The fact that the husband is a cop is very sexy. 

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My wife, my slave II

My Wife, My Slave II by David Jewell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Part two of the husband/wife to Master/Slave is just as good as book one.  This quick read definitely elevated my heartbeat as I read how masterful the husband becomes.  His sadist side comes out in an enticing way.  I liked how Mr. Jewell brings in the Dommes/Mistress.  I loved reading about Cindy's decent into submission and slavery.  From a sadistic side, I enjoyed her discomfort of watching her Master/husband take other women infront of her.  The humiliation in this book is light.

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Breeding Stock

Breeding Stock by Melissa Harlow

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In this post apocalyptic world, women are a scare commodity and trapped for breeding or raping - take your pick.  The book cover is cheesy, yet I still wanted to read it to see Ms. Harlow's world.  If you are looking for a well constructed plot, do not read this book.  This book is probably best reserved for just the sex scenes.  The interactions between the character - Wasp, 'Drea and Jackson was distracting and didn't add anything for me.  I knew before reading this book, it was not going to be the most well constructed book so I'm okay with this.  If you are looking for an erotic, romantic book, this is not the book.  Although, there is an abrupt HEA.

I do have to say the sex scenes played out by Ms. Harlow would meet most male's secret or not so secret fantasies.  I enjoyed most of them, even when cruel Penny participated.  I think I would have liked a bit more participation of Penny abusing 'Drea. I …

Elusive Prey

The Elusive Prey by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The hunt is on for "Elf-Girl"!  I liked this second book better than the first one, female prey.  I know I did, because I read it last night and I've already re-read sections again and dog-eared them. Elf-girl was hilarious with her sneaky ways.  I really enjoyed how she tried to make it as hard as possible for the guys to capture her.  Her taunting of the male hunters had me giggling along in glee.  I like a female main character who is smart and just a bit deviant with flaws.

Elf-girl was bad in three instances where 3 other girls were negatively impacted by her actions.  I found each of situations funny.  It wasn't exactly malicious or a catty competition between women.  I liked how each was presented.  In the same position, I'd probably do the same.

What I really enjoyed was the flirting and dialog between Elf-Girl and Greg.  Greg was appealing on several levels for me.  His stalking of her was impressive…

Female Prey

Female Prey by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I saw this book a year ago and debated whether or not to purchase the book.  It seemed to be up my alley but the author was unknown.  And, as people who read my profile know, I don't read male authors.  Still, I was persuaded to read the book despite my initial ambivalence.  I'm glad I did.

This book was amusing.  I found Elf-girl likable and spunky.  While this book is listed as consensual and the Mr. Lewis also considers it consensual, I believe many females would consider it non consensual.  Here's the reason why.  Females can be fickle (males too).  Just because the female signed up to be hunted, bagged and tagged, doesn't mean she is going to consent to everything the hunters planned.  Obviously, this is a BDSM fantasy, not a guide book.  This is why it was okay for there not be a safe word.  Also, several of the sex scenes were not safe and would cause permanent damage.  Very few of the bondage/restraint scenes we…

Bottom's up ~ Miranda Baker

Bottoms Up by Miranda Baker

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book did nothing for me. Well, I lied. The way the business was run was interesting and is helping me with my business plan to open a BDSM club for my MBA class project. The characters themselves didn't do it for me at all. The scenes were glossed over and stunted. The resolution was too quick.

I didn't enjoy the story line. The character development was weak and not believable. I felt no emotional connection with any of the characters nor did I really care about them. The author could have done more. It was more of a telling rather than a showing which is what I think bothered me. The constant changing POV created an abruptness which I didn't enjoy either.

After reading an emotional "Anchored" and a lengthy developed "Make me, Sir", this book could not compete. I should have read this first.

I see this is the first book for the author. She has potential. It's a decent start. My recommendation…

Hurt me so good

Hurt Me So Good by Joely Sue Burkhart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW!  This book is terrific.  Ms. Burkhart described scenes so well I could smell the sweat, taste the fear and revel in the sexual tension.  This book blew me away with the amount of detail and development for the characters.  This book was so engaging, I wish I were a painslut.  Victor is definitely a scary alpha male.  His sadistic tendencies are definitely not for the faint of heart.  The plot revolved around a BDSM reality show.  The show was phenomenal.  If this was ever on cable, I'd be riveted and watching every episode.  Then I'd jump my DH and we'd have a great night.

This is the first book I've read of Ms. Burkhart.  If all over her books contain this intensity and depth, I'll be in sensory overload.  What I liked most about this book, was the educational aspects of the BDSM lifestyle.  I wonder if Ms. Burkhart will explore each of the "mainstream" themes.  I certain hope she does an…


Anchored: Belonging by Rachel Haimowitz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I purchased this book not sure what to expect.  I read the reviews and it appeared a couple of the scenes were too violent for people.  I was braced for the worst.  I also don't find m/m books appealing.  I still gave this a try because a friend rated it 5 stars.

I'd like to clarify I'm not a HEA type of gal.  I'm also a sadomasochist.  For me all the scenes in this book appealed to me.  Appealed to me in the sense that I felt an emotion - sorrow, rage, amusement, etc.  The punishment scenes are definitely not for those who aren't into the BDSM (more SM) lifestyle. 

I didn't rate it a 5 because there were a few things that bothered me.  Things I didn't understand maybe because this is the first book I've read of Ms. Haimowitz.

First, Daniel's been a slave since he was roughly 3 years old.  He's not young in the story.  I don't understand why he had such a difficult time submitt…

Make me, sir!

Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've been a fan of Ms. Sinclair since I read her first Shadowland's title.  I've enjoyed all of her books; this is definitely my favourite.  I wasn't sure what the book was going to cover, but I figured it would feature a stubborn sub since it was titled, "Make Me, Sir".  The sassy sub kept me laughing throughout the book.

Gabi definitely comes across as a confused and stubborn sub.  The reasons for her mixed signals are apparent to the reader.  To the doms, not so much.  I found it amusing as her behaviour makes no sense to them and they try everything to figure it out.  What I love most about Ms. Sinclair's world is the existence of this club, populated with different dom/dommes.  This safe, sane, consensual environment is attractive and only makes me wish one existed, just like this, near me.

One specific scene sticks out into my mind.  The doms finally figure out the truth, by forcing Gabi into …

Darker Games

This book is definitely not for those who like a HEA. Nor is it for someone who is just new into BDSM. I read this book and while I enjoyed the scenes greatly, the ending was discomforting abet realistic. I can tell pretty quickly this is not written by a female. How, because I am a female and even though I have "male traits", I know that most women don't feel this way.

I rated this book only as OK because it was a bit too black and white with the characters. I didn't purchase it for character development; I just wanted to read J Argus's deviant sex scenes. I have to admit, the scenes were hot and not that extreme. I would rate it as medium BDSM. What I find amusing about this book is the perspective is from a female who has kinky desires with a boyfriend who becomes actively engaged. Bringing in another woman who turns out to be a cruel boyfriend stealing domme is a rather popular theme for male authors. How do I know this? Eh hem, I h…

Review of Emily's Debt

** spoiler alert ** I tried another JJ Argus book. Emily's debt was at times a satire for me. I say this, because the author uses extremes for a "what if" Republicans were ruling the US. Once again, this book is definitely not for the newly introduced to BDSM, nor is this book in anyway to be used as a guide for safe, sane and consensual play.

The book is a fantasy, really from the male perspective. It's interesting to view from a man's perspective what he'd like to do to a woman. And even sillier, the POV is a female. At least, what a male thinks a female thinks and feels. Obviously, not all men are like this, but apparently it is appealing enough that it can be published and purchased. (I purchased it so I can't cast any stones.)

Basically, this is a world where people who can't pay their loans and aren't gainfully employed are turned into indentured servants, aka slaves. This is only one step away from becoming a…

Lady Bethany

Lady Bethany or should I say, whore/slut/slave Bethany is a story about wicked sexually deviant stepmother! I liked this one out of the three I purchased from Author Argus. This one amused me the most because it is in jolly ole England and is from a different century. Since I'm not a history major, just a Historical Romance junkie, the setting seemed accurate.

This book was a quick read regarding a spoiled useless noble girl and her comeuppance. She rebels several times and each time, she's slapped down. The BDSM is a bit heavier and there is some puppy play, or I guess I should say, kitty play. Heavy on degradation and humiliation. I found this story more plausible in circumstances due to the time period and lack of women's rights. I also found it believable with the difference in social classes. Once again, not all the BDSM scenes are possible. Once again, this is a male fantasy story, not a realistic guide for BDSM lifestyle. Still, it was a fun…