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Review: LInked Circles

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Linked Circles by Elise Covert

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When everything is going so well, is it really necessary to change up a person's life?Nicole Simmons is a twenty-something female who enjoys life.Her work life is great with an awesome boss and friends.She is being wined and dined by an older gentleman who is fantastic in bed.What more can she need?She isn't looking for marriage and children are even in her vocabulary.Then a shooting star falls from the skies and into her lap - Jack LaTour.He's a bit older than her but younger than her sex without strings lover.He also makes her loins tingle as the sexual tension between them is instant and intense.Her lover, Lawrence, always said she could date others.She decides to take Jack on as an exclusive boyfriend.
This story is disturbing in some ways.The romance part is fine.  It's plausible to have a friends with benefits relationship end when another man provides a better offer.  When thi…

Review: The Conquering Dark

The Conquering Dark by Clay Griffith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fitting end to a whirlwind of magic, betrayal, and loss.  Simon and Kate have created their own Steampunk Scooby-gang.  This unlikely band of heroes includes Penny, Charlotte , Malcolm and
Imogen.  Missing, is Simon's mentor, Nick who leaves them when he can't convince Simon to depart and quit fighting monsters.

This story is over the top with non-stop monsters and fighting.  There doesn't seem to be any downtime for Simon and Kate as they try to figure out how to stop the out of control magicians.  What they finally figure out, is that a band of magicians, similar to theirs collapsed due to betrayal and hurt feelings.  It's sad how easily bonds can be broken when the heart is involved.  It's a cautionary tale for Simon and Kate who are drawing closer and closer together.  As they unravel each conspiracy, they finally come upon the solution to prevent England from being destroyed.  Hell hath no fury like a…

Review: Best Lesbian Romance of the Year

Best Lesbian Romance of the Year by Radclyffe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a collection of the Best Lesbian Romance I've read all year.  I am happily devouring each tale for erotic f/f is so hard to find.  This collection contains romance, humour and erotic sex.  Every story in this collection is a smooth read.  Each author does a good job of packaging a bite size tale to savour. This collection mixes all different sorts of f/f relationships and different types of lesbians.  This is nice to see because lesbian stereotypes have become a bit worn.  The women of these stories are more realistic and easier to relate to because of it.  For those who enjoy different types of women who love women, this book will be a delicious buffet. 

Some of the authors, I've read before; some are new to me.  My favourite one is Gargoyle Lovers by Sacchi Green.  There is one passage in here which just captures my attention and makes me ponder kinky bad things.  As a lover of gargoyles, it amuses m…

Review: Pitcher Plant Feeding Cycles: An Observational Study

Pitcher Plant Feeding Cycles: An Observational Study by Debrah Deumont

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tentacle sex lovers, this one is for you.  It's a short story which packs a strong punch.  I loved it.  Totally spank-bank worthy.  Phan Trai is a private investigator hired to find a missing person.  Or so he thinks.  He does end up finding people but it isn't they way he thought.  Ms. Deumont takes Little Shop of Horrors and blends it with The Rocky Horror Picture Shop.

Divine!  The deviant non-con with tentacles sex is just what I enjoy.  The bondage, penetration, milking, it's all fabulous.  After reading this little piece, I can only lust for more.  The sex scenes are dirty, depraved and taboo.  Phan Trai falls into a tangled web and this siren's song sings him into submission.  For those who want to get it on with m/m twincest and anal rape, this story is for you.  Despite all the plant shenanigans, this is not really a dark story.  It's still sweet in some ways even i…

Review: Shadow Play

Shadow Play by Iris Johansen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eve is back with another bizarre case of reconstructing a child's skull.  This one calls out to her in ways that she is not exactly comfortable with.  It's almost as if she works in a fugue state which alarms Joe and confuses Eve.  Ms. Johansen seems to be leaning more and more towards the afterlife and beyond.  This new girl communicating as a ghost is the next step after the last arc where the ghost was inherently evil.  This confused female ghost is becoming more powerful and thankfully remains on the side of good.

The characters in this story is what pulls me to read each new book in the series.  Eve and Joe are nice and steady in their relationship.  This stabilization is a treat after years of struggling and turmoil.  To shake it up, Ms. Johnansen adds new interesting characters.  It seems for Eve, she will always be a mother.  After losing Bonnie and raising Jane, Jane grows up and leaves.  Jane doesn't leave like…

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