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Rough Body Play Part I

Rough Body Play (RBP) is when we use our own body to illicit responses from our bottom or submissive. In this session, we will not use any external implements. For simplicity sake, I will use Top and Dom/me interchangeably here. I will also use bottom and submissive interchangeably. I will refer to the bottom as a she and a Top most likely a he.


      RBP will require negotiation and questions up front. It will be different between new play partner and familiar ones. For example, when it is a familiar or frequent play partner here are a couple of questions to ask.

1. Anything changed since we last played?
2. Anything happened recently which is causing a part of your body to hurt?

New Play partner

      This will generally require a lot more discussion and/or negotiation.

1. Clarify terms first

      By this, I mean, make sure you both mean the same thing. For example, I could say, I will allow you to hit me. I'm expecting an open hand slap. M…

SEASON ONE BDSM Bedtime Story Concludes

It's been an amazing (and very long) five months.  The BDSM group on Goodread created and posted over forty audio excerpts for our members to enjoy.  We finish of with these last too.

One of my favourite authors, Kele Moon provided a sexy excerpt of Beyond Eden by Kele Moon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Our Pimp Spot goes to Rachel Haimowitz and Cat Grant for their part II of the Clothes Pin scene from Power Play: Awakening by Rachel Haimowitz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

my review

I dare you to listen to this excerpt while wearing clothes pins on your nipples.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we may have a surprise interview.

Review: Dominating Jess

Dominating Jess by Rachel Nixx

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ready for a hawt kinky fantasy? Kick ass martial artist Jess is ready to finally realize her deep dark sexual fantasies. Especially since it involves a friend who's featured in her desires over the years.

Jess is finally single at the same time her friend Jake is single. They've been friends for a while but the timing was always off. Jess loses a bet with Jake and ends up on a sexually submissive vacation.

The set up of this story is hot. Ms. Nixx does a good job of describing the locations so the reader can easily visualize where Jess is being dominated. Reading from Jess's point of view is well done because we can see the turmoil going on as Jess enjoys the debauchery yet struggles to accept that it's okay to enjoy it. Ms. Nixx shows an understanding of the BDSM kinks and presents it in a scrumptious manner.

Ms. Nixx is a new to me author and her BDSM fantasies are right up my alley. Her blend of plausibl…

Review: Bound to the Billionaire

Bound to the Billionaire by Sierra Cartwright

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sugar Daddies and BDSM mixed together is a lovely hot fantasy for any woman. Six sexy stories are featured in this collection. Each one is hot with a dream fantasy Dom. The BDSM is kinky fun. With the filthy rich men, this is definitely categorized as Glitterkink.

Perhaps this is a response to the recently popular erotic book on everyone's lips. For anyone who enjoyed that book, this is a must read book. In BOUND BY THE BILLIONAIRE, the BDSM scenes are hot and realistic. The relationships between the Dom and the submissive are healthy. There are no mental illnesses or abusive past which is much appreciated. Sure there are unrealistic billionaire mingling with common women, but really, given a choice, what woman doesn't want to be carried away by a rich white knight in shining armor?

The authors all do a great job in showing sexy play scenes. Each author creates characters that are enjoyable to read about. It…

Review: Porpoiseful Intent

Porpoiseful Intent by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or in this case, a man scorned by the man he loves. Erik is back to try and destroy Sean and Emery's life. Erik is still not over Emery and he will do anything, even kill, to ensure no one has Emery. In this second installment, Erik is now more than a crazy stalker. He's turned into a serial killer.

The brutal manner in which Erik kills other dolphin shifters is appalling. These are dolphins that were one time his pod mates. His single minded focus for revenge and lust for Emery is disturbing. While Erik is riding the Fatal Attraction psycho train, Sean and Emery are in family crisis mode. The reader learns more about the Alpha role as well as the responsibilities of an Alpha's mate. Sean is getting a crash course on pod politics as members of the pod are mysteriously targeted and killed off.

In case readers think this book is all gloom and doom, Ms. Dalton shows off her qui…

Review: Prey

Prey by Andrea Speed

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I LOVE Roan and Paris. Wow, Roan is amazing. Ms. Speed is totally new to me. I love the way she writes and wish I read this earlier. She's amazing!

This book contains awesome alpha male characters and a great plot. Too bad no sex. Or at least not that much sex. Honestly, the book didn't need it.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the way the mystery was set up. My original genre when I first started really reading books was mystery. It seems that I'm still quite enamoured of this genre. This book made me think and try to connect the dots. I love that about a book. I was completely riveted by the mysteries and how Ms. Speed tied it all together.

I also really liked her characters. I'm not like either one - Roan or Paris, but I thought they were awesome. Roan is so fascinating. I can't wait to read more about him. Paris is NOT just another pretty face. When he threatens Eli, I wet my panties - …

Review: Sub for a Week

Sub for a Week by Erin Lark

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

What happens when a doctor falls for her patient? Julia is a shrink working to help Daniel overcome an issue. Julia specializes in helping people in the BDSM lifestyle. Daniel is a Dom coming to Julia to help him overcome his feelings of inadequacies.

Set in a futuristic time, this story can be categorized as speculative fiction. Instead of in a room together, the therapy sessions are carried out on line through chat sessions. While Julia is helping Daniel resolve his issues, Daniel is assessing Julia's submissive desires. Daniel convinces Julia to try submitting to him for a week.

This book focuses on the D/s side of BDSM. It was almost a D/s 101 class, sometimes rather dry. The two characters Julia and Dom lack chemistry in their interaction. Even the BDSM play scenes left a reader to be more dry than wet. My recommendation for Ms. Lark is to perhaps cut the lengthy explanations and instead, show more through actions. It would …

Review: Training the Maid

Training the Maid by Nina DeRosa

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Irene is a naughty little brat who is working for a sexually harassing boss. Irene revels in the "punishments" she receives for breaking dishware and also being out of uniform. Her uniform - a skanky French maid outfit. I can think of plenty of things I'd do to the little mix. Perhaps she wouldn't be so bratty and purposely get in trouble.

This story was a fast read. The concept is hot. The execution was a bit off. This was written in first person which is generally not advisable. The over-usage of exclamations marks made me feel like I was interacting with a teeny-bopper on helium. This makes it rather more amusing than arousing. It's still a fun and fast read. Perhaps the author should tone down the giggly exuberance and focus on a few more hot sexy scenes. Recommended for erotic readers looking for a quick read for their spank bank.

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Review: The Trap

The Trap by Indigo Wren

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a must read book on D/s and trust. Without trust, there will be no D/s relationship or more importantly, love. While some may tag this as GlitterKink because there are ridiculously young and rich men in this story, I'm going to leave it off. While the money came into play to make the story happen, it's not really a focus for me. The focus is on Ethan's systematic tearing down of David's walls.

Ethan and David were roommates in college and they were going to start a business together. It's the proverbial poor boy and rich boy becoming best friends. Except in this case, it's a "gay for you" situation which freaks David out. He overreacted and disappeared from Ethan's life as quickly as he could. The shame and fear David experiences are very well explained and drawn out by Ms. Wren. She builds these characters so well and I'm completely engaged. I feel the scared panicky feelings sp…

Review: Fool for Love

Fool for Love by Harper Bliss

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This is a delightful erotic story from a new to me author. In Fool for Love, it starts out with a theme I'm not fond of - cheating. Afraid that this book is about infidelity in a romance setting, I nearly stopped reading. However, the writing voice captivates me and I want to learn more about Maddie.

Maddie, short for Madison is an expat in Hong Kong. She's an investment banker from Australia, living the life in HK. It appears, Maddie also suffers from yellow fever. This story which starts out with a train wreck dead end relationship quickly turns into a blossoming romance. The new love interest, Alex, is nursing her own broken heart. What is it with bankers being cheaters? Oh right, they have so much money they can buy what they want.

Ms. Bliss's story brings a bit of nostalgia for me. This is because she describes Hong Kong and I can see it in my mind so well. It's not often I read a romance where i…

Review: The Flesh Cartel #4: Consequences

The Flesh Cartel #4: Consequences by Rachel Haimowitz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poor Nikolai, what is he to do? Two very different slaves and with opposite training needs. Will this be the undoing of Nikolai's exemplary record of perfectly trained sex slaves? *scoffs* Who cares about Nikolai? This story while evenly divided between Dougie and Mat, the one who moves me more is Mat.

The way Nikolai pokes at Mat both physical and psychological is devastating. It's clear, Nikolai sees the problem too. It may be, the one he's going to make the money on will end up a broken toy. How can Nikolai possibly make money if he breaks the toy before he's finished molding it? It's a quandary.

The duos Ms. Belleau and Ms. Haimowitz torment the two brothers in this one quite well. We've moved away from the harsh physical cruelty. This time, the two authors slap the reader around with emotional trauma. At one point, this reader could only think of suicide as a way to e…

Review: Bare Bottom Resort

Bare Bottom Resort by Diane Turner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is this Hedonism II in Jamaica? Bare Bottom Resort is an all inclusive with a kinky little twist. It’s a resort with a fun sans clothing dress code policy. Jack is taken off guard as he didn’t realize it was this type of resort. Jack is a busy single dad working long hours and tired out. His lovely daughter sends him off for some rest and relaxation, not realizing the resort offers some adult fun.

Jack wastes no time to dive into the fun. Within a few hours he’s hooking up with a sexy stranger. This story is a delightful little trip for voyeurs and swingers alike. When people fantasize about hot vacation sex, this book captures it perfectly. Ms. Turner does a good job keeping the focus on Jack and his freeing experiences. There is little conflict in this book. The conflict which does arise is fortunately massaged away in a manner that is both believable and amusing. This book definitely finishes in a “happy ending”.…

Review: Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian

Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian by Logan Belle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What does a mousy small town girl have in common with a rich city boy? A love of books and all things kinky. Regina is the proverbial good girl who focused on school and working towards her dream job. Her dream job is to be a librarian in New York City. Sebastian is one of the board members at the library and he's taken an interest in this shy unassuming girl.

This story was recommended to me by a reader of my blog. While their email was a tad rude, it intrigued me. When I found this offered on edelweiss, I had to try it out. I am very glad I did. This story is well crafted and an enjoyable read. It is more an erotic journey than a BDSM fantasy.

Ms. Belle crafts a beautiful story of sexual awakening. Regina's metamorphosis from a wallflower to a Bettie Page sex bomb is a treat to experience. The character development in this story is what really makes it so good. Sure the sexual feti…

Review: Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo by L.A. Witt

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Where are the voyeurs? Enjoy hot men getting it on? This book is for the m/m lover who enjoys watching two rentboys putting on a show. This book is a fast read and very erotic. The notion of being paid to have sex with another rent boy while the john is watching and jerking off is HOT.

Ms. Witt and Mr. Voinov come together and showcase an awesome fantasy. The writing in this is clear and the imagery is described in high definition. The reader can see every little move and it's a sizzling peepshow. Jared is one of the newer rentboys at an exclusive club in London. He's hoping to be hired soon as the money helps pay for his bills while he's going to school. Tristan is an experience rentboy who can command and negotiate his own fees.

Jared's attraction for Tristan is realized when a man hires the two of them to screw each other for his pleasure. This build up to the climax of this scene is awesome! I really en…

Review: Traditional Terms

Traditional Terms by Alta Hensley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A follow up to the first in this Domestic Discipline series, Coley, Caine's little sister is on the rampage. She's the wild child who happens to be an erotic writer with no sex life. This is a sad state for an erotic author. She wants a man but she doesn't treat them well. She wants a man who is man enough to stand up to her but not an asshole. She isn't asking for much, is she? She's never considered her brother's friends because they are all into the lifestyle. She doesn't want to be spanked. Well, what naughty girl likes punishment spankings?

In an unsurprising twist, Coley hooks up with Vance, her brother's friend. Of course, he's into DD, at least second generation DD if not third. (Things to ponder if future in-laws are into DD!) This story's DD is rather light. Ms. Hensley mixes in Christian beliefs to further explain the DD lifestyle. For the initiated, it could be a …

Female premature orgasm

Apparently there is a study done somewhere in Portugal regarding female premature orgasm.  The article is from Salon.  It goes on to detail about some study from Science Daily.  I can't for the life of me find this original study in the Science Daily.  It does refer me to Life Science which talks about it more but doesn't provide who exactly did the study in a way that I can track it down.  It does provide a few interesting links to thoughts distracting women from orgasm and orgasm seeking women find science.  All of this is kind caught my attention because of a specific quote that I can't track back to the original source.  SO I must confess this may be fake but it is still amusing.  Below is what one woman stated.

I feel the same way men must feel about premature ejaculation and don’t completely see the difference — I finish very quickly, whereas my boyfriend doesn’t get a chance to, and it’s really starting to bother me. Once I orgasm, I find it uncomfortable to cont…

Review: Big Sky and Audio!

Big Sky by Kitty Thomas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Veronica aka Ronnie is an advertising executive who is shallow, spiteful, insecure and beyond vain. Honestly, other than her looks, she's a worthless excuse of a human. She earns a wage of 6 figures yet she's in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and she's homeless. How is this possible? This is obviously a woman who wasn't spanked as a child and has absolutely no impulse control. I can't stand people like this; I want to smack them upside the head - repeatedly.

She hits rock bottom and what happens? A handsome, 6'5" cowboy SAVES HER! How does this happen? Why is she so lucky? Well, Ronnie doesn't think she is lucky. Destitute and homeless, Luke finds her and basically kidnaps her. This non-con story just takes off! Thank goodness, because the first couple of chapters reading about Ronnie was painful to say the least. It was cruising at a 1 star for me. Even though it was well written,…

The Family Pet BDSM Bedtime Story

The Family Pet by H. Dean

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is definitely a BDSM fantasy book.  I've been a fan of H. Dean since I read him in the BDSM library where he posted free stories.  This one is a deviant one which I delighted in reading. 

Review: Not His Kiss to Take

Not His Kiss to Take by Finn Marlowe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What starts out as a terrible hate crime against a gorgeous young hetero boy turns into a beautiful M/m kinky story. Jamie is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some assholes decide he's a faggot and proceed to beat the shit out of him and mangle up his dick and balls. (What kind of person does this? Hateful people.) Evan happens to be at the bar and while he isn't a practicing doctor any longer, he helps Jamie out. He takes Jamie home to help him heal.

Suspending disbelief aside (doctor taking a stranger into his home for caring), this story is very hot and kinky. It's also pretty sweet. The BDSM in here is light. It's more rough sex and fetish with the medical. I almost labeled it sugarkink but then had to remind myself that enema play is sometimes a hard limit for others. The way Ms. Marlowe demonstrates it in this book is so very sexy and I'd bend over for a little medical play from Evan…

Review: Reclaiming the Edge

Reclaiming the Edge by Sara Brookes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A short story taking the reader back into the lives of Dalton, Cade and Erin, this reader is expecting some hot D/s ménage. The characters are from the first book, Ragged Edge. Instead, this book starts out with the happy triad no longer in a good balance. Present day, their relationship is on the rocks. Erin is hiding something big from her lovers Dalton and Cade. When the truth is revealed, it’s heartbreaking.

The scene to reconnect Erin back to her Master, Dalton, and her cute Cop, Cade, is not to be missed. Ms. Brookes does a great job of describing and showing how three lovers can come together. It’s a steamy read and may cause a reader’s panties more than dampen. Perhaps a little “me time” will be required after reading this scene. This short story while depressing at time, is still a hot sexy reading as Dalton dominates Erin and brings her back into the fold. Because when it comes down to it, without open comm…

My blog interview

It's been a while since I was last interviewed on a blog.  The first was with an author friend - Cari Silverwood.  This second one is with Anastasia Vitsky who is another author friend.  She kindly asked me to talk about reviewing and how I come at it from a reviewer.  Here's my little kinky fun interview.  It's definitely an "adult" interview.

Review: Lips Like Sugar: Women's Erotic Fantasies

Lips Like Sugar: Women's Erotic Fantasies by Violet Blue

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ever want to read some hot sexy stories without angst? Lips Like Sugar is a delightful collection of smexy hot stories designed to make a female reader’s panties wet. Now, this is not to say a male reader won’t enjoy it. Both sexes reading this hot book will want more. Ms. Blue is a well known blogger and sex educator. It is no surprise a book edited by her is filled with some of the hottest fantasies.

In most short stories collections, the stories leave a reader confused and wondering what just happened. It’s as if only a couple of chapters have been provided. Ms. Blue’s collection is filled with story after story with a beginning, middle and end. And each one leaves the reader wanting more. The different permutations of sexual positions as well as sexual partners in the stories will appeal to many different readers. For the hedonist, the variety will delightfully satiate a voracious appeti…

Review: Rentboy

Rentboy by Fyn Alexander

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

A socially awkward professor hiring a rent boy from an alley is an auspicious start to this story.

Meet almost thirty year old virgin, Edward Atherton. He is a genius in his field yet his common sense and emotional decorum is lacking. Still, he's endearing as he tries to rid himself of virginity. Helping him is Nik, the rent boy he picked up from an alley. Nik is an emo young boy who eagerly goes home with Edward and shows him the fun world of sexual relations. This could be a simple down and dirty sex book filled with steamy slutty sex.

Instead, the book is layered in intrigue, heart break and redemption. Nik is not what he seems. He is no runaway looking for sex to feed and clothe him. He's been tasked by his abusive father to steal from Edward. What no one considered is Nik falling for Edward.

Fyn Alexander slowly pulls back the rug and exposes Nik's dysfunctional family life. It's a very sad and depressing reveal. …

Power Play: Awakening Part I BDSM Bedtime Stories

Power Play: Awakening by Rachel Haimowitz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was one of the best books I read last year.  Ms. Haimowitz was kind enough to provide an extra long excerpt.  We've split it into a two part reading.  This is the first part of a clothes pin scene.  Read by Sirly Eric, it's hot. 

Review: Twisted Ropes

Twisted Ropes by Bonnie Bliss

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ménages, shifters and orgasms, OH MY! This second installment of the Twisted OZ series cranked up the heat and deviance. D.G. plays voyeur to not one but two non con ménages.

Following the yellow brick road is leading D.G. down a path of delicious debauchery. Playing Peeping Tom to the hot sex scenes leaves her panting and dripping. Fortunately, Hayden, the Scarecrow provides his "stalk" to aid D.G. in her sexual need.

This steamy short story goes from zero to a hundred in tasty sex scenes. There is little downtime before the reader catches a glimpse of the Wizard. This tiny tidbit promises a hotter next installment. I can't wait to read when D.G. meets the Tinman. What deviant devices will the naughty minx Ms. Bliss create? This twisted story is recommended for kinky readers who want a hot story from beginning to end.

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Review: The Christmas Mix-up

The Christmas Mix-up by N. Phillips

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When the love of your life rejects your declaration of love, does the world end?

Evan and Cole have been together for three years. This Christmas is going to be special. Evan is going to make sure none of Cole's presents will be found ahead of time and opened. When Evan finds his hidden present from Cole, he decides to turn the tables on Cole and rip into it. Amused yet slightly horrified by the slutty outfit, Evan tells Cole straight up he won't wear the present he found.

Cole is horrified by Evan's refusal to wear his gift. This mix up was funny in retrospect but heartbreaking while it happened. This was a cute light read. Evan and Cole definitely have a memorable Christmas this year. And maybe, they will learn not to open presents before they are supposed to be opened. This funny m/m story is recommended for readers who enjoy miscommunications.

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Review: Dangerous Kisses

Dangerous Kisses by Tonya Ramagos

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In DANGEROUS KISSES, Megan Pontius lusted after Drake Allen while she was dating Cusack. Ending the relationship with Cusack, she is a free woman to date Drake. Yet she still holds back. Why does she avoid dating him? Why does Drake who clearly wants Megan avoid asking her out? Why does Cusack still think he has a chance with Megan? These are questions the reader doesn't receive a good answer.

This story contained several threads that were not resolved. Or it could be the author didn't realize the loose ends can't be left flapping in the wind. There were several tangents in this story that could have been left out or fleshed out more. While they were used to help "explain" parts of the story, they were too pat of an answer and not well developed. There were also two affairs that didn't make much sense. For example, Paul is a close friend of Megan. His dysfunctional relationship with his wife is a myste…

Kallypso Masters BDSM Bedtime Stories

Nobody's Hero by Kallypso Masters

The very popular Ms. Masters provided two hot excerpts for us to publish.  One is from chapter 6 and the other is from chapter 12.  Enjoy!

Review: Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed by Doris O'Connor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

eHarmony with a kinky twist? MR. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is a short sweet story with an unexpected twist.

Anna is despondent and needs to get laid. Her co-worker refers her to Mr. Satisfaction. This man will make her sexual dreams come true – guaranteed. Anna is skeptical that some gigolo will turn her life around. Still, with no other options, she plunges forward.

This short story moves at a decent pace and it's tightly written. There are a couple of flashbacks which are smoothly transitioned into the present timeline. The sex is smoking hot. This is definitely a great read and the twist caught me off guard in a pleasing manner. This kinky story is recommended to romance lovers looking for a smexy short appetizer.

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Review: Where There's a Will

Where There's a Will by Raven McAllan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dom switching to bottom - this caught my attention immediately. In this historical romance, Lord William Barlow is lost in a snowstorm. Fearing freezing to death, he comes upon a driveway with a rescuer directing him into a stable to care for his horse.

From here, Will is bound and taken into a room for some smexy hot sex. The BD in this story is a delight. The BDSM is just right between Will and his captor. Will's dark fantasy to be the submissive for once is realized and it's as good as he hoped. For a dominant, this switching is unusual yet it helps him gain a better understanding to be a better Dom. I thoroughly enjoyed this little scene.

However, the story is a bit odd. There were tangents to the story, which were unnecessary. While I understand why the arranged marriage was added in, it did not enhance the story. Another piece which threw me was the mention of a "driveway". This word did not exis…

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Wildfire8470 nominated me for the very inspiring Blogger Award.  She's a sweetheart.  Thank you WildFire!  Check out her website filled with erotic tasty tidbits.

The Rules:
Display the award logo on your blog.Link back to the person who nominated you.State 7 things about yourself.Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them.Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.Seven Things About Myself
I enjoy trying new things, especially if it pertains to BDSM.I love to travel to exotic locales.I adore different types of foods and try just about everything.I sometimes take on more than I can handle and things will slide.I have a deviant mind focused on sex.  Almost everything relates back to BDSM sex for me.My favourite show right now is Sherlock.I'm a geek at heart.  I love science fiction, fantasy and comic books. I nominate the below 15 that I find interesting.

Michael AlexanderBondage BlogEros BlogMonMouthBookDazeCandace BlevinsTravis Luedke's Nig…

Review: Wrapped Around Your Handlebars

Wrapped Around Your Handlebars by Azura Ice

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Get ready to ride! Oak is riding his bike to his home. He's estranged from his family when he came out of the closet. With his father passing away, he would like to reconnect with his mother and sisters. Debating on if he would be accepted, he stops by a restaurant and meets the charming Chandler.

Chandler is a sexy guy who is ready to ride away at any moment. Meeting Oak is kismet. This short story is tightly written with characters that are engaging. The history of both men makes them more likeable. The story smoothly switches into a tasty light kinky flavour which I found hot. Ms. Ice is clearly descriptive in her scenes and the reader should get ready for a little voyeuristic action!

This is a heartwarming story of family reconnections and new found love. This kinky twist around the handlebars tale is highly recommended to m/m readers who enjoy a Merry Christmas story.

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Review: The Auction

The Auction by Claire Thompson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What kind of woman would sell her body for one month to a random stranger for 35K? This would be a desperate woman who is down on her luck. Carly Abrams lost her job over a year ago and she's now unable to make rent in New York. With some mild experience through boyfriends and a few trips to BDSM clubs, she signs on to be auctioned off through Erotic Auctions. This elite BDSM auction house catering to wealthy patrons only takes experienced professionals. Carly is not qualified but she's determined to make it work.

This set up is interesting. It's definitely a BDSM fantasy with a Pretty Woman-esque flavour. Even the author, Ms. Thompson makes this reference. Are there really auction houses that cater to rich handsome men? Possibly, but this reader is not in that echelon and would never be able to confirm it. For a fantasy, this is a very good one which is quite enjoyable.

Ms. Thompson does an excellent job of …

Dominance and Deception BDSM Bedtime Story

Dominance and Deception by Amy Valenti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My review

I came upon this book through one of the book review websites I'm employed.  I loved it.  Then one day, Ms. Valenti contacted me and we shared a lovely conversation.  To my delight, when I contacted her about the BDSM Bedtime story plans, she jumped in and provided a great excerpt.  Once again read by Sirly Eric and a few bits by yours truly, here's the excerpt.  Enjoy!

Review: He Will Take Instructions Sir!

He Will Take Instructions Sir! by Eric Bomstad

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is this really menage? I guess it's debatable. My good friend, Jo, recommended this book to me. It was a tough read for me. Let's go over the good points first.

A Dom who dominates a husband and wife and yet it isn't cuckold? This is not easily done. Mr. Bomstad did an excellent job of showcasing it. The interaction between the Dom and the husband and wife is hands down HOT! Is it believable? Yes Sir, it is! Another great thing about this book is the point of view. Very rarely in BDSM do we have it from the male Dom point of view. It was lovely to read, especially written by a man who is knowledgeable about the BDSM lifestyle. These are all great points and why I'd recommend this book for reading.

What really killed this book for me and took me several days to read despite the short length was the editing. I'm not a copy editor nor am I very good with grammar. However, this book c…

Review: Hunted

Hunted by Zeke Connor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was recommended by several fellow BDSM group members. Not sure what to expect I read it thinking that it was just a "role-playing" interrogation setting. NOT SO! This was written to be non con and what men to women soldiers. Honestly, I thought he went a little light on her. I'm surprised by the lack of anal violation and the lack of bodily mutilation. I see that several others mentioned the torture was too much. I actually thought the author went light and glossed over what could really happen. There was no water boarding either.

Back to the story, Sasha (Alexander) is a sniper who captures Suzanne. Suzanne is on a mission and apparently it's in Serbia. Who the HELL goes into Serbia? Oh right, the military. (What country was this from because US hasn't done squat there.) Suzanne is beaten and tortured for information. Unfortunately, Sasha is sexy, dominating and arouses Suzanne. She is one sick …