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Review: Penitent Place - A Reformatory for Deceitful Wives

Penitent Place - A Reformatory for Deceitful Wives by Marian Wilder My rating: 3 of 5 stars Erotic, fanciful and includes a club that I would love to work at... Penitent Place reminds me of BDSM stories of older times.  Specifically back when BDSM reads were more fantasy with a nod to a "school" like the one from the Story of O.  I enjoyed those kinky style stories because they are a great spank bank fantasy.  This first book from new to me author Ms. Wilder entices me to read the rest in this series. This theme of a cheating wife being sent to a reform school complete with sexual re-education is a popular fantasy.  Ms. Wilder does a great job of creating the cheating wife set up and how to discipline the repentant wife.  I thoroughly enjoyed this journey.  I also kind of wish there was a place like this for me to work.  Perhaps something I could do when I retire from my vanilla day job. . .  This is a pretty straightforward erotica with light to

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